Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam offers his perspectives on Phil Savage's big trades. At the same time, Adam gives his view from the national perspective on one worrisome contract and a key part of the Browns' future that he isn't quite sold on yet...

<ramllov> Adam, could Chaun Thompson be a good OLB, if they left him there and found out?
Adam Caplan RAM: SEA wants him to play SLB

<clebrowns80> Adam, in your personal opinion, do you think the QB issue will get ugly at some point this season?
Adam Caplan CLE: No, it's all about Quinn's agent wanting him
Adam Caplan out as I said months ago
Adam Caplan I believe it will happen before 08' is out
Adam Caplan if DA is healthy and playing well

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's the impression ur getting on where Shaun Rogers will play, I keep hearing both end and nose, I think nose would make the most sense whats ur thoughts
Adam Caplan CD: He's a NT
Adam Caplan in that scheme
Adam Caplan depends on which Rogers you're getting
Adam Caplan that's the problem

<calkins14> Do we pick up another RB or will we roll with Wright and Harrison?. Neither can go full time if Lewis goes down.
Adam Caplan CAL: They like Wright as their #2 RB

<iconoclast88> Adam . . . if Quinn's agent tries to force the trade . . . which way do you see Phil going?
Adam Caplan IC: Depends how bad it gets

<clebrowns80> Adam, if Quinn outplays DA in training camp do you believe DA will have a short leash?
Adam Caplan CLE: It would have to be DA is really bad and Quinn is really hgood
Adam Caplan good

<bds2222> Adam do you se them being a little more lenient with Rogers about his weight?
Adam Caplan BD: They better not be
Adam Caplan I would bet they have a weight clause in his new deal
Adam Caplan if they don't, the front office should be fired

<ramllov> Adam, Do you see Phil Savage going for the whole deal this year?
Adam Caplan RAM: No but I'm impressed with his aggressiveness
Adam Caplan but the Rogers extension is a worry
Adam Caplan based on his history they should have stopped last weekend

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what are ur thoughts on adding Frank Okam to the d-line through the draft
Adam Caplan CD: We're doing free agency
Adam Caplan not draft stuff
Adam Caplan wait for a few weeks

<ramllov> Adam, do you feel Phil Savage is a real General Manager now?
Adam Caplan RAM: You would have to define that

<ramllov> Well, he was a super scout when he was appointed GM
<ramllov> has he grown into a good GM now?
Adam Caplan RAM: There are issues that still persist
Adam Caplan like giving Rogers a new deal
Adam Caplan makes no sense
Adam Caplan that's why he needs a football person to report to
Adam Caplan problem is in his contract he reports to the president I'm told, guess what, there is none

<grinch> Shaun Smith was videod saying McDonald is going to be better at CB than Wright -- thoughts ?
Adam Caplan GR: McDonald is a player
Adam Caplan great pick

<TheNNIE> 5,0K2 or BE extension in the works?
Adam Caplan THE: They will get one done in 08
Adam Caplan later on

<grinch> Does the new Rogers deal actually reduce his ca # ?
Adam Caplan GR: Cap number is better for 08 for him I believe
Adam Caplan but paying him $20 large
Adam Caplan can't be explained

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you believe if savage ends up picking the wrong qb it could be the end of him in cleveland?
Adam Caplan CLE: No
Adam Caplan you have to judge the entire body of work

<grinch> But at least reducing the cap # gives some reason for the deal ??
Adam Caplan GR: That makes no sense
Adam Caplan you look at the entire contract
Adam Caplan you don't give a guy like Rogers that type of deal
Adam Caplan but the owner has no idea what's going on
Adam Caplan so that's why he got it
Adam Caplan sorry, but as much as I like the job Savage has done
Adam Caplan he has some limitations
Adam Caplan same as I pointed out two years ago
Adam Caplan lets move on

<TheNNIE> Adam, plenty of contracts are signed with voidable years...
Adam Caplan THE: you're not understanding, $20 mill guaranteed
Adam Caplan that's the issue

<ramllov> Adam, do you think he should have signed LaBoy, LB?
Adam Caplan RAM: No, concussion issues
Adam Caplan at least 6 I was told
Adam Caplan sure they could have used him
Adam Caplan the problem is he wanted a larger role
Adam Caplan problem is he wasn't going to start
Adam Caplan he wanted to be at least a two down player
Adam Caplan and get paid for it
Adam Caplan wasn't happening

<bds2222> Adam how warranted is my man crush on Williams?
Adam Caplan BD: Corey?
Adam Caplan if he comes to play every week, he'll be really good

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any news on backup o-line?
Adam Caplan BR: They will sign at least one veteran before the draft

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who's got a better shot at an extension, Braylon or Kellen?? who do u think is most likely to get one first, hopefully Braylon
Adam Caplan CD: Would be hard to quantify

<bds2222> Chances he won't come to play?
Adam Caplan BD: Your guess is as good as mine

