Greetham: The Case to Dump Derek Anderson

Fred Greetham answers his own article from Friday: Here's why you get all you can for Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Derek Anderson, and why you make that move now...

Here are a few of the reasons the Browns should clear the way for Brady Quinn to be the starting quarterback next season by trading Anderson and getting as much as they can for him now while his value is at it's peak.

How can you commit long-term to Anderson, who throws so many interceptions and makes poor decisions?

Anderson is what he is. The Ravens drafted him in the sixth-round and cut him when they have been looking for a quarterback for a long time. Anderson played well in 2007, but he showed in the second half of the season the knock on him. He sometimes forces passes when he shouldn't and throws many interceptions.

How can you not trade Anderson if you can get a No. 1 and No. 3 for him now?

The Browns need help on defense and they could use those two picks to fortify the defense. If the Browns can't sign him long term, they would be in a position of losing him and getting nothing for him.

How can you make a commitment to a guy when you have a blue-chip No. 1 quarterback already signed for four more years?

The Browns couldn't decide between Charlie Frye or Anderson the whole off-season. That's why they gave up their No. 1 draft choice in 2008 to draft Quinn.

How can you commit to Anderson when arguably, many quarterbacks (ok, maybe not Charlie Frye) could've put up big numbers in this offense, with the weapons and the offensive line the Browns have?

Anderson isn't nearly as athletic as Quinn, who did it all at Notre Dame. Look how bad the Fighting Irish were this past season without Quinn. Anderson has a rocket arm, but he's slow and looked as though he regressed as the season went on.

How can you not go to Quinn?

He was drafted to be the face of the franchise for the future. Anderson was just keeping the seat warm for a little while. He did very well, but as Phil Savage said the Browns have the weapons and the line around the quarterback for him to be successful. Quinn has everything that Anderson has plus he has more upside potential than does Anderson.

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