Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam starts the discussion on off-season activities with OBR subscribers. Among the topics discussed: Rob Chudzinski's future, Jamal Lewis, the Browns quarterback question, Romeo Crennel, finding help in free agency, and more...

Adam Caplan: hi all

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will we find any d-line in free agency or so late in the 2nd round?
Adam Caplan: BR: They will address front seven for sure
Adam Caplan: they know that

<iconoclast88> Adam, will Robaire Smith and Shaun Smith be starting for the Browns in 08?
Adam Caplan: IC: I would expect both to be starting
Adam Caplan: but Shaun's spot isn't set
Adam Caplan: NT or DE
Adam Caplan: is the issue

<djw333> Adam...what are the odds Quinn starts week 1 next year even if DA is retained?
Adam Caplan: DJ: Almost none
Adam Caplan: they wouldn't re-sign him if they thought Quinn was ready

<gelsingerj> Adam, what is the early Vegas odds on Anderson being a Brown next year?
Adam Caplan: GEL: 75%
Adam Caplan: at this point
Adam Caplan: could go up or down of course

<flounderou> adam - have you heard anything about k2's knee?
Adam Caplan: FL: I think his struggles in the second half were mostly because of his knee
Adam Caplan: good thing is he shouldn't have another surgery
Adam Caplan: which would be good

<iconoclast88> Adam, McGinest, Peek, or someone else as the starting OLB?
Adam Caplan:
IC: Peek
Adam Caplan: we never really saw what he could do
Adam Caplan: was hurt almost all season

<djw333> Odds on Bentley being able to contribute?
Adam Caplan: DJ: He thinks he'll be involved in OTAs
Adam Caplan: and then they'll go from there

<flounderou> Do you think Savage will go after Suggs in FA?
Adam Caplan: FL: I would expect BAL to use franchise tag
Adam Caplan: if they can't get him done before that
Adam Caplan: as for DA, my sense is they will use franchise tag
Adam Caplan: if they have to for this season to keep DA
Adam Caplan: Very much like we talked about a few months ago--like Rivers/Brees
Adam Caplan: third year Quinn is ready

<bohns75> Adam, would you expect the Browns to find another inside linebacker ... that's a real weak spot along with the D Line
Adam Caplan: BO: Depth is key
Adam Caplan: on DL and LB
Adam Caplan: Williams could start over Davis
Adam Caplan: although Davis started to finally play well
Adam Caplan: down the stretch

<zoso197> why use the franchise tag when the first and third tender essentially does the same thing for much cheaper?
Adam Caplan: ZO: Problem is that could scare teams off
Adam Caplan: based on his struggles of late
Adam Caplan: footwork has been really poor
Adam Caplan: in final quarter

<djw333> chance to get a good starting DE...draft or free agent?
Adam Caplan: DJ: They have to get a run stopping DE
Adam Caplan: those are hard to find for 3-4

<bohns75> Adam, would you expect the Browns to go after a wide receiver in free agency?
Adam Caplan: BO: Yes and maybe two
Adam Caplan: they only have two now essentially
Adam Caplan: Carter is what we thought he was--thank you Dennis Green

<iconoclast88> Adam, Tony Grossi feels that two years out for Bentley will ultimately end his career. How is that relevant with Quinn?
Adam Caplan: IC: Don't understand question
<iconoclast88> Sorry. If two years out of playing hurts Bentley . . . wouldn't two years of not playing do the same to Quinn?
<iconoclast88> Or is the idea just bogus?
Adam Caplan: IC: Really has no relevance to either player

<clebrowns80> Adam, if the 1 and 3 tender will scare teams off that means that the browns would keep him, so why would they franchise him?
Adam Caplan: CLE: They want to keep DA and franchise tag will accomplish that
Adam Caplan: easily

<bohns75> Adam, who is out there at WR that you know of right now?
Adam Caplan: BOL: As I've mentioned a few times, Hackett and Berrian
Adam Caplan: Berrian is a better fit for what they need
Adam Caplan: speed
Adam Caplan: Hackett is more like Edwards

<iconoclast88> Adam, what's the chances we resign Jamal?
Adam Caplan: IC: As I wrote today, I don't think he has much of a choice
Adam Caplan: but to re-sign
Adam Caplan: he's a system fit for certain schemes
Adam Caplan: and he's too old to get a big deal elsewhere
Adam Caplan: I give him his due though, much better than I thought he could be