<clebrowns80> Adam, have you had a chance to see the DA contract to see how it is structured, do you think he is being overpaid??
Adam Caplan CLE: I looked at Quinn's today
Adam Caplan I would say I would be shocked if his agent didn't ask for him to be traded before the year is over

<JANKO> AC, what do you think a GM from another team would have to offer for either DA or BQ?
Adam Caplan JANK: Quinn doesn't have a lot of value
Adam Caplan I asked around the league at the combine
Adam Caplan he's not well liked by a lot of teams
Adam Caplan Not too surprised
Adam Caplan plus he didn't play a lot last year

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, with the three year contract, does the front office think Quinn is the future?
Adam Caplan BR: After what they saw from Anderson, they were willing to work with his flaws
Adam Caplan mechanical

<bds2222> Adam how clued in were you guys onto these deals prior to FA?
Adam Caplan BD: Keep in mind I cover 32 teams
Adam Caplan not just one
Adam Caplan but I knew about half of them
Adam Caplan problem is it's hard to get them confirmed by two sources
Adam Caplan if I don't get two, I don't report it

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's your thoughts on Landon Johnson coming to the Browns, heard Shaun Smith say he said something to RAC about it during an interview
Adam Caplan CD: Johnson is a good player but is too light

<Richard0915> Jayson Taylor? Where will he be putting his cleats on for half the year?
Adam Caplan RI: I don't believe Parcells
Adam Caplan Taylor will be traded
Adam Caplan I'd bet the house
Adam Caplan he was pissed the word got out

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any news on Roosevelt Colvin
Adam Caplan CD: As we've said, he's out for a while

<DawgHowl> why would we sign DA to a 3 year deal if we felt that there was a possibility the Quinn would want traded?
Adam Caplan DAW: Teams don't operate that way
Adam Caplan makes no sense

<jdawg26> Adam, would the Browns have interest in Jason Taylor ?
Adam Caplan JD: They can't get him
Adam Caplan cash on hand and no picks

<ramllov> Adam, What do you think about Haggans for three years at the OLB?
Adam Caplan RAM: Try one
Adam Caplan and go from there

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, we running out of cap space?
Adam Caplan BR: They can sign a mid level FA

<cdunfee1289> Adam, ESPN's John Clayton said the Browns may be interested in trading for Fabian Washington what are your thoughts???
Adam Caplan CD: He can run like the wind
Adam Caplan but is a nickel CB

<bds2222> Adam when I am in section 327 at the Steelers game this year am I gonna finally root home a winner?
Adam Caplan BD: sure

<TheNNIE> Any other CB worthwhile out there?
Adam Caplan THE: Look for my best available defensive players tomorrow

<saleaaway> Adam do you really think it will be Quinn gone and not Anderson would hate that
Adam Caplan SAL: Quinn's contract is heavily incentive based
Adam Caplan his agent had to do that
Adam Caplan to make up for him dropping in draft

<ramllov> Adam, Do you have the same schedule on Sirius this weekend?
Adam Caplan RAM: Off this weekend
Adam Caplan I will be away
Adam Caplan charity event
Adam Caplan in CONN

<cdunfee1289> Adam, could Jevon Kearse convert to a 3-4 outside linebacker and maybe garner interest from the Browns if he can??
Adam Caplan CD: No
Adam Caplan move on
Adam Caplan fantasy football time I can see

<TheNNIE> Will Condon be bitter about Quinn and the DA situation when we negotiate BE's contract?
Adam Caplan THE: One doesn't have to do with the other

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, does the front office consider Quinn a mistake?
Adam Caplan BR: No
Adam Caplan He was a good value
Adam Caplan where they got him
Adam Caplan his agent made some mistakes
Adam Caplan hold out
Adam Caplan and not having him throw at the combine

<Flint> adam do you think people put to much hype into this Quinn and Anderson issue and should trust the browns front office to make the right decision? do you trust phil savage?
Adam Caplan FL: You would have to define trust

<TheNNIE> Is Baxter done?
Adam Caplan THE: They aren't going to bring him back at this point

<BoobieGibson> do you think we are the favorites in the North now?
Adam Caplan BO: I said they were on Sirius
Adam Caplan last weekend

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do u think the Browns overpaid for Stallworth, I've seen were many people believe did
Adam Caplan CD: YEs
Adam Caplan he's a good short-term answer
Adam Caplan 2 years
Adam Caplan is all they'll get out of him

<saleaaway> Adam do you really believe Quinn would be gone before Anderson
Adam Caplan SALE: We'll see
Adam Caplan but they want both
Adam Caplan back
Adam Caplan trust me on that

<TheNNIE> 5,0Could Steptoe be an able underneath guy?
Adam Caplan THE: Uh no

<Flint> do you like Phil as a talent evaluator?
Adam Caplan FL: For the most part yes
Adam Caplan Rogers I will say this, he was a beast at times earlier in his career
Adam Caplan really stood out on tape
Adam Caplan but last few seasons, yikes

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, why do free