Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Which defensive free agent is already eyeing the Browns? What to teams around the league think of Brodney Pool? Are there any front seven free agents available who really fit the Browns scheme? Get the inside scoop in Adam's latest chat...

<ramllov> Adam, any Browns rumors at the Senior Bowl or after?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not really other than what I had on the Ask the Insiders board last night. Al Wilson is interested in
talking to the Browns.

<jb42776> Sopoago and Berrian would be a good haul on day 1
<ramllov> The Browns need four players for the front seven on defense, either FA or draft choices.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Sopoaga isn't anything special to be honest
Adam Caplan: he hasn't been a full-time starter
Adam Caplan: he's a rotational DT

<clebrowns80> Adam, any update on the DA contract talks?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Anderson isn't likely to get a deal done before free agency unless something significant happens
Adam Caplan: but always know that progress doesn't happen until both sides feel a sense of urgency
Adam Caplan: and that usually doesn't come until the final few days

<jb42776> I like to idea of making DA prove himself another year
Adam Caplan: JB: I agree

<brownsrthebest04> does savage settle for anything less then a 1st and a 3rd?
Adam Caplan: BR: In a trade? he'll be tagged at that level
Adam Caplan: but yes, I believe they would take less in a deal

<lildawg99> adam, do you think the browns would be scared off by Tommy Kelley
<lildawg99> his injury
Adam Caplan: LIL: Injured players like that won't get a lot of attention early in free agency

<jb42776> What's the story on Wilson, why the Browns? IS he healthy?
Adam Caplan: JB: I was told last night by a source close to the situation says that he's cleared by the leading specialist in
Adam Caplan: here's the problem though, I'm not sure if he's a good fit for CLE's 3-4
Adam Caplan: may be a better fit for lets say PITs

<jb42776> Thats what I was thinking he never played in a 3-4 has he
Adam Caplan: JB: No
Adam Caplan: I scout told me today that he doesn't think Wilson fits CLE/NE 3-4
Adam Caplan: more PIT 3-4

(On Jamal Lewis)
Adam Caplan:
meaning he wants to come back and may have to tell his agent he wants back and may have to take a little less
Adam Caplan: there isn't going to be a big market for a 29 year old back
Adam Caplan: On Lewis, I think he may get involved more as we get closer to 2/29

<clebrowns80> Adam, what do you think the odds of DA being with the browns next year is?
Adam Caplan: CLE: in 08, better than 50-50 clearly at this point
Adam Caplan: Browns want him back really for this season
Adam Caplan: trade him after 08
Adam Caplan: Despite what you're reading
Adam Caplan: or hearing
Adam Caplan: I don't think they are sold on him long-term
Adam Caplan: That's what I was told at the Pro Bowl
Adam Caplan: from an excellent league source

<ramllov> Adam, do you look at DA having more upside or Brady Quinn? long term?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Anderson based on what he's showed. However, I think Quinn can adapt more quickly and may be
more coachable in some respects.

<gelsingerj> and has a better touch
Adam Caplan: GEL: I wouldn't go that far
Adam Caplan: Touch was a problem for Quinn
Adam Caplan: outside the hashes

<ramllov> I asked, because I thought Brady Quinn would be more of a complete QB
Adam Caplan: RAM: You have to understand there was a reason why he dropped.

<jsl214> What did the browns think about Winslow wanting new contract?
Adam Caplan: JS: They have no plans at this point to give him one

<gelsingerj> but DA only throws bullets...he has no touch....SEE...EVERY GAME THIS YEAR
Adam Caplan: DEL: As for Anderson, he has problems with footwork
Adam Caplan: every evident close up at Pro Bowl practices

<ramllov> Adam, what do you think about the QB from Boston College?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's the best QB clearly in this draft
Adam Caplan: Ryan
Adam Caplan: he actually lives like 15 mins from me

<gelsingerj> Adam is Dan Morgan worth a 1 year deal?
Adam Caplan: GEL: on a veteran minimum, yes
Adam Caplan: plus heavy incentives

<ramllov> Adam, who is the ILB the Browns are going to go after in free agency or the draft?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They will sign or draft a physical LB

<clebrowns80> Adam do you believe that Chicago or Miami would be interested in DA?
Adam Caplan: CLE: CHI never even considered Anderson

