Greetham: The Case to Keep DA

Fred Greetham on the "DA Question", offering thoughts on why the team should stick by it's starter for the near future...

Here are a few of the reasons the Browns should do whatever they can to keep Derek Anderson.

How can you let go of a quarterback who had the second most touchdowns in a season in Browns history?

The argument could be made if Anderson would've started the Steelers game or not played in a horrific blizzard against the Bills, he would've easily eclipsed the mark held by Brian Sipe.

How can you not commit to a quarterback who threw for the fifth-most yards in Browns history, just 346 yards from the all-time record?

Think about it. That's a better season than Hall of Famer Otto Graham ever had. Better than Frank Ryan, Bernie Kosar and all the other Browns' quarterbacks. No Browns quarterback has thrown for that much yardage since Kosar threw for 3,854 yards in 1986.

How can you let a quarterback who was a first alternate for the Pro Bowl get away?

The last time a Browns quarterback went to the Pro Bowl was Kosar after the 1988 season.

How can you not commit to a quarterback who was sacked just 14 times in 16 games?

That stat speaks for itself when you consider Charlie Frye went down five times in a little over a quarter with the same offensive line.

How can you not keep a quarterback who is just 24 years old and is coming off essentially his rookie season?

Most rookie quarterbacks have a tough time their first year. If the Browns were to go with Brady Quinn, they would basically be going with a rookie once again in 2008.

How can you commit to a rookie, who has played just one series in the NFL?

All of the growing pains the Browns experienced with Anderson, would start all over with Quinn.

How can you replace a quarterback who averaged putting up 25 points a game and directed the Browns to a 10-5 season?

To drop Anderson the Browns would be counting on Quinn stepping right in and putting up at least 25 points a game. That's a big gamble when blue-chip quarterbacks go bust all of the time.

How can you let Anderson go into the free agent market when Matt Schaub was the most sought after restricted free agent and he had almost no experience or production prior to joining the Texans?

Schaub had only started three games before the Texans traded away high picks and gave him a big contract.

How can you not keep two good quarterbacks going into next season with the state of the NFL at the quarterback position?

That's a very good question.

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