Concerning Mr. Grantham

UPDATE: The Browns have issued a press release on Grantham's situation, announcing that he "will not be retained" as the team's defensive coordinator. Here are Barry's thoughts from earlier today on how the story has been reported...

Rumors are swirling this morning that Todd Grantham, defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns, may be on his way out of Cleveland.

The tide started yesterday morning with John Taylor's report, still the only place where the background of the situation has been discussed in context. The OBR will have more information later this morning from the OBR's Lane Adkins as to what is behind the rumors.

None of this will come as a surprise to OBR subscribers. We had reported several months ago to our subscribers that there was some unhappiness within the team's locker room regarding Grantham's approach, and had intimated in our exclusive ATI forum that changes were in the offing. Our sources continued to tell us over the last week about the situation.

Throughout the day yesterday and into this morning, the OBR continued to hear conflicting messages from sources within the organization about Grantham's status. Some members of the organization told us that Grantham was still part of the organization, while others intimated that he was gone.

How does that plug into internet reports this morning that Grantham is indeed gone?

From what we know, we believe that the Cleveland Browns were looking for ways to allow Grantham to secure his future as a coach within the NFL before leaving the organization. This could be easier done on his terms, and on a timeline that allowed him to continue to work with the organization while finding another role somewhere in the NFL.

Within the organization, as this information started to seep out, it was perfectly correct to say that Grantham was still the team's defensive coordinator. Folks with less knowledge of the details could easily tell reporters outside the organization as "Grantham is gone", which was likely true in terms of his not being the DC as the 2008 OTAs and training camp began. But not technically true, in that he was still a member of the organization and had not been "fired".

We had heard both in great supply over the last week, through multiple sources within the locker room and front office. As this came together, were in the position of trying to let our visitors and subscribers know the scoop while working hard to make sure that things were correctly presented. Which we did, via John's story last night and via a piece that we will publish later this morning from Lane Adkins. 

This morning, Pro Football Talk and a local newspaper rushed out short reports indicating that Grantham had been fired or otherwise gone, similar to some of the tips that we had heard over the last 48 hours and dating back further still.

Within an hour, local sports station WKNR rushed to put the reporters on the air, where they broke their "scoop".

At this point, we suspect that the team's hand may be forced by the reports and a need to clarify Grantham's status, possibly a case of "news" becoming true because of how it had been reported. Or, the Browns may prefer to deny the situation and stick to plan A. We've been told that the team will have some sort of announcement later on today about Grantham's status.

While Grantham has issues within the organization, there are still many in organization who hold him in high regard, and wanted to give him the opportunity to leave on his terms and having secured his future. 

So much for that.

The OBR will have more on the story, reported accurately, throughout the day. 

God bless the mainstream media.

- Barry


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