Browns & Steelers Chat Transcript

And now... the most heavily edited chat transcript in the history of Bernie's Insiders! Last Wednesday's joint Steelers-Browns chat was everything you would expect. Information, insults, more information, insults, smak, banter, insults, and information. What do you expect when you throw Browns and Steelers fans into a chat room and tempt fate by keeping the moderation off? If you missed the chat, you missed out on the smak, because otherwise this would be a 10-part article. Here you go....

DaleLolley Really guys, we gonna throw insults around for an hour or are we gonna talk football.
SteelCity Hi Dale
DaleLolley As much as I love insults
Edwardson Is Maddox still hurt?
DaleLolley Maddox is fine. He's not even on the injury list.
wefjr What is the Browns' injury status. I read Fuller is OUT
ArtBtz Correct
Edwardson fuller and griffith are out
ArtBtz Browns fans are always fashionably late to chats
wefjr Is Anthony Henry a capable starter?
DaleLolley No
SteelCity No
Edwardson Yes
* ArtBtz (Plays Sound: steelers.wav) I better play this one to get it out of the way.
* DaleLolley (Plays Sound: biteme.wav) How about this
tbickle I don't get know how these chats work. Is the Browns defensive line up to the task?
DavidCarducci Hello. Hi Lane. I'm OK, you?
DaleLolley We've got more cops here than they have in the Dawg Pound.
Lane Not bad, hanging in there
SteelCity Yes we do
Ramllov Lane/Dave, fuller ready for NOv. 17th?
Lane Extremely questionable, Ram
CP Griffith?
DavidCarducci I think it's the hope, but it's still a bit in doubt. I tried to talk to Griffith today, and he would only say he's healing
Edwardson RG is not playing this Sunday
DavidCarducci No Griffith, No fuller, No Taylor. Boyer is questionable.
Ramllov New Orleans and Atlanta look like the top teams to beat on our schedyke after the Pittsburgh game
Lane This should be a very interesting game, Sunday
DaleLolley New Orleans is a very good club. That offense is outstanding
DavidCarducci Deuce has been outstanding. All those questions before the draft about his running too upright seem to have gone out the window
Lane The confidence level appears to be vastly improved
Lane Deuce helped himself with about 12 LBS of added steel to his frame as well
Lane What is the feel around the team about Tommy Gun?
DaleLolley They love him
DaleLolley He's a helluva nice guy
DaleLolley He's the real deal.
wefjr What will the Steelers do if both Zereoue and Haynes get injured?
DaleLolley Hines Ward
ArtBtz Hines Ward is the third running back? Did I read that right?
DaleLolley Yeah. Ward would be the guy. They wouldn't run much, though
SteelCity Hines Ward was a QB, RB and WR in Georgia
DaleLolley Ward split carries with Terrell Davis one year in college
Ramllov Lane/Dave what happened in the second half to the secondary, suddenly they got tough
Lane They played more man to man in the second half, they pressed more.
DavidCarducci Ram, I think a lot of that had to do with the play of the front seven. They did some things with twists and a few other games up front to get some pressure on the quarterback. They also brought the corners up, played more bump and run and more man. The linebackers did a very nice job of dropping back on occasion and helping. Holmes had a very nice play in coverage, as did Bentley
SteelCity The last meeting between teams, neither team played well........ what has the Browns done to get better ?
wefjr Is Haynes getting plenty of snaps in practice? I'd like to see him run the ball.
Ramllov Sanders finally arrive as a good CB?
Lane I believe is is much too early to say Sanders has arrived.
DaleLolley Haynes gets his share
JoeBrownlee The linebackers showed up for the 2nd half, took a lot of pressure off the secondary
DPG I think using our TE 5-7 yards in the middle of field will be a nice option vs Pittspuke ala NYJ
Lane Bentley will see much more time down the stretch.......
ArtBtz Dale, do you think it will make a difference that the Browns will be the first team that sees Maddox for the second time? They won't be taken by surprise.
DaleLolley Nobody else has been able to handle him.
