On The Inside: David's Browns Notebook

Not everyone was caught up in the happiness in the Browns locker room tonight. Find out who was upset and why as David brings brings us up-to-date with everything in his Browns Notebook.

BENCHINGS: Quincy Morgan was not a part of the Browns second-half comeback, and the starting receiver was not happy about it.

"They benched me," said Morgan. "I guess I wasn't playing as well as they should, so they benched me. Every time I came off the field (the coaches) had a different thing. It's hard to go out and play if every time I come off the field they are knickknacking about every little thing."

According to Morgan, the coaching staff was most upset because of a miscommunication between Couch and Morgan that led to the receiver running the wrong route on a Jets' blitz.

"I guess they didn't like the way I was playing and they let the other guys get a chance," said Morgan. "I'm happy we won, but I'm not happy with (being benched). It seems like it happens every time we lose, the finger gets pointed at me. I don't know how to react to that. I can't fault the coaches. They have a job to do, and if they aren't happy with what I'm doing, they have every right to put me out of there."

Morgan was not the only offensive starter benched during the second half. After the Browns running game limped to just 18 yards on 10 first-half carries, Shaun O'Hara was replaced at right guard by Paul Zukauskas at the start of the third quarter

The move did little to ignite the rushing attack. The Browns finished with 42 yards on 20 carries, and 10 yards of that total came on a scramble by Tim Couch.

LERNER FAMILY AWARDED GAME BALL: After Couch took a knee on the game's final play, he took the ball to Browns president Carmen Policy.

"I asked Mr. Policy to give the ball to (Al Lerner's son) Randy," said Couch. "I thought the family deserved the ball."

Mark Campbell said giving the game ball to the Lerner family was a fitting tribute to the owner who won the respect of everybody in the Browns' locker room.

"We played with some passion, and that's the way Al Lerner lived his life," said Campbell. "We knew the Lerner family was going to come to New York, and I just feel very proud that we were able to give them a ball for a victory. In a time of need, we can do our part to help them."

Policy said the Browns' win in New York would have meant the world to Lerner.

"This is Lerner's home place, New York," said Policy. "To play a New York team and win would have been exhilarating. Somehow, I think he is aware of what happened because I think he has a connection with this team. I think he has a connection with the players and the coaches."

STAYING CONFIDENT: Couch's big day would have been even better if not for seven dropped passes by his receivers.

"Those kinds of things happen sometimes, but I kept telling them, 'don't worry about it, I'm going to keep throwing you the ball," said Couch. "I'm lucky to have some very good receivers, and I know that they are going to catch most of the balls I throw to them. You jst have to keep showing you are confident in them just as they've shown they are confident in me."

NEXT UP: Couch said he won't waste any time in switching his attentions from the Jets to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns host the Steelers in a battle for first place in the AFC North Division next Sunday.

"This won is fun, and I'm going to enjoy it for a little with my teammates because it was such a hard-fought battle, but tomorrow I'm going to start looking at film and preparing for Pittsburgh," said Couch. "We can't get behind like this against Pittsburgh. It seems like they are peaking right now and playing the way they were expected to when everybody was picking them to go to the Super Bowl."

KICKERS BEWARE: With McKinley getting part of Hall's field goal attempt in the final seconds, the Browns' defensive tackle has now blocked three field goals in eight games this season.

"That's pretty amazing," said Kenard Lang. "Some teams don't get three blocked field goals in three years."

McKinley blocked a 24-yard field goal by Pittsburgh's Todd Peterson in overtime of the Browns' 16-13 loss to the Steelers Sept. 29. He also blocked a field goal by Tampa Bay's Martin Gramatica in the third quarter of a 17-3 loss.

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