Browns Continue Talks with Free Agents

The Cleveland Browns are not through with free agency by a long shot. They continue in talks with one, arrange visits with others, and look for opportunities to improve their roster. Here's the very latest from the OBR gang on trade rumors, the negotiation dance with free agents and more!

OBR subscribers know that we often turn to Ask the Insiders (ATI) to push information out to our visitors faster than we can via our home page. On Thursday night and Friday, even that wasn't fast enough, so we turned to the OBR Ultrablog (and may again, if news picks up).

On Saturday and again this morning, we've continued to track news about the Browns free agency interests and communicate them via ATI.

Here's a summary for folks who haven't been able to stop by our premium forums.


Travis LaBoy, DE/OLB

Yesterday afternoon, sources close to the player told the OBR that he was able to move on to New Orleans and consider other options. Among other things, LaBoy may be looking for the right scheme fit, as he would likely be an outside linebacker in a 3-4, but be able to play DE in a 4-3. Sometime between those conversations and 6PM, LaBoy decided he would continue to talk with the Browns and continued those discussions last evening. As of this morning, according to Lane Adkins, "This is much the same situation as Stallworth on Saturday, as we reported hours prior to his agreeing to terms. I have been led to believe the Browns and LaBoy could agree to terms in the near future, unless the details drive this negotiation south. Parameters are believed to be in place, there are details to work out, as well as the interest coming from the Titans and potentially another team.At this hour, I would note a deal appears promising, but again this change quickly in this game of mad-money."

Clark Haggans, ILB

As of this morning, sources close to the player tell the OBR that there is talk that Haggans may visit Berea in the near future. Those plans are not finalized, however, and a visit still may or may not happen. As we have reported previously, the Browns have cast a rather wide net with front seven players since they have a number of players ranked close to each other.

Rex Hadnot, OL

To the best of our knowledge, the Dolphins lineman is still slated to visit with the Browns. We will be seeking to get more information on this during the day.  

Kindal Moorehead, DL

Moorehead is an interesting option to give the Browns depth on the defensive line, and he would have to shift from DT outside in the Browns scheme. As of this point, however, we aren't aware of any contact between Moorehead and the Browns.

Drew Carter, WR

Carter was slated to visit the Cleveland Browns, however we believe that the signing of Donte Stallworth reduces his value to the Browns significantly. We have not heard of the trip being canceled, but it wouldn't surprise us, either.


Brady Quinn, QB

An example on how web rumors start can be found in this morning's St. Paul Pioneer Press: "The Cleveland Browns have quarterback Derek Anderson signed to start but have no picks in the first three rounds of April's NFL draft. That has to make Browns backup QB Brady Quinn, above, an intriguing possibility for the Vikings, who might be able to get Quinn by trading their first-round pick (No. 17 overall)."

At this point, there is nothing to suggest that the report in the Pioneer Press is anything more than conjecture. There is no evidence that the Browns and Vikings are talking about Quinn. In fact, helped put the kibosh on rumors about Anderson and the Vikings on Friday, and a Vikings pursuit of Quinn seems even more unlikely. According to Vikings Update analyst Tim Yotter, Quinn doesn't fit the type of quarterback the Vikings have been interested in landing:  "I think it's much more likely they trade for a quarterback with a little more experience who they feel could be a solid backup to Jackson. There are indications they have been working on a deal for Sage Rosenfels, and they were linked to guys like Cleo Lemon and Josh McCown, so I think that's the level of guy they are looking for, not someone who would cost more and hasn't proven a thing yet."

Lito Sheppard, CB

A short blurb about the Browns potential interest in Sheppard was published yesterday by sporadically-connected-to-reality website The Browns were mentioned among five other teams. We have seen nothing substantive to indicate talks between the Browns and Eagles for Sheppard, although adding a veteran cornerback into the mix to compete with Daven Holly, Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald would make some sense. The Eagles would expect a first-day draft pick in return for Sheppard, and the Browns have none to offer in the 2008 draft. Any talk would have to center around existing players and future year draft picks, which we believe makes a deal less likely.


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