DaleLolley I don't see the Browns with their banged up secondary being able to, either. This game is going to be a track meet as long as the weather is good.
Ramllov Is Little showing enough at safety to replace Bush when Griffith comes back?
DavidCarducci I've always liked Little, Ram. He has a good nose for the ball. He may not be the hitter that the Browns believe Bush is, but he is always around the ball.
Lane and Little does not blow nearly the number of assignments that Bush does
DavidCarducci Sanders and Henry still both need some development. Henry has regressed a bit, in part becauwse there have been such high expectations. Sanders is still struggling a bit, in my opinion, possibly because he's missed so much time
ArtBtz What's the major difference in Maddox now and when he was drummed out of the NFL before?
Ramllov Maturity
DaleLolley Tommy has been making good reads and as they said, he gets it out very fast
SteelSterling He gets rid of the ball much faster
SteelCity David, is Courney Brown now off the media hit list ?
DavidCarducci SteelCity, I don't know if he was really on the media's hit list, necessarily. We actually like the guy and want him to succeed. He is genuinely a very nice guy. Unfortunately, he just hasn't been very productive, and I think a lot of that has to do more with scheme and position rather than Courtney. Yes, I'd like to see Courtney play with a bit more fire, but he has been productive when he's been on the left side.
DaleLolley Brown does have four sacks in four games against the Steelers. That's like, what, half his career total?
tbickle I am still interested: Is the Browns defensive line and all their high picks up to the task? Do the Browns coaches think enough of them that they can sit back in cover two?
DavidCarducci tbickle, I think the coaches think too much of the line, and try too often to just rely on the front four to generate its own pass rush. They need to supplement it with more blitz packages, and they need to do a few more things up front, stunts, blitzes, etc., to try to create more pressure.
ArtBtz Another Arena ball QB who had to play at a faster tempo?
DaleLolley That's what it looks like. Of course you have to have a little talent too.
SteelCity Lane, who is the RB in Cleveland...why is Green having problems ? White is very good, but is a FA at the end of teh season right ?
Lane The problems in the running game start up front. The Browns have not made a serious and conserted effort to establish an offensive line.
DaleLolley They have no offensive line, Lane. It's pretty bad.
Lane White due to versatility, experience, and running style gets the call, but Green has to get some carries for experience and confidence reasons.
DaleLolley That's Green's problem right now from what I've heard here. He has talent, no confidence.
KJ I know it won't happen this week, but any rumblings of starting Zukaukas full-time after the bye?
DavidCarducci KJ, they seem to want to give O'Hara every opportunity to grow into the position. I think O'Hara can be a valuable guy with his versatility, but I still don't feel comfortable with him as the starting right guard.
Ramllov Next year the Browns will have solid backup players on the offensive line, they need to find two more starters, with Fowler being the starting center
Lane I wouldn't be too far out of whack by saying that the interior of the Browns offensive line could all be left out in the cold.
DaleLolley It's tough to play cover 2 against the Steelers because they'll run the ball up you arse
BryanK Dale, can they do that with Amos?
DaleLolley They'll use Amos, Haynes and mix in four or five WR runs. It's enough to hurt you
tbickle You have to sit back in cover two with Tommy and be patient; you'll get yours. Can the Browns stomach that? Will they let them dink and dunk and run for a while?
DavidCarducci I'm not sure tbickle. The Browns are not a good cover 2 team. Even with Zereoue, you might see the Browns try the same five-man front that was somewhat successful back in September
tbickle Yeah, but you may not fall behind. I mean, the interceptions come when they come, but they will come.
ArtBtz Dale, last time out the Steelers had to come from behind with Maddox leading the way. I get the sense the Steelers are playing better now. What about the Steelers is better than a month ago?
DaleLolley The Steelers are just playing so much more confidently. They were questioning themselves before. Maddox has been a spark.
