Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam talked to a large crowd of Browns fans in the OBR subscriber forums Wednesday night. Here are Adam's thoughts on who the Browns will chase in free agency, and their chances of landing their favorites...

<jsl214> Whats the word we going after Berrian and Stallworth?
Adam Caplan: JS: No on Berrian
Adam Caplan: outside shot with Stallworth

Adam Caplan: I can't say who will be visiting until Friday but I can tell you they wanted Ike Sopoaga
Adam Caplan: he was their NT target in free agency

<cdunfee1289> Adam whats the interest in Roosevelt Colvin
Adam Caplan: CD: Minimal
Adam Caplan: Colvin is coming back from injury 

<adamkilgore> Defensively Adam? Calvin Pace?
Adam Caplan: Read my blog entry on Pace tonight 

<jsl214> bryant johnson or hackett then for WR
Adam Caplan: JS: Forget both
Adam Caplan: no chance on any of those WRs

<iconoclast88> Adam, what's the scoop on Justin Smith? Do we really think he can be effective in a 3-4?
Adam Caplan: IC: He's not coming to CLE
Adam Caplan: Smith
Adam Caplan: MIN or SF

<clebrowns80> Adam, any DA news or if any teams around the league are interested in him is he hits free agency?
Adam Caplan: CLE: The team isn't going to get too upset if they don't get it done by Friday
Adam Caplan:
all they lose his exclusive rights to negotiate

<nybrownie> Do u see any other Browns being released
Adam Caplan: NY: Matt Stewart is a UFA
Adam Caplan: BTW

<jb42776> Any other NT options?
Adam Caplan: JB: No one

<MrFrump> Adam, you mentioned in ATI you had a name tied to the Browns, is it or was it Sopagoa? 
Adam Caplan:
MR: He was their guy
Adam Caplan: that I can tell you
Adam Caplan: Someone sent me a PM on him
Adam Caplan: Brian Young/DT/NO is a player who I believe they will talk to

<cdunfee1289> what about Tommy Kelly adam
Adam Caplan: CD: No teams will run to sign Kelly I don't think since he's coming back from injury
Adam Caplan: teams are getting their info on him to see when he will be ready

<adamkilgore> Adam, does JJ have a staph is or that a rumor?
Adam Caplan: AK: I can't deal with rumors
Adam Caplan: sorry

<Cvillebrown> What about Douglas from 49ers? former Raven
Adam Caplan: CV: Possibly

<DawgPounder12> Adam, with the defensive marquee players being snatched up do you see the Browns going BPA or picking up role players ala NE?
Adam Caplan: CLE in free agency will go: DT, CB (more veteran depth)
Adam Caplan: they will look for a OLB, could see a trade for one
Adam Caplan: if they don't think one can be available and a WR
Adam Caplan: that's it
Adam Caplan: pretty much
Adam Caplan: other than depth on OL

<clebrowns80> Adam, is it pretty much looking like DA will be with the browns next year?
Adam Caplan: CLE: 75% chance
Adam Caplan: or better

<amore> Does that mean Browns will go LB with their 2nd pick in the draft?
Adam Caplan: AM: We're two months away from draft so I don't think they even know yet what they will do

<OneBrowns> What about Starks?
Adam Caplan: ONE: Randy Starks isn't anything special

<cdunfee1289> which big name free agent has the best chance of becoming a brown
Adam Caplan: Odom the issue is can he play 3-4 DE
Adam Caplan: he has the size
Adam Caplan: around 280

<mtbbpres> Adam, what about Kendal Moorehead?
Adam Caplan: but not sure if they think he's a system fit
Adam Caplan: AM: #5 DE on a good team
Adam Caplan: just a guy

<FanofBrwns> If Bentley can play, will the Browns keep Tucker?
Adam Caplan: FAN: I would think so

<amore> How much help will the Browns get in this FA class?
Adam Caplan: AM: I don't see any huge free agents coming
Adam Caplan: there's not much out there

Adam Caplan: they will not get in Berrian sweepstakes
Adam Caplan: and I don't blame them
Adam Caplan: he's not that good

<bds2222> Adam have you heard anything about David Dunn being involved in the Anderson deal
Adam Caplan: BD: He owns his company so I would suspect he could be

<jsl214> browns show any interest in Shaun Rogers
Adam Caplan: JS: I don't see it