<grinquisit> Adam: How serious is Miami about Romeo? What could we get for him?
Adam Caplan: GR: As noted in my column, last resort
Adam Caplan: As I wrote two weeks ago, Sparano is the target of the Tuna

<djw333> Adam...Are they satisfied with jones and pool at safety to go into next year with them?
Adam Caplan: DJ: I would like to see someone challenge them
Adam Caplan: at least

<Shrooney> Wouldn't a possession guy be a better fit opposite Edward's speed?
Adam Caplan: SH: Edwards is a RAC-run after the catch
Adam Caplan: guy
Adam Caplan: Berrian has raw speed
Adam Caplan: and hands aren't bad

<calkins14> Do the Browns go after a #2 WR in FA?
Adam Caplan: CAL: Yes
Adam Caplan: they have to
Adam Caplan: JJ should be a solid #3

<flounderou> Adam, do you think they'll try to use Cribbs more next year in the 3 wr sets with JJ in the slot and Cribs on the outside?
Adam Caplan: FL: The problem is they're scared of getting him hurt since he plays on all specials

<gelsingerj> Adam, do you think we will lose any of our coaches? firing them or by them taking other positions
Adam Caplan: GEL: Chud would be a concern
Adam Caplan: for getting attention
Adam Caplan: surprised ATL hasn't asked to talk to him

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you see any teams tendering DA a deal?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Chicago possibly
Adam Caplan: but their pick is too high
Adam Caplan: that's the other issue
Adam Caplan: they won't probably want to give that up

<Hookjaw> Adam, is our right tackle happy at that position? Any griping?
Adam Caplan: HOOK: Shaffer seems ok there

<flounderou> what do you think will be the right spot in the draft for a team to give up a pick for DA? 20 and down?
Adam Caplan: FL: 15 on down

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any rumors on D-Linemen the Browns are rumored to be looking at?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not now, we'll start to get an idea during Senior Bowl week
Adam Caplan: BTW, expect Savage to talk to their FAs then
Adam Caplan: that's where they usually meet first

<flounderou> Do you think Savage bites if the pick is 15-20?
Adam Caplan: FL: Probably so
Adam Caplan: if the right underclassmen are in the draft

<nudawg> Do you think Tommy Kelly from Oakland would be a good fit here?
Adam Caplan: NU: Yes
Adam Caplan: I think we discussed him before
Adam Caplan: good fit for 3-4
Adam Caplan: plays run well
Adam Caplan: OAKs run D suffered with him out

<gelsingerj> Adam, Any word if Cowher or Marty are being looked at in Baltimore? I think Marty and Ozzie have some history but Marty would
want some control.
Adam Caplan: DEL: Cowher will not coach in 2008
Adam Caplan: period
Adam Caplan: Marty wants too much control
Adam Caplan: unlikely to coach in 2008

<wsu99> any shot on getting the rb turner the chargers in fa
Adam Caplan: WS: My sense is they want Lewis back
Adam Caplan: more
Adam Caplan: Turner fallback
Adam Caplan: option

<calkins14> How will the Browns get a #2 WR in the draft or a Free Agency?
Adam Caplan: CAL: They will look at some of the veterans plus some that are cut
Adam Caplan: plus first day WRs
Adam Caplan: They will address WR
Adam Caplan: Savage knows it

<iconoclast88> Adam . . . from preseason and the ONE season series . . . what's your take on Quinn and his chances of being successful with
the Browns?
Adam Caplan: IC: Can't really evaluate him on that
Adam Caplan: he didn't play against anyone

<bohns75> Adam, once the first string RB situation is resolved, do you see the Browns improving the backup RB position?
Adam Caplan: BO: it's blank or get off the pot time for Harrison

<dhohenshil> Adam, will browns try to sign Anderson to a multiyear deal, or just a 1 year franchise tag?
Adam Caplan: DH: I would be surprised if they did a long term deal
Adam Caplan: at this point

<Shrooney> Harrison has shown flashes in the game opps. is he not doing it in practice??
Adam Caplan: SH: Practice is an issue for him

<clebrowns80> Adam, is a 1 and 3 for DA the least the browns would take for DA?
Adam Caplan: CLE: They'd take that in a heartbeat
Adam Caplan: unless the first is bad
Adam Caplan: by using franchise tag they still can dictate where he goes
Adam Caplan: that's why you use that