Lane I don't believe the Browns can man-up against the Steelers, they will most likely mix and modify what worked in Sept
DaleLolley Plus, Mularkey can call an entirely different game with Maddox at QB
Lane Indications are that the Browns will be aggressive offensively this time around, expect more of what we have seen with the spread
DaleLolley The Steelers are expecting that
DavidCarducci Maddox has been a spark on offense, and in talking with several Browns players today, they see the return of Bell as the biggest factor in the Steelers return to form. They all talk about having to know where he is on the field
DaleLolley The return of Bell is huge. He's a hitter
Lane The Steelers are a threat in the passing game with Maddox, they are very confident from what I have seen. I believe that they are going to come out gunning
Ramllov McKinley talked about a five man line
Ramllov McKinley is a nice addition at DT
Ramllov Lane/Dave how much more weight can McKinley put on his 6 4 frame?
DavidCarducci Ram, he could probably put a bit more muscle on. McKinney's had an unfair rep in the league for being a bit fat and lazy. Lang talked about that today, about how McKinley has been working very hard. He already uses his size very well in the running game. He's getting lower, and he's using that leverage better
Ramllov How has Farrior done for you team?
ArtBtz Has Jason Gildon's play regressed a little this year?
DaleLolley Farrior has played very well. Gildon has been a phantom.
SteelCity Gildon has been is pass coverage most of the time, not on the line doing what he is best at...rushing teh QB
howldawg lane do you really believe butch will let them open up the offence and go gor it
Lane Lets just say, they will be much more aggressive
DaleLolley They expect the Browns to spread it out, but the Steelers are going to blitz him silly
ArtBtz Dale... really? Didn't they drop 8 into coverage last time?
Lane The Steelers are expected to disguise the look from the Sept meeting, they did drop back a lot,
Edwardson Did you see the MNF piece on Maddox? Marshmallow Man he is
DaleLolley Tommy has the body of a sportswriter
Edwardson How does an NFL QB have the body of a mailman?
SteelCity Who is teh backup to Couch ?
Lane Holcomb
SteelCity Holcomb is healthy enough to play ?
Lane Holcomb has the green light, he is a go
DavidCarducci Dale, I'm curious if you've noticed anything about a guy on the Steelers practice squad. James Harrison. He's a local boy from Kent State. I asked Cowher about him today, and he said they really like him. He can play both inside and outside linebacker. He's on the practice squad, but I'm wondering if you've watched him and if so, do you have any impressions?
tbickle John Shaft
DaleLolley Harrison is a hellva hitter. He really opened eyes in camp. But then when I was talking to some people in the organization, they said he didn't give a crap about anything. I started calling him Shaft as Bickle mentioned. I think he can play in the league. He's a little small, but he's put together.
DavidCarducci Really? I had never heard that rap on him. Thanks.
howldawg lane whos the starting recievers
Lane For?
howldawg cleveland
wefjr Harrison seems better suited for a 4-3
Ramllov Lane/Dave who will be the starting receiver for the Browns on week 16?
Lane Depends on 2 or 3 WR
ArtBtz I sense nice little swings out to Northcutt to help deal with the blitz... but what do I know?
Lane :-)
howldawg art up field or 1 yard flat passes
DaleLolley Steelers are playing their fourth road game in five weeks.
ArtBtz The Steelers had to go to OT to beat us at home.
Lane Dale, what do you expect to see Sunday?
DaleLolley I expect a lot of scoring. The Steelers are very loose this week, a lot like they were all of last season. I think they feel very confident about this. Pittsburgh wins 30-24.
DaleLolley I wouldn't be surprised, however, if the Browns won.
Ramllov Lane/Dave is there any player backing up on the offensive line that could step up and start before the end of the year?
Lane I offered my services, Ram
DavidCarducci Ram, they could turn to Zukauskas, but I don't really see any of the backups having a major impact this season. Zukauskas could be a decent player down the road, but he is still developing. THe hope has to be that this group will gel and start to find a way to fit into this system, which I still think is not a good fit for the personnel. It's a matter of surviving this year and hoping the Browns finally take developing an offensive line seriously ... the way the steelers have
tbickle Dale, how could the Browns win?