<bstadnik> Adam, what is the chance that LCB will be on the opening day roster?
Adam Caplan: BS: As of now, 60-40
Adam Caplan: lets see how he looks at OTAs
Adam Caplan: then go from there

<clebrowns80> Thanks Adam, it seems that Chicago really has no other option.
Adam Caplan: CLE: Not for Anderson with a first
Adam Caplan: for MIA
Adam Caplan: CLE: They have plenty actually
Adam Caplan: second round-Flacco in the draft
Adam Caplan: they really like him

<jsl214> Any FA's saying they're interested in coming to Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: JS: Their agents can't talk to any teams yet but you can count on the Browns talking to a WR, ILB, DE
Adam Caplan: I got Peek about a week before or so last year so that's about the time I get that stuff, possibly at the combine
Adam Caplan: in fact, I would suspect to have a few names then
Adam Caplan: But Turner is the CLE backup plan if they don't keep Lewis

<buzz30> Corey Williams?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: They will look for a two DLs (at least one DT, one DE) through the draft and free agency.
Adam Caplan: Williams isn't anything special
Adam Caplan: did a nice job this season when pressed to play a lot more
Adam Caplan: because their first round DT wasn't ready
Adam Caplan: and Johnny Jolly got hurt

<ramllov> Adam, What about Fargas RB, from Oakland, I think he played at USC. He had a nice year
Adam Caplan: RAM: Zone scheme really helped him but he's not what the Browns need
Adam Caplan: doesn't fit power philosophy
Adam Caplan: more of a rotational RB

<jb42776> Are the Cards gonna franchise Dansby or Pace?
Adam Caplan: JB: Yes on Dansby if they have to but only if they get Fitzgerald's contract re-done

<nudawg> Adam, how is Tommy Kelly doing with his rehab. Will his injury be an issue next year?
Adam Caplan: NU: Kelly won't be ready for a while

<bstadnik> Adam, any news on JJ's staph infection?
Adam Caplan: BS: Team isn't releasing any injury info until combine

<jb42776> Roye, will he retire?
Adam Caplan: JB: I don't expect him to be back

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think that DA would only sign a 6 to 7 year deal with the browns?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Like I noted a while back, 5-7 years
Adam Caplan: no less than 5
Adam Caplan: pretty easy to see

<ramllov> Will Willie McGinest retire?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I believe he's coming back

<mtbbpres> Adam, can AZ Pace play ILB?
Adam Caplan: MT: No
Adam Caplan: would be out of position

<jb42776> What about Ethan Kelly
Adam Caplan: JB: August
Adam Caplan: micro-fracture

<jb42776> I mean will Kelley be resigned?
Adam Caplan: JB: They will wait and see how he does over the next few months
Adam Caplan: they do like him

<ramllov> Would Pace OLB satisfy the pass rush?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yes
Adam Caplan: and he can play either side
Adam Caplan: can also play with his hand down

<ramllov> Adam, what would Pace cost?
Adam Caplan: RAM: 8-10 guaranteed
Adam Caplan: I would imagine

<jsl214> any big names being mentioned as trade bait at the pro bowl?
Adam Caplan: JS: Nah, I talked to a lot of the free agents
Adam Caplan: there though
Adam Caplan: Samuel wants to be paid big time

<robdawgie> Is Leon Williams going to stay inside or move to the outside?
Adam Caplan: ROB: ILB
Adam Caplan: I'll ask RAC next week but that was the indication
Adam Caplan: at the end of the season

<clebrowns80> Adam, if DA signs a deal that is at least 5 years do you think Condon will start to make noise to trade Quinn?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Yes
Adam Caplan: I wrote that a few weeks ago
Adam Caplan: did you see my contract stuff
Adam Caplan: you should see the incentives
Adam Caplan: 65% of the contract is incentive based.
Adam Caplan: I got a hold of the body of the deal

<clebrowns80> Now that you mention it I remember his deal turns into 5 year 11 mill if he doesn't start by year 3
Adam Caplan: CLE: Yes

