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When we talk about being an "Insider", part of that means getting the scoop from Berea before anyone else, without spin and without waiting. David provides us the latest with this early afternoon report on Kelly Holcomb, Corey Fuller and more...

FULLER OUT ... Corey Fuller admitted he may have tried to come back too early from his hamstring injury two weeks ago. That may have led to his aggravating the hamstring Sunday against Houston and now being forced to miss Sunday's game with the Jets.

"I wanted to play," said Fuller. "The decision had nothing to do with the coaches or the organization. It's totally on me."

When Fuller first returned to action Dec. 13 at Tampa Bay, he was supposed to play just in third-down nickel situations. He ended up playing just about every down.

"My competitive nature took over," said Fuller.

Normally, that competitive nature would goad Fuller into playing Sunday in New York.

"If you are hurting, you have to suck it up and play," said Fuller. "If I could run half-speed, I would play. Right now, I don't think I can even do that.

The Browns secondary will be without Fuller and Robert Griffith (shoulder), who are both listed as out for Sunday. They could also miss Daylon McCutcheon, who is listed as questionable with the elbow injury that forced him to miss last week's game with Houston.

A WEEK AWAY? ... Kelly Holcomb had hoped to be ready to backup Tim Couch at quarterback this week. Now he has Nov. 3 and the Pittsburgh Steelers circled on his calendar.

Holcomb suffered a broken leg and a knee sprain in an Oct. 6 loss to Baltimore. The knee is the big question right now. Holcomb tried to plant on a couple of drops Monday, "but that's not many. It's nothing like going through a typical practice," he said.

"I'll see how it feels today in practice. I'm looking for next week, but we'll have to see how it goes. I'm optimistic about it. I won't know if I can take a hit on it until I get into a game, though."

SECONDARY CHALLENGE ... Safety Devin Bush said the absence of Fuller, Griffith and possibly McCutcheon won't change the coverages in the Browns' secondary this week.

"It doesn't limit what we do on defense," said Bush. "We'll run the same plays, but we just can't afford to get hurt again ... The thing we need is more of a pass rush. That will give us a better chance."

Bush is also a bit banged up. He claims he has played the last three weeks at 70-percent due to a groin injury.

"The only way it will get better is with rest," said Bush. "By the fourth quarter, I really slow down ... The one thing with all of the injuries we've had is that we are blessed none of them are season ending ... This kind of adversity makes you tough. It's part of the game."

THE LIST ... The official NFL injury report for Wednesday lists Corey Fuller, Robert Griffith and Ben Taylor (hamstring) as out for Sunday in New York. Kelly Holcomb (knee), Andre Davis (toe) and Daylon McCutcheon (elbow) are listed as questionable. Devin Bush (groin) is listed as probable.

The only Jet on the injured list is safety Jon McGraw, who is listed as probable with a shoulder injury.

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