Lane I'm looking at a 27-24 type game, last team with the ball wins.........
DaleLolley The Browns could win if they're able to effectively spread the Steelers and throw it well and Couch doesn't make many mistakes. Baltimore threw the ball on them, but made mistakes.
DavidCarducci I agree, the only chance the Browns have is to spread the field, pass early and often, and hope that loosens things up for the running game, as it did a bit in the second half in New York.
Lane I have heard :-) that there is some concern about the Steelers vertical game against them. If they cannot generate a rush, they won't have many options or be picked apart
DaleLolley I agree Lane. And the Browns are banged up in the secondary. That's why I think the Steelers win.
ArtBtz Lane / Dave... any chance that we're going to see more blitzing and aggressive defense by the Browns this week?
DavidCarducci AB, I would say I hope they would take some more chances on defense, play more aggressive, gamble more, but whenever I say that, the gameplan is a disappointment
SteelerFanInMD David and Lane, what is your take on the fans booing an injured Couch? Is Cleveland ready to give up on Couch like Pittsburgh is ready to give up on Kordell? Does Butch feel the same way?
Lane Booing an injured player is a disgrace............The fans haven't given up on Couch, he does need to handle some issues a bit better, I believe that he has learned. Davis loves Couch, no worries there
Edwardson DAve, go read the thread in the Cooler on the O-line, where one guy compares the draft picks (average draft position) of some of the better lines around the league
DavidCarducci Edwardson, I will. I've brought up the same thing in several stories. It's a problem with this team. THey've made choices, and in some areas they have built some strong units - DL, WR - but they have ignored the line. The Steelers always take building their line seriously, and they have always been the better for it.
wefjr Will the Steelers go back to more two TEs?
DaleLolley They'll use it some. But they have to keep Randle El on the field
Lane Yes and the TE could play an important role Sunday
SteelerFanInMD Dale, how has Maddox looked this week, given his injury?
DaleLolley He looked really sharp in practice today
DavidCarducci Dale, must be nice, being given the opportunity to watch practice ... ah, I remember those good old days, when the team I covered didn't feel the need to play cloak and dagger all the time
DaleLolley Yeah David. I can't imagine having to cover a team and not seeing them practice.
ArtBtz Dale, the Browns covered punts poorly last week, but other than that have made siginficant strides in the return game. Is there any sense that either team has a special teams advantage?
DaleLolley The Steelers special teams have played well the past few weeks
DavidCarducci Dale, that is a big advantage for the Steelers, considering I've always considered the Steelers special teams a major weakness, at least since Bobby April left
Ramllov Lane, What about Sanders, Darrell, how long until he starts to play?
Lane I believe that Sanders contributes before the season ends in some capacity.
dirt ST advantage Browns was a no-brainer just two weeks ago
DaleLolley Verron Haynes has had some big special teams plays the past couple of weeks.
CP Dave/Lane... why all the short kickoffs by Dawson lately? is the kick coverage team really that poor? (sorry if this was asked/answered earlier)
DavidCarducci CP, I think a lot of the short kickoffs in New York had to do with the field. I walked around on the field after the game and was amazed at how bad it was. Far worse than Heinz Field was on Sept. 29
SteelerFanInMD Dale, do you think Cowher has given any thought of using Kordell this week as a RB or is he worried about injuring the backup QB?
newdawg will steward play rb?
DaleLolley If Cowher is going to use Stewart as a RB, he isn't showing it.
Ramllov Lane/Dave have the Browns finally decided to use their TEs are pass receivers?
Lane Thought they are pleased with what Campbell and Heiden have provided in the receiving game. The Browns TE's that have been active are not the blocking type that Sanders can be
dirt Mays and Chidi have taken charge of the coverage
dirt Chidi was a great late pickup
DavidCarducci By the way, I watched the film of the Steelers-Ravens game today, and I was very impressed with Okobi.
BryanK I see Okobe got hurt at practice today; how bad is he hurt?
