Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

We had another great chat with Adam Caplan last Wednesday. This week, Adam talks about the Derek Anderson saga, and other key stories during Super Bowl week. Some terrific insight from Scout's NFL Insider!

<ramllov> Adam, are the Browns going to find a play maker defensive lineman in free agency or the draft in 2008?
Adam Caplan: Ram: I expect the Browns to get two DLs
Adam Caplan: one free agent or two, or one in the draft

<buzz30> Adam any truth to Dallas shopping Spears/ asking price/ are the browns interested?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Spears is too inconsistent

<wsu99> status on DA and J Lewis contracts?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Lots of distance on Lewis deal
Adam Caplan: still plenty of time though
Adam Caplan: Anderson I can't see taking anything close to three years
Adam Caplan: which is what I said two months ago
Adam Caplan: no way he takes less than five

<calkins14> Hey Adam I like the fact that RAC's extension coincides with Chud's contract length. What is your take? Looks like our new HC in the future if his offense performs over the next few years.
Adam Caplan: CAL: It had to be at least through Chuds
Adam Caplan: I like the structure of it also
Adam Caplan: as I had in my report on Monday--based on how far the team goes

<BrownsGuy64> Adam, Any interest in Matt Forte if we can get a DL starter/quality depth through FA???
Adam Caplan: BR: Good system fit and he can catch the ball
Adam Caplan: power runner
Adam Caplan: upright
Adam Caplan: Dorsey Levens, Rodney Hampton style

<zkramp> Are there any teams that are seriously considering giving up a first round plus for DA?
Adam Caplan: ZK: I see a few teams being interested but in the end I'm not so sure because it's a good draft for QBs

<jb42776> Adam who does Arizona keep, Pace or Dansby?
Adam Caplan: JB: They want to keep Dansby
Adam Caplan: Pace isn't that much of an importance to them
Adam Caplan: first they have to restructure Fitzgerald's contract
Adam Caplan: too high of a cap number

<zkramp> is pace an every down OLB?
Adam Caplan: ZK: No
Adam Caplan: two downs

<DaBrowns41> Adam, give me one more sleeper FA other than Pace
Adam Caplan: DA: Kris Wilson-KC TE
Adam Caplan: And Sopoaga
Adam Caplan: I'm told he has little chance at re-signing with SF

<jsl214> Haynesworth and Suggs going to be franchised?
Adam Caplan: JS: Probably with both
Adam Caplan: neither team has a choice

<DaBrowns41> Really, a TE? Could we be moving Winslow to the slot and naming Heiden a starter?
Adam Caplan: DA: No, I was asked about sleepers in free agency
Adam Caplan: in general

<calkins14> What is your take on Steve Smith who resigned with the team? Does he have anything to contribute as a possible #3 or #4 WR
Adam Caplan: CAL--not at this point

<clebrowns80> Adam do you think the browns would take two second round picks for Anderson?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Depends where they were

<zkramp> Is Peek our starting OLB then. McGinest too old?
Adam Caplan: AK: OLB they will get
Adam Caplan: as well
Adam Caplan: at least one

<wsu99> Odds DA stays with the Browns?
Adam Caplan: WSU: 65-35
Adam Caplan: at this point
Adam Caplan: Sanders has some developmental skills

<JANKO> AC, who did the Browns talk with the most down in Mobile??
Adam Caplan: JANK: 4-5 positions

<jsl214> Any word on how Quinn is taking the DA situation
Adam Caplan: JS: as I've said for months now, if Anderson gets a long-term deal, his agent will look to force a trade
Adam Caplan: the deal is basically 5 years $11 million if he doesn't start by year three
Adam Caplan: and Condon wouldn't stand for it
Adam Caplan: trust me

<buzz30> Adam - thoughts on Corey Williams?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: rotational DT
Adam Caplan: he had to play more than they wanted
Adam Caplan: because two of their 5 DTs were on IR
Adam Caplan: and the first round pick wasn't ready

<DaBrowns41> Matt Forte. Is he worth the Browns 2nd or 3rd rounder? I personally love the kid,
Adam Caplan: DA: HE will go in the second
Adam Caplan: for sure
Adam Caplan: he was great

<DaBrowns41> Joe Thomas is the 2nd best rookie of the year, yes or no
Adam Caplan: DA: I voted for him
Adam Caplan: He was clearly* second best

