Chudzinski to get Contract Extension

UPDATE: The Browns have officially confirmed the extension, as reported earlier on the OBR. See the our post in the Muni Lot ( to see the press release.

UPDATE: We've posted a copy of the team's official press release in the Muniwire blog.  

UPDATE:  John Taylor is now reporting that he has been told, through another source, that the deal is for only two years, not three. We will look to get confirmation on the length of the contract as soon as possible.

The Baltimore Sun this morning reported that Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will not interview for the team's head coaching position since he had received a contract extension from the Browns.

The report, presumably sourced via someone close to the Ravens, did not say that Chudzinski had signed the offer, or provide any details.

The Cleveland Browns have not confirmed the contract extension and there has been no press release.

At this hour, the OBR's John Taylor can provide several additional details, as posted earlier today in our exclusive Ask the Insiders forum.

First, correcting erroneous reports on the radio and elsewhere, no extension has been officially signed as of this time (1PM on 1/7). The Browns and Chudzinski are working on details of the deal, and no hang-ups are expected.

Long-time followers of the Browns know that team will typically will issue a press release following the signing of a contract, and not before. The report from our source ties to this behavior.

Secondly, another source close to Chudzinski tells us that the deal is a three-year contract extension. We do not have any additional information on the financial terms of the contract.

The source also tells us that there are two additional reasons why Chudzinski declined to interview for the Ravens head coaching job, while accepting the Browns offer of a contract extension as a coordinator.

The first is that Chudzinski, as has been reported previously on The OBR, is not 100% certain that he is ready to be a head coach at this time.

In addition, the source told the Orange and Brown Report, when Chudzinski is ready, there is one particular head coaching job he feels he would especially like to pursue. On that note, while there have been no specific assurances that Chudzinski would be named head coach of the Browns at some point in the future, the team let the offensive coordinator know that they feel he will be make an excellent head coach at some future time.

Keep an eye on the OBR front page and Muni Lot blogs for further updates.

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