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what about Briggs???
Adam Caplan: CD: No way on Briggs
Adam Caplan: makes zero sense

<cdunfee1289> y not on briggs??
Adam Caplan: bad system fit
Adam Caplan: they won't get their bang for their buck

<DeLappDawg> What about a guy like Hackett?
Adam Caplan:
DE: He's not going to CLE
Adam Caplan: Look for my notes on Friday AM for him

<adamkilgore> Corey Williams, any chance Phil makes a deal to get him? (not for the franchise tag price) 
Adam Caplan:
AD: Yes, later in free agency and before draft
Adam Caplan:
they will have competition though

<redright> ADAM, any position/positions to first be signed in week 1 of FA?
Adam Caplan: RED: NT, WR, depth on ol, CB, OLB, ILB
Adam Caplan: are all top positional targets
Adam Caplan: for free agency/draft

Adam Caplan: don't look for them to go nuts like they did last year
Adam Caplan: there isn't a lot of talent out there

<DawgPounder12> B/C of the increase in cap money from the CBA is that the reason free agency seems to lack real marquee players and do you see this cap room ending as the contacts get bigger?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: You said it well
Adam Caplan:
teams have 116 million

<amore> Do Browns see S. Smith as more of a DE than NT?
Adam Caplan: AM: NT
Adam Caplan: he had to play DE since Roye was hurt

<southbeach> Adam, no DE?
Adam Caplan: SOUTH: that too
Adam Caplan: but they will get one DL for sure

<FanofBrwns> What about Trotter?
Adam Caplan: FAN: Gawd no
Adam Caplan: he's toast
Adam Caplan: great guy but bad knees

<redright> Adam, any guess how Phil will play f/a? Will he go get a couple of big names and then wait or will he just go after as many guys he can get? 
Adam Caplan:
RED: I see them signing two solid starters possibly rest depth
Adam Caplan: but I do believe you could see them trade for 1-2 players
Adam Caplan: GMS told me around the league there is more trade talk than ever

<FanofBrwns> Will C. Thompson remain on the Team?
Adam Caplan:
FAN: they would like him back but he may try and see if he could find a better role elsewhere

<amore> Do Browns have anybody to trade?
Adam Caplan: AM: Future picks

<Cvillebrown> what about Haggans from Pitt?
Adam Caplan: CV: Not a bad name for depth 

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any interest in Asante Samuels??
Adam Caplan: CD: Doubt it
Adam Caplan: this isn't fantasy football
Adam Caplan:
you can't spend money like that 

<Cvillebrown> not an upgrade over Peek? (Haggans)
Adam Caplan: CV: No if his knees are good-Peek
Adam Caplan:
you didn't see his best football last year

<clebrowns80> Adam, any reason you think why there is no interest for DA? I would think since he is young and have some years in the league he would be a better option for someone than a rookie who might not pan out?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I'm told his rep around the league is mixed
Adam Caplan: some wonder if he can handle certain systems
Adam Caplan: CHUDs works for him

<ramllov> Adam, who is the backup NT they are going to sign?
Adam Caplan: RAM: As noted before, I believe they will look at Brian Young
Adam Caplan: Saints DT
Adam Caplan: well respect DT
Adam Caplan: around 295-300

<Hogan> What do you think of Young DT?
Adam Caplan: Ho: Rotational DT, hustler
Adam Caplan: good team guy
Adam Caplan: fits in what they need
Adam Caplan: doesn't need to start
Adam Caplan:
But I would imagine 4-3 teams will look too

<ramllov> Will the price be right?
Adam Caplan: ram: Yes
Adam Caplan: shouldn't cost much

<DeLappDawg> any interest in Darwin Walker?
Adam Caplan: DE: I can't see it

<wesw590710> adam, what do you think as of now are DA's chances of being somewhere else?
Adam Caplan: WES: I say 75% he's back with CLE

<greek31> how about Joseph balking up from 310 to 320 and playing the nt from the giants?
Adam Caplan: GR: Gawd no

<jsl214> Travis Wilson play this year>
Adam Caplan: JS: I didn't like RACs answer when I asked him about him and Harrison
Adam Caplan: he said both have to prove it on specials
Adam Caplan: not a good sign

<FanofBrwns> What about Dhani Jones LB?
Adam Caplan: FAN: CIN wants him back
Adam Caplan: but not what they need
Adam Caplan: you guys are really reaching 