DaleLolley Okobi will be listed as probable with a hip pointer
SteelerFanInMD David and Lane, what are thoughts on Holmes? Was he worth the pickup or was he better off staying in Pittsburgh?
Ramllov Holmes is twice the player Ranier was
DaleLolley Ranier was a stiff. Still is
Lane Holmes has been OK, this team had a huge void in the middle, but Holmes does not look like a long term answer
DavidCarducci SteelersFanInMD, I think there is little doubt that Holmes has been an improvement over Rainer, but I don't think the Browns see him as the long term answer. He's played well at times. Better than I thought. I remember watching him against the Bengals last year, and being amazed at how hard a time he had getting off blocks.
DavidCarducci He's done a better job than I thought
SteelCity Okobi is my guy, and feel he could be a starter for many teams
DaleLolley He graded very well, Joe
SteelerFanInMD Anybody here think the Steelers lose Burress this week due to a suspension?
DaleLolley No suspension
Lane Don't think so
ArtBtz Burress doesn't have the best rep in the league offices I expect
DavidCarducci Burress might not have a great rep, but to suspend him in my opinion would be out of line. If someone did somehthing like that to me, I probably would have responded in the same way. It was very dirty
SteelCity Browns and Steelers both have 1 thing in common. Ravens suck and have dirty players
DaleLolley It doesn't appear that Trapp will even get a suspension
SteelerFanInMD Why not Dale? The stomp on the face was not enough for a suspension.
DaleLolley I'm just going by what the guy I talked to at the league office said. I would have freaking tore Trapp's head off.
BryanK Whats the deal with Oliver Ross? Browns tried to sign him, but he re-signed with Pgh. Is he playing much?
DaleLolley Ross isn't playing at all now. The Steelers figured out he's not a guard
dirt Ross is a decent backup tackle
DaleLolley The Steelers like Ross at LT.
DavidCarducci Howldawg, FUller will not play this week. The week off will help, but I've heard some speculation that it may be a while longer before Fuller is ready to come back.
Lane Hearing up to four more weeks on Fuller.....
SteelerFanInMD David and Lane, could you let us know if Burress is having one of his famous parties this week in Cleveland. :)
Edwardson You didn't get an invite?
DavidCarducci SteelerFanInMD, I guess he can have any party he wants. Just as long as Gerard Warren does not attend. O.J. Santiago can go have a great time, though
DaleLolley Plax's party-boy image is overblown
tbickle Burress can't tear anyone's head off; he lost the fight.
DaleLolley We know how you feel about Plax, Travis
steelers4me Burress cant but flowers can and would..
Edwardson Cowher sticks up for his guys
DaleLolley AP had a nice photo of Trapp's feet on Burress' facemask
wefjr Flowers can become an enforcer for the Pens next year.
SteelSterling Burress is yappin all the time and is building a rep with all the officials
Ramllov Steeler fans are the safeties the weakness on your defense?
DaleLolley Yep
SteelCity Yes
Edwardson same with Cleveland
SteelCity We have the slowest safetys in the league, both can not cover
SteelCity but are good vs the run
Ramllov How many good corners to the Steelers have?
BryanK Are they vulnerable to the TE's over the middle?
DavidCarducci THat's something I've never understood about the Steelers, going back to Darren Perry. Traditionally they are slow and have very poor ball skills. They are like additional linebackers. It puts far too much pressure on the corners
wefjr Did you see Flowers trying to cover Todd Heap during the 2 point conversion? Sick!
DaleLolley The Steelers are vulnerable over the middle
DaleLolley Washington is better than Scott. He's more consistent
CP Dale or David... what do you think of the matchups of Northcutt and Andre Davis vs the Steelers' #3 and #4 corners when we spread the field?
DavidCarducci CP, I think the Browns like the matchup of Northcutt and Davis against any 3 and 4 corner, Steelers included. Of course, I think the Steelers have to love the same thing with Randel El and Mathis
Ramllov who are the third and fourth corners?