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you believe that the browns don't wont to sign a deal with Anderson past 3 years?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I don't know yet

<ramllov> Adam, the cut off is 2/29, can Savage start signing free agents 3/1? or 3/3?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Free agency starts on 2/29
Adam Caplan: I'm looking at what the NFL sent me

<amore> NFL owners going to pull the plug on the labor/mgmt agreement?
Adam Caplan: AM: They aren't happy with the CBA
Adam Caplan: at all

<buzz30> Adam- savage always seems to have someone targeted on the first day of free agency- who do you think that might be?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Way too early to know
Adam Caplan: but I can tell you this, he will address: WR, DL (two), OLB

<ramllov> Adam, when are the first round draft choices 2-4 going to be determined. Indy?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Usually at the combine

<jsl214> any possible trades for front seven on defense for the browns
Adam Caplan: JS: Possibly but they will get two DLs either way

<clebrowns80> Adam, with Miami having 3 second round picks do you think they could make an offer for Anderson?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Parcells wants a strong armed passer
Adam Caplan: so if he moves off of Beck, he could be interested

<ramllov> Adam, how much money do the Browns have $30 million or $18, Million for cap money. I am hearing two different numbers
Adam Caplan: RAM: They're around $18-$20 million
Adam Caplan: as of early January
Adam Caplan: we'll see if they do any more restructures

<ramllov> I was afraid of that
Adam Caplan: RAM: I would imagine they get two of them done
Adam Caplan: this year

<branc> does that include the increased cap this year
Adam Caplan: BRAN: Projected to be at $116 million cap and to be $18-$20 if free agency was now

<ramllov> It sounds like Savage is going to be a busy may through the draft.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Very, say what you want but he gets it
Adam Caplan: he said he would address the OL in a big way and did so

<jb42776> Any chance Suggs or Haynesworth make it to FA
Adam Caplan: JB: I can't see it at this point

<Marjax> Adam, any OL free agents we're looking at as backup? Or is McKinney expected back?
Adam Caplan: MAR: Either McKinney or they sign a veteran OL

<zkramp> What are the chances Bernard Berrian or Donte Stallworth are here? How much will they cost?
Adam Caplan: ZK: I believe NE won't keep Stallworth
Adam Caplan: he would be a good fit for CLE

<jb42776> Heard any scoop on LeCharles Bentley?
Adam Caplan: JB: Bentley's people say they think he will be at OTAs
Adam Caplan: so that's good

<djw333> Adam - it seems NFL scouts and the league in general have cooled on DA after watching more tape... to what extent is this true?
Adam Caplan: DJ: Reality hit him in the final stretch
Adam Caplan: but you can win big with him if you have a good defense
Adam Caplan: bottom line is he gets the playmakers the ball
Adam Caplan: he has his flaws obviously
Adam Caplan: keep in mind he was a first time starter

<ramllov> What type of money are we talking about with Stallworth, WR, free agent??
Adam Caplan: RAM: Stallworth has a roster bonus I believe and I can't see them paying it
Adam Caplan: and his bases are high too
Adam Caplan: BTW ,he lost his starting job to Gaffney
Adam Caplan: He's a situational WR
Adam Caplan: CLE needs a WR who can stretch the field

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think that Anderson and Quinn can co-exist next year?
Adam Caplan: CLE: One more year
Adam Caplan: yes

<wsu99> If you were Savage would you keep DA?
Adam Caplan: WSU: I'd see how much I could get for Anderson
Adam Caplan: if they get a first and even a 5th, I'd deal him
Adam Caplan: Problem is if they don't re-sign Lewis or get a RB who is solid, that would put way too much pressure on Quinn

<branc> Adam if Cleveland does trade Derek Anderson who might they look at too back up Quinn??
Adam Caplan: BR: They would get a veteran
Adam Caplan: Problem is no one is available of note in free agency
Adam Caplan: would have to be cut or trade

<DaBrowns41> Adam, what about Randy Starks?
Adam Caplan: DA: Just a guy
Adam Caplan: nothing special

<jb42776> I'll take Miami's 2 2nds and Green.
Adam Caplan: JB: Green would have to re-do his deal
Adam Caplan: I believe he's making too much