<redright> ADAM, please tell us your interpretation of Romeo's comment that Wilson and Harrison had to prove "it" on specials?
Adam Caplan: RED: I think he's saying they have to prove themselves

<ramllov> Adam, some players got cut today. There might be more tomorrow for cap reasons or they underperformed their contracts. Could some of these guys make it in Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Kevin Carter is an interesting name
Adam Caplan: can play DE
Adam Caplan: big guy
Adam Caplan:
has played in 3-4 I believe in MIA 

<DeLappDawg> how was he in Miami?
Adam Caplan: ok

<amore> How good is RFA Cole?
Adam Caplan: AM: Colin Cole? Rotational DE
Adam Caplan:
plays run well

<NateDawg1977> Adam why do you think the Browns want to sign Anderson before free agency? given the lack of demand don't you think they could get him cheaper than the currant offer?
Adam Caplan: NATE: they would like to but it's not imperative that they do

<Hogan> Would Cole take a 4th rounder? When do we find out the tenders?
Adam Caplan: HO: Tomorrow

<redright> Adam, what does phil have to get for Romeo to have a good defense?
Adam Caplan: RED: NT, ILB, OLB, CB depth

<cdunfee1289> Adam, non browns question but who are suitors for Michael Turner
Adam Caplan: CD: in my blog I have a sleeper team as HOU

<greek31> any truth to Asante Samuel becoming a brown?
Adam Caplan: Greek: I don't see it

<MikeFromRochester> plenty of wide outs out there, better at first to focus on front seven, agree?
Adam Caplan: MIke: Same as I've said for months
Adam Caplan: front seven is it
Adam Caplan: no question

<adamkilgore> CB depth seems to be fine. (Bodden, Wright, Holley, McDonald)
Adam Caplan: AK: They need a veteran badly
Adam Caplan: Bodden's play was poor
Adam Caplan: and Holly is a backup
Adam Caplan: nothing special

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's the interest in WR Drew Carter??
Adam Caplan: CD: He can run but that's about it
Adam Caplan: it

<adamkilgore> Holly is nothing special, but he's a quality backup.
<adamkilgore> that's why he was tendered
Adam Caplan: AD: Agreed

<buddog> Are Browns happy w Wright as 2nd RB?
Adam Caplan: BUD: They seem to be 

<bds2222> Why did they give him a second round tender today
Adam Caplan: BD: I have no idea

<JANKO> AC, David Givens was released by the Titans, a good fit for the Browns?
Adam Caplan: JAN: FYI, he may not play again

<jsl214> what about Florence from SD as CB?
Adam Caplan: JS: No
Adam Caplan: had a terrible year
Adam Caplan: teams pick on him
Adam Caplan: like crazy 

<Hogan> Cole, Gay, Odom, Young, Kevin Carter, Pace, Douglas
Adam Caplan: HO: Eagles want Odom

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you see Quinn asking for a trade if DA signs?
Adam Caplan: CLE: As I noted last month, I think Quinn's agent will look to get him out of there if the deal gets done
Adam Caplan: even three years....but
Adam Caplan: I can tell you this, there are some in Berea that aren't sold on Anderson

<adamkilgore> why are they not sold?
Adam Caplan: If they were, he would have gotten an offer for 5-7 years

<NateDawg1977> any word on who our division rivals might sign to open FA?
Adam Caplan: NATE: All of them will be pretty quiet

<jsimmsy21> Adam, any truth the falcons willing to give up their first and third for DA?
Adam Caplan: JS: No

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's Tim Carters future in
Adam Caplan: CD: None

<bds2222> Adam are you sold on the idea of Jackson as an anchor at the inside LB spot
Adam Caplan: BD: HE needs to be challenged

<gusdawg444> Not sold, but they offer 3 year 20 Million (10 guaranteed). Why then?
Adam Caplan: GU: They feel that Anderson is the guy for the short-term
Adam Caplan: it's a way of going with one foot in
Adam Caplan: not both

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's ur thoughts on Andra Davis??
Adam Caplan: CD: Now he's in trouble
Adam Caplan: Leon Williams might be the better option

<DeLappDawg> Adam, did you see any improvement in DA's footwork through the year?
Adam Caplan: DE: Final quarter was bad

<bds2222> Adam how come there is no safety help coming via fa?
Adam Caplan: BD: They believe the two starters started to play better late

