Turnaround in DA Talks?

Team and player sources tell the OBR that negotiations have taken a sudden turn. Could there be an unexpected thaw in the so-far frosty negotiations? Here's the latest from our sources.

Even in the dead of a Cleveland winter, there's always the unexpected thaw that surprises even the best meteorologists.  Such seems to be the case in the ongoing talks regarding a certain free-agent QB. 

Sources close to both Derek Anderson and the Browns have told The OBR that the two sides have made progress in their negotiations, and could—"could"—have a deal in place before the start of free agency less than four days from now. 

After spending the last month gaining little or no ground in the talks, the past couple of days have seen a rebirth of the kind of progress which had not been expected by either side.

While the Anderson source spoke of a "potential breakthrough", a Browns source would only label the up-tick in talks as "positive, a lot more positive than they have been the last couple of weeks."

Neither side would discuss specifically what has led to the latest developments; discussions, oddly enough, that have coincided with the agents and NFL front-office personnel gathered together at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Said one league source currently at the Combine, when asked about what might have caused a spark in the negotiations, "I think the weather in Indy wasn't as hot as (Anderson's agent) thought it was going to be.  They came dressed in flip-flops and tank tops, when they needed parkas and snowboots."  

Even though no one would address what has led to a turnaround in the talks, it's believed that the Browns have not budged off their very public and private three-year stance.  It's also believed that there has been a concession on the part of the Browns regarding the amount of money in the contract.  Specifically, the guaranteed money that the Browns are now prepared to offer.

The Anderson camp is said to be considering the Browns' latest offering, although it's uncertain at this point whether or not it will be accepted as is, or further talks will be needed.

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