Browns Brain Trust Speaks in Indy

Here are highlights of comments by Romeo Crennel, Phil Savage and newly signed RB Jamal Lewis...

Romeo Crennel, Phil Savage, and Jamal Lewis spoke to the huddled media masses this afternoon in Indianapolis.

Of course, the OBR is there in force. Adam Caplan and Brent Sobleski covered it as it happened in the OBR's premium forums earlier this afternoon here, here, and here. Sobo also has a tidbit from the Packers GM on Corey Williams right here.

We plan on posting transcripts later today in the OBR's insider forums.

Here is a summary of some highlights from the session:

  • Winlsow did have minor scope on his knee and is already rehabbing. No surgery has been scheduled on his shoulder.
  • RAC admitted that the Browns will concentrate on addressing the front seven in free agency/draft.
  • Phil Savage offered his thoughts on why the Browns chose to re-sign Jamal Lewis rather than drafta  back: "As I was sitting here, I watched the prospects walk by toward their end of the media room.   Thought to myself, Jamal is a Man and they are just kids.  That's why we re-signed him."
  • The Browns GM related that no real progress on a contract for Derek Anderson, but Savage said he will get the highest tender tag if they don't get a deal done first. A franchise tag has never been considered.
  • Savage hopes to find talent which will have the same effect on the defense as Joe Thomas had on the team's offense: "If we can do some things on defense, it will help D'Qwell and Kamerion take it to the next level."
  • The Browns have had talks with Chaun Thompson, but Orpheus Roye's status remains up in the air.
  • Jamal Lewis said that the difference between 2007 with the Browns and 2006 with the Ravens is that he was not "getting beat up and pounded" by opposing defenses.


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