<Shrooney> How far apart are the Browns and Jamal Lewis (apologies if asked earlier)?
Adam Caplan: SH: Quite far
Adam Caplan: but they have 4 weeks to get something done
Adam Caplan: you do have both sides wanting to get something done
Adam Caplan: but his agent is typically like this

<DaBrowns41> 5,0Adam, would you be disappointed if we addressed our first two picks with Mendenhall and Adarious Bowman?
Adam Caplan: DA: Bowman dropped more passes than he caught
Adam Caplan: last week
Adam Caplan: Embarrassingly so
Adam Caplan: I felt bad for him, he did better in the game though

<djw333> Any RBs they could draft late with potential to develop into an every down back?
Adam Caplan: DJ: Matt Forte would be a great system fit
Adam Caplan: but he moved up from 3-4th area
Adam Caplan: to second

<jb42776> What DL at the senior bowl fit in a 3-4?
Adam Caplan: JB: Laws isn't the run stuffer for a 3-4
Adam Caplan: but he was great

<zkramp> When will Crable from Michigan be drafted?
Adam Caplan: ZK: Love Crable
Adam Caplan: would be a nice fit
Adam Caplan: younger McGinest
Adam Caplan: you guys forget how good Willie was
Adam Caplan: earlier in his career

<ramllov> I'd like Crable. but guy for the outside LB
Adam Caplan: RAM: He could play OLB
Adam Caplan: in 3-4
Adam Caplan: played rush OLB
Adam Caplan: last week
Adam Caplan: in practice

<buzz30> what round for Crable
Adam Caplan: BUZ: Not sure
Adam Caplan: yet
Adam Caplan: on what round
Adam Caplan: Also, Tashard Choice
Adam Caplan: was great
Adam Caplan: last week
Adam Caplan: running between the tackles

<clebrowns80> Adam, can Anderson's agent talk to other teams now to gauge interest they might have with DA?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Not yet
Adam Caplan: but that would stop anyone
Adam Caplan: lol
Adam Caplan: agents always talk on the sly to teams
Adam Caplan: You would laugh at what goes on
Adam Caplan: I broke the first story on free agency
Adam Caplan: at 12:01 EAST
Adam Caplan: on Clements deal
Adam Caplan: so how could SF get a deal done in 1 minute?

<buddog> Any interest in Rogers from Detroit?
Adam Caplan: BUD: Doesn't come to play

<JANKO> AC, would RB Turner be a good fit for the Browns as a fall back?
Adam Caplan: JANK: Yes
Adam Caplan: I expect them to show interest if Lewis is an issue

<clebrowns80> Adam, could DA's agent go to the browns during free agency and say they have a contract with another team but the team want to cut a different deal than a 1 and a 3?
Adam Caplan: CLE: yes, once free agency starts, Anderson can talk to anyone

<buzz30> Adam is to early to have deals in place given the fact of what's posted in the cooler
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Teams can't talk to other team's free agents

<JANKO> AC, are you on Sirius radio and if so when, just subscribed to it!
Adam Caplan: JANK: I'm on next hosting 2/17
Adam Caplan: on channel 124

<Marjax> Who are Phil's top 3 free agents, not including Browns yet to be re-signed?
Adam Caplan: MAR: Too early to say
Adam Caplan: I can tell you the positions
Adam Caplan: that they are targeting
Adam Caplan: I usually know about two weeks or so
Adam Caplan: before free agency

<calkins14> Will Mel Tucker run a more aggressive defense?
Adam Caplan: CAL: They want more discipline on D
Adam Caplan: Tucker will be charged with doing that
Adam Caplan: that's a must
Adam Caplan: you have no idea how bad their gap discipline was
Adam Caplan: and getting players lined up

<buzz30> Do you see Orpheus Roye back?
Adam Caplan: BU: No

<ramllov> Do you like Tucker?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yes, very well respected
Adam Caplan: up and coming coach
Adam Caplan: Worked under Nick Saban

<zkramp> If the Browns draft a RB and resigns Lewis, who is cut, Harrison or Wright?
Adam Caplan: ZK: They would bring four to camp
Adam Caplan: and let it play out
Adam Caplan: they have no rush

<wsu99> will RAC be more involved in Defense this year
Adam Caplan: WSU: To a degree, yes
Adam Caplan: since it's his system

Adam Caplan: All: If I have time from the pro bowl, we'll do it again next week
Adam Caplan: for sure in two weeks

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