Deadline Rumors Fly

With the clock closing in on the midnight hour, DA talk continues to swirl around the league. Cut through the cloud of innuendo and get the latest on this ever-evolving situation, only on The OBR.

Well, that didn't take long.

No sooner had general manager Phil Savage thrown down the gauntlet—and the onus—at the feet of his Pro Bowl QB's agents, the rumors started to fly.

Two Browns sources have told The Orange & Brown Report that the organization is of the belief that "there is definitely one team" with "significant interest" in soon-to-be free-agent quarterback Derek Anderson.

The interest is at such a level, in fact, that the team would potentially be willing to give up a first- & third-round pick in order to inquire Anderson.  However, such an interest would be heavily dependant on how much the Anderson camp will be seeking on the open market.

Additional speculation centers around some belief Anderson may be willing to climax a "friendlier" deal with a potentially-interested party, as he would be the obvious starter. According to sources of The OBR, the QB and/or his representatives have a theory that the player's value could be diminished long-term by accepting the present deal offered by the organization.

Neither source would/could divulge the name of the team that's the subject of the rumor making the rounds in Berea.  However, a league front office source continues to insist even this evening that the Panthers could be a player for Anderson, although there has been no corroboration from any other persons involved in this situation.

One source did tell The OBR they do not believe that it's the agents who are the driving force behind this rumor.

"The feeling is that it's genuine and team-generated," the source said in an e-mail.

There is still some hope within the organization that a deal can be reached before the start of free agency, making any interest in Anderson by another team a moot point.  Talks between the two sides are expected to continue throughout the evening and into the night.

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