Much Ado About Benching

Ooooh, scary!! <B>SHUDDER</B> at gigantic <B>FINES</B> beyond all reason!! <B>SCREAM</B> at post-benching <B>SPIN</B>!! Experience the <B>HORROR</B> of recuperation from leg injuries!! Ponder with <B>PAIN</B> the notion of the weekly Rookie of the Week award being to sell <B>SOFT DRINKS</B>!! It's a <B>SUPER SCARY</B> update from <B>BEREA</B> courtesy of the Mike McLain! Some scary stuff, eh, kids? How-woooooooooooooooooowl!

BEREA - Coach Butch Davis thinks too much was made about his decision to bench offensive guard Shaun O'Hara in the second half of last Sunday's game against the Jets.

O'Hara, who was replaced by Paul Zukauskas, is expected to return to the starting lineup Sunday.

"On the defensive line we play seven guys every Sunday. Sometimes when you're looking to find an answer, you might stick someone in to provide part of that answer and then find out that he didn't do any better than the person that was taken out of the game."

ALMOST THERE: Quarterback Kelly Holcomb is almost completely back from leg injuries that have sidelined him since an Oct. 26 game against Baltimore. Holcomb bounced back from Wednesday's practice session without a problem. He listed his playing status at 99.9 percent.

"I did everything. I feel pretty good," Holcomb said. "Every now and then you feel it when I move a certain way with my MCL. I was pretty surprised with the way I went out there and did everything. I didn't have to think about it. It was like I've done it all the time."

Holcomb sprained a ligament in his right knee and suffered a hairline fracture of the tibia bone in his right leg when Peter Boulware fell on him when he relieved an injured Tim Couch in the fourth quarter. Holcomb finished the game with a noticeable limp.

Holcomb said throughout his rehabilitation that he's a quick healer. The fracture healed quicker than did the ligament.

"It's kind of mind over matter," Holcomb said. "I just willed myself to try to get well. You just have to have a positive frame of mind and know that you're going to get better."

TALKING DOLLARS: The $75,000 fine levied by the NFL against Dallas Cowboys defensive back Darren Woodson was talked about in the Browns' locker room. Woodson leveled Seattle receiver Darrell Jackson, who was knocked unconscious. Jackson had a seizure in the locker room after the game.

"I thought he (Woodson) went in with his shoulder," Browns safety Earl Little said. "I wasn't sure I heard it (the fine) right. That's a nice payment on a home."

Davis worked with Woodson when he was an assistant coach at Dallas. Davis said that Woodson would never intentionally try to hurt another player.

"He's an unbelievably great guy," Davis said. "He's probably one of the leading guys in their community. There's no doubt in my mind that there was no cheap shot intended at all."

PAYING RESPECTS: The Browns will remember late owner Al Lerner prior to Sunday's game. A short video tribute will be followed by a 21-gun Marine Corps salute and a flyover by the Marine Corps jets. The tributes will begin at 12:45 p.m.

TOP ROOKIE: Andre Davis was named the Pepsi Rookie of the Week for his performance last Sunday against the Jets. Davis caught three passes for 29 yards, including a touchdown catch of 4 yards. Davis has five touchdown receptions and one kick return of 95 yards for a touchdown. He leads all rookies with six touchdowns.

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