DaleLolley Deshea Townsend, Hank Poteat
DaleLolley They'll throw Mike Logan out there too
SteelCity Deshea has become a very good DB, and Poteat is finally catching on, and has some speed
DaleLolley The Steelers rely on pressure up front to force the QB into mistakes
DavidCarducci I was not impressed with Townsend early in the year. Had a tough first couple of games, but from what I've watched, he has come on a bit.
DaleLolley They moved him back inside in the dime. He was playing outside the first couple of games
dirt Dale, what is up with Chidi Iwuouma? Injury?
DaleLolley Minor. He's probable even though he didn't practice today
Edwardson You guys have some effed up names on your team
DaleLolley And you don't even have to type them all the time
Edwardson Iwuouma?
ArtBtz Fuamala-Matafalownsappy
Edwardson FataMufallalalala
DavidCarducci I'm sure Myron has fun with the names, though
DaleLolley It's fun listening to the coach mispronounce them, though.
wefjr El Yeah!
DaleLolley Cowher's a verbal butcher.
DavidCarducci Dale, we've had the same problems in Cleveland. Oban Roman was the starter at left tackle for the last few years.
SteelCity Myron has a hard time saying his own name :)
SteelerFanInMD How come we have 2 Browns insiders and only 1 Steelers insider? Is it because it only takes one Steeler to defend a Brown or is Wexell being lazy? :)
SteelCity Wexell is lazy
steelers4me haha
DaleLolley You only need one of me:)
SteelCity NO, just kidding
DavidCarducci Never got it right
DavidCarducci Davis or Palmer
SteelCity Wexell was busy for Wednesday Night
howldawg steller in md only half of you can read
ArtBtz Zing!
KJ And you're only HALF the team WE are
SteelCity Plus it takes two Brown reporters to think of one sentance :)
DaleLolley Ouch
Edwardson twice as many computers in Ohio than in the Appalachians
DavidCarducci Actually SteelCity, I can't even spell sentance ... sentence ... centance
ArtBtz OK, this chat will officially end in three minutes.
DavidCarducci That's universal in reporting, though
CP did someone just say... THREE MINUTES??
ArtBtz Since things are degenerating rapidly anyway.
ArtBtz For our Steeler fans, that means ""getting bad"".
SteelCity David and Dale, can you both say what you think of the other team ? What players you feel are teh ones to watch for the other team and such ?
DavidCarducci SteelCity, I'm very impressed with the Steelers. Always have been. I like their committment to the run. I like the fact that they would rather live by the blitz and die by the blitz rather than crawl into a shell. I think they are a very well coached team. I think the Browns are by far most concerned with the linebacking corps. I talked to at least 10 players today who pointed to Bell as a dominant force. They are very worried [msg continues in 20 se
DavidCarducci about what he can do. I think with the Browns depleted secondary, there has to be a worry over here that the Steelers will have an easy time throwing the ball when they go four wide. There is so much talent in that receiving corps, that the Browns could have a tough time much in the way they did towards the end of the game in September [msg complete]
DaleLolley Couch. If he plays well and doesn't soil his pants, it will be a tight game
ArtBtz Now that the chat is officially ended, I would like to say thanks to STEELERS SUCK everyone for attending.
JoeBrownlee see y'all
steelers4me haha Art
Edwardson well, I gotta go take a dump. Where's that terrible towel?
ArtBtz It was real interesting from my STEELERS SUCK perspective
SteelerFanInMD I had the last 2 years, not this season.
Ramllov Dave can Couch be the difference on Sunday?
DavidCarducci Ram, he certainly can be the difference. He is getting into a rythm. He is much healthier than he was. I also like the way last week seems to have improved his demeanor. You could see that his struggles were wearing on him, and that concerned me. But this week, he's been back to his old self.
Edwardson later boys
Edwardson and men
KJ agreed
steelers4me thank you David
DavidCarducci Sure thing.
SteelCity David, thank you.That was great
SteelerFanInMD There is a lot of respect there, David. Thanks.
DavidCarducci Certainly. YOu all have a great night
KJ Now GO AWAY Pukes!!!

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