Live Free Agency Ultrablog: Day 2

Feedback from our subscribers from last night's OBR Live Free Agency Ultrablog was just amazing! All our free agency updates (Anderson, Williams and much more) are going in here. Come and join the live event that we've been told is "more addictive than crack".

NOTE: Due to the volume of comments and questions, we may not be able to respond or re-post all (or even many) of them. We read all your comments, however, and appreciate all the feedback and tips we receive!

Tips for Readers

* A huge amount of information has been getting put in ASK THE INSIDERS. Check it out to get the most out of your OBR subscription!

* There's nothing to do during a live blog other than read, watch and occasionally send in a comment or vote in the polling questions.

* It's not a chatroom. You go to largely find out what the writer has to say. An open chat with thirty or more readers turns into poor, disjointed content very quickly.

* Your comments are published at the writer's discretion. They see everything sent to them but only they can publish your comments for everyone to see.

* Our ‘autoscroll' feature ensures you're always shown the newest content without having to refresh or scroll your screen. You can toggle this on or off by using the controls at the bottom of the live blog.

* Subtle sound effects alert you to new content as the writer publishes it. This can also be toggled on or off as you like.

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