<robdawgie> Adam, what is the general consensus around the league on Brodney Pool? Is it different from how the
Browns feel about him?
Adam Caplan: ROB: Talented but not consistent
Adam Caplan: too often isn't in the right place
Adam Caplan: the Browns aren't really going to address the secondary as the fans think they should
Adam Caplan: front seven is the basis of the draft and free agency

<ramllov> Adam, How was the pro bowl, have you been there before?
Adam Caplan: RAM: First time
Adam Caplan: they moved it from the player hotel
Adam Caplan: to a high school
Adam Caplan: which didn't help for access
Adam Caplan: so I had to sneak into the player hotel to get access, lol

<tjm427> is Chaun Thompson worth resigning?
Adam Caplan: TJ: Yes, he's versatile enough as a backup

<robdawgie> I'm not sure if they should address the secondary with the glaring needs at the other positions...especially if
Mel Tucker has a lot of faith in his boys
Adam Caplan: ROB: BTW, Tucker is really well-respected

<robdawgie> Respected around the league or in Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: ROB: League
Adam Caplan: could be future head coach
Adam Caplan: worked for Saban

<jb42776> Adam any indication the Browns would go after Pace?
Adam Caplan: JB: He's on their list to evaluate
Adam Caplan: I believe

<jsl214> Simon Fraser wants to walk browns okay to let him
Adam Caplan: JS: He's just a guy
Adam Caplan: JAG

Adam Caplan: Someone sent me a private message on Chase Pittman, forget him
Adam Caplan: Fraser=Pittman
Adam Caplan: try hard guy
Adam Caplan: that's it
Adam Caplan: Other than Dansby, don't see anyone who are true fits.

<mtbbpres> Adam, what FA ILB would fit the Browns Defense?
<lildawg99> kawika mitchell?
Adam Caplan: LIL: Too small
Adam Caplan: Here's one: Victor Hobson
Adam Caplan: physical LB

<tjm427> would Phil take a chance on Shaun Rogers or Kris Jenkins?
Adam Caplan: TJM: I can't see it

<jsl214> Haynesworth defiantly getting tagged?
Adam Caplan: JS: Yes
Adam Caplan: unless he doesn't get the deal
Adam Caplan: done before hand

<nudawg> didn't Hopson have trouble with the 3-4 in New York?
Adam Caplan: NU: Vilma

<buzz30> Hobson plays for who
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: NYJ

<robdawgie> Sorry if it's been asked before....but would the Ravens back Savage into a corner if he only tenders DA to a #1
by signing him to a big contract? Not only to finally get a QB, but to stick it to Phil for all of the players he's signed in the
Adam Caplan: ROB: I doubt it
Adam Caplan: they may have to use franchise tag on Suggs

<bstadnik> Adam, I know the Browns have improved, but overall what grade would you give Savage?
Adam Caplan: BS: B

<tjm427> any interest in Dan Morgan, 1 yr deal with incentives, similar to a J Lewis contract?
Adam Caplan: TJ: Ahh no
Adam Caplan: no one would give him anything close to that
Adam Caplan: he'll get veteran minimum
Adam Caplan: plus heavy incentives

<buzz30> If they franchise Suggs where do they get the money
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: It's not hard to clear it up

<ramllov> Adam, there appears to be many WRs in free agency, which one do the Browns want and who do they sign?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They will look for speed, Berrian really is the only one who makes sense for CLE
Adam Caplan: for what they need

<robdawgie> No Hackett? He has YAC ability because of his speed, IMO
Adam Caplan: ROB: I love Hackett but he doesn't fit scheme
Adam Caplan: they have Edwards who is similar
Adam Caplan: I will get his agent on Sirius with me soon
Adam Caplan: I'm on Friday-8-11 pm est
Adam Caplan: saturday 6-9 pm est

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, do you think we can fix the defensive holes in 1 free agency and 1 draft?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think they can upgrade the defense possibly significantly through the draft/free agency, yes.

<ramllov> Adam, Savage always goes for one major free agent early. Who is it Berrian this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: More than the Bears want to pay which is why I can't see them getting him re-signed at this point

<robdawgie> Random question Adam....but what is your favorite team to cover? And does dealing with die hard fans like us frustrate you ever because of their obvious biases?
Adam Caplan: ROB: I don't really have a preference
Adam Caplan: I like your guys passion
Adam Caplan: that's why I only really go on your boards to answer questions

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