<flounderou> Maybe we can throw in Travis Wilson too
Adam Caplan: I've throw up the white flag on Wilson

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is linebackers a priority?
Adam Caplan: BR: DL, LB, WR

<iconoclast88> Adam . . . do you really think any team will offer a 1st and 3rd for Anderson?
Adam Caplan: IC: Outside but again, depends on where the pick is

<nudawg> Yeah bit it will cost $10 million to use the franchise tag.
Adam Caplan: NU: They could trade him and the tag goes away
Adam Caplan: that's what so many teams have done over the years
Adam Caplan: pull it back to do sign and trade

<OklahomaDawg> franchise tag can be withdrawn I think but at a penalty as well
Adam Caplan: OK: Depends on when it's taken back
Adam Caplan: there is certain amount of time
Adam Caplan: you can do that

<Hookjaw> Adam, will there be a fire sale in Cincy?
Adam Caplan: HOOK: Coaches are the first to go
Adam Caplan: No surprise on DC

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, can we improve on defense in one offseason like we did with offense this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: I would suspect most cap dollars will go there

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you feel that after Romeo's contract is up that savage wants to give the job to chud if he keeps progressing as a
good coach?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I think we could hear something on extension one way or the other in a days or a week'
Adam Caplan: just a hunch........

<dhohenshil> Can the browns overtake the Steelers next year and win the division?
Adam Caplan: DH: Yes
Adam Caplan: if defensive issues are addressed well

<bohns75> Well, if DA does go somewhere else we'll be looking for an experienced backup to Quinn
Adam Caplan: BO: Yes

<flounderou> Is the staff comfortable with Smith and Kelly as the NT rotation?
Adam Caplan: FL: I agree totally

<nudawg> Will Grantham be back next year?
Adam Caplan: NU: My sense is RAC is meeting with him like we talked about a while back
Adam Caplan: and telling him what needs to happen

<grinquisit> Anyway of keeping Chud around? Promise to take over eventually?
Adam Caplan: GR: He can only leave for a head coaching job
Adam Caplan: and as of now, he has no interviews
Adam Caplan: surprisingly for BAL or ATL

<bohns75> Well it worked when you look at the defensive numbers the 2nd half of the season
Adam Caplan: BO: No question they were better but they can't make a big stop really when they have to
Adam Caplan: and pass rush still is poor

<flounderou> couldn't Lerner just pay Chud a ton of coin to stay on as OC, redo his contract?
Adam Caplan: FL: IT won't matter
Adam Caplan: if he gets an offer to be a head coach, he would make more money that way

<flounderou> all about hc i guess...
Adam Caplan: FL: Yep

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you see an extension for savage anytime soon?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Not sure
Adam Caplan: haven't heard

<grinquisit> Romeo extension in works?
Adam Caplan: GR: All I can say is I have a feeling you'll hear about something here over the next week or so

<DocGonzo> 1,0So Adam, was the problem with Cleveland's defense a lack of physical talent, or a lack of mental talent?
Adam Caplan: BR: Savage solid B
Adam Caplan: RAC B-
Adam Caplan: CHUD: A
Adam Caplan: Grantham-c-

<flounderou> Adam, are you the least bit concerned we only beat 1 team with a winning record?
Adam Caplan: FL: Yes
Adam Caplan: they had a good schedule
Adam Caplan: no question
Adam Caplan: Thing is though you can't take a good OL
Adam Caplan: so that's huge
Adam Caplan: the OL will be really solid for years to come
Adam Caplan: you have no idea how big that is

<DocGonzo> So Adam, was the problem with Cleveland's defense a lack of physical talent, or a lack of mental talent?
Adam Caplan: DOC: Both

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Thomas the next great LT?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think so
Adam Caplan: mentally he's there
Adam Caplan: now
Adam Caplan: which is huge

<OklahomaDawg> Adam, is the team happy with Tucker at RG?
Adam Caplan: OK: My sense is they will have either McKinney challenge or someone else

<wsu99> any truth Parcells really was interested in RAC
Adam Caplan: WSU: As a last resort, meaning if he can't get really who he wants

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, what are the odds both Anderson and Quinn will be here next year? could Anderson go to Atlanta?
Adam Caplan: MIKE: Can't see ATL because their #1 is too high

<iconoclast88> Thanks Adamento. Next week????
Adam Caplan: IC: Yep, ill be here
Adam Caplan: then at senior bowl following week

Adam Caplan: See you guys next week

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