Phil Savage: Q-and-A Time

Highlights of today's session with the media out in Berea

BEREA - In Phil Savage's address with the local media, he answered several questions leading up to free agency and the NFL Draft.

Q: Will the Browns be as aggressive this year in free agency as they have the past two years?:

Savage: "Maybe, we'll find out a little later this evening. The last two years we've been very aggressive right out of the gate. I think this year we might be more visit oriented. We'll see if it's a fit and go from there. I don't know if we'll go out and strike as we have in the past."

Q: With that being said, do you feel the Browns will be big players in free agency?:

Savage: "Over the next four or five days will probably dictate the off season in how we go in the draft. If we miss out on some defensive players we'd like to get. It's probably the most anxious day of the year, because it's almost like recruiting because you don't know how it's going to go."

Q: What do you mean by level of aggressiveness?:

Savage: "There's a different level of aggressiveness. When we were signing players at three or four in the morning that's extremely aggressive."

Q: Are you optimistic of landing some free agents, particularly on defense?:

Savage: "We feel pretty good for some of the players we have targeted. It's not as tough of a sales job as it was a few years ago. In free agency, for our purposes, we have players we'd like to get our hands on. We run a defense that they would fit into. I think this is going to be an attractive place for defensive players, because they can make an impact here."

Q: Talk about the decision to let Orpheus Roye go.

Savage: "Orpheus was a great player for the Browns and a great guy, but we felt we needed to turn the page and go forward from here. We felt there might be some opportunities out there for us."

Q: Is this a good year for free agency?:

Savage: "If we get the players we like, we feel it will be a good year."

Q: Are you interested in re-signing Chaun Thompson, Nick Sorenson, Lennie Friedman, Ricardo Coclough and Gary Baxter?:

Savage: "We've been working with Chaun some. We'd like to get him back, but I think he would like to see what's out there. We would like to bring Lennie back. He's been a big part of our special teams. We'd like to bring back Nick Sorenson on special teams. We'd like to bring back Coclough, but he might want to test it. We hope to give Gary Baxter an opportunity to see how he is by training camp."

Q: What did you do with Daven Holly and Simon Fraser?:

Savage: "We tendered a second-round level of compensation for Holly. We did not tender anything for Simon Fraser, but the door is not closed on him returning. Kris Griffin was tendered as well, but there is no compensation if another team came after him."

Q: Any talks with Kellen Winslow or Braylon Edwards about re-doing their contracts?:

Savage: "There has been some conversations about Kellen. There's a time and place for everything. There's free agency and the draft. We'd be willing to listen to anything. We've not been approached by Braylon. Right now, is not the right time to talk about it."

Q: Do you anticipate free agency clearing what direction the Browns might head in the draft?:

Savage: "Over the next four to six days, the picture for the draft will be clearer."

Q: Would their be less sense of urgency to get a first-round pick this year if you receive one for losing Anderson?:

Savage: "We would probably be satisfied with the first round pick (if Anderson signs with another team)."

Q: Where do you anticipate Shaun Smith will play next season?:

Savage: "Our anticipation is that Shaun will be on the nose, depending how (the off-season) pans out."

Q: Do you intend to restructure Andra Davis' contract?:

Savage:"We haven't discussed anything with Andra. There's nothing that has happened."

Q: Right now you have just Robaire Smith and Shaun Smith on the defensive line, does that concern you?:

Savage: "I was going to announce that we're going to a 2-5 defense. No, if we had to play Sunday, I'd be concerned."

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