<Hogan> Don't they want a sledgehammer ILB to replace that spot and have Williams as depth?
Adam Caplan: HO: There is no one in free agency
Adam Caplan: at ILB
Adam Caplan: could come in a trade

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is someone is brought in to start at ILB will they be taking D'Qwell's or Andra Davis's spot??
Adam Caplan: CD: At the very least, challenge
Adam Caplan: man do they need competition
Adam Caplan: at ILB
Adam Caplan: Savage knows that
Adam Caplan: That's something he knows, when there's an area of weakness

<FanofBrwns> Can the Browns take the North Division with an average defense?
Adam Caplan: FAN: No
Adam Caplan: BAL will be much better
Adam Caplan: PIT will be there

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you see a QB controversy next year?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I wouldn't call it that
Adam Caplan: but Anderson scares me
Adam Caplan: and we don't know anything about Quinn yet

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how would Justin Smith project to a 3-4 at end or OLB because I heard some 3-4 teams are interested??
Adam Caplan: CD: I tend to disagree with what SF is looking at him as a 3-4 DE
Adam Caplan: Look for MIN to make a strong run
Adam Caplan: at him

<zoso197> How do you figure Balt will be better, new regime, Defense is a year older, and they have no QB
Adam Caplan: ZO: Both CBs will be back
Adam Caplan: Mark Clayton was hurt
Adam Caplan: Heap was hurt

<ramllov> Adam, What can you say about Antonio Smith DL, Arizona?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Decent player
Adam Caplan: ARI wants to keep him I'm told

<ramllov> Coming to Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: not a bad player
Adam Caplan: I would read my stuff on Friday

<cdunfee1289> Adam, higher role for Cribbs in the offense next year??
Adam Caplan: CD: I don't think too much more of one

<ramllov> Adam, Do you know were Jerry Porter, WR, Oakland will end up?
Adam Caplan: RAM: MIN likes him 

<Hogan> Intersting that many of your blogs don't mention CLE - is phil close to vest or are you keeping secrets for us? thanks for the blogs either way
Adam Caplan:
HO: CLE was the one team I didn't get much on
Adam Caplan: but will by Friday

<ramllov> Adam, How did you like the Indy Combine?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Best ever for me
Adam Caplan: for info

<bds2222> Adam what is the overall impression around the league about Savage
Adam Caplan: BD: Impressive
Adam Caplan: he's attacking weaker areas

<Hogan> Can they get a starter with this team with #56 in draft?
Adam Caplan: HO: I would imagine they will move up if there's a player they like

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, your best guess, will Anderson accept the browns offer or will he be tendered? what do you hear?
Adam Caplan: MIKE: he will get first and third tender
Adam Caplan: tomorrow by deadline if deal isn't struck

 <bds2222> So would you say extending Savage is vital to the organization?
Adam Caplan: BD: I would 
Adam Caplan:
he's been solid
Adam Caplan: he gets it from a personnel standpoint
Adam Caplan: not many GMs do

<ramllov> 1 and 3 was for DA
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yes

<redright> Adam, when Anderson is tendered for a 1 and 3 doesn't that guarantee that he will be back?
Adam Caplan: RED: What it does is get them that if someone wants to sign him
Adam Caplan: they lose exclusive negotiating rights
Adam Caplan: after tomorrow
Adam Caplan: that's really it
Adam Caplan: DA has until late April to sign with another team or he stays

<ramllov> Adam, will you chat next week?
Adam Caplan: RAM: OF course

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think there are teams out there interested in DA but are waiting to say it until he reaches the market?
Adam Caplan: CLE: No
Adam Caplan: I would be surprised
Adam Caplan: but I do think some team could offer Browns less
Adam Caplan: than that in a deal

<adamkilgore> With the lack of quality starting QB's in the NFL, I cannot believe DA wouldn't garner some interest even if he was given the high tender
Adam Caplan: not out of the question

<ramllov> You're on Sirius Friday and Saturday, can you post the times on the ATI?
Adam Caplan: Oh, I will be on Friday from 8-11 pm est
Adam Caplan: and Saturday from 69-pm est
Adam Caplan: also, on KFAN 1130 AM Friday
Adam Caplan: in MIN at 11:20 am est
Adam Caplan: I'll post on ATI board

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any interest in Bryant Johnson???
Adam Caplan: CD: I don't see BJ coming to CLE
Adam Caplan: he wants to start for sure

Adam Caplan: later all

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