Death Chat 2008: We Need a New Logo

John, Lane, Barry, Fred and Rich will gather in the OBR subscriber chat room at 9PM tonight, to smack around questions prior to the start of free agency. Want to be in our "live studio audience"?

The infamous OBR Death Chat is returning tonight at 9PM! This alarming event will be held in the OBR subscriber chat room, and we're expecting Lane, Rich, JT and Fred to be there, along with yours truly.

Many learned men in academia, with their deep knowledge of the Orange and Brown Report, will tell you that we used to do these Death Chats in secret, at a location known only to ourselves and an obscure group of time-traveling monks.

The time for secrecy is over. Considering that free agency starts in mere hours after the chat, we will do this Death Chat in front of a live (some might say "trapped") studio audience.

We just ask that anyone watching refrain from interjecting and let us slam out our questions and answers within the 30-45 minutes we've set aside for this. Wait until after the chat to viciously mock Rich Passan's our answers. Our guys will then return to working the phones, and I'll return to roughing up small mammals outside the Berea facility so they cough up their secrets. You would be surprised at what you can learn from observant squirrels under duress.

After the chat, subscribers should prepare themselves for the LIVE OBR FREE AGENT ULTRA-BLOG.

You think you've seen live blogs before? LOL~ Not like this.  Using the same advanced live-blogging technology mastered during games this year, we will ruthlessly pound out everything we hear, when we hear it. No mercy, no prisoners.

Our special subscription offer ends Friday, you had best get going... Snag the offer, join us for wild first weekend of free agency. Hopefully our many recently-joined new members will get the full and somewhat alarming sense of what the OBR is all about: Disturbingly Obsessive Cleveland Browns Football Coverage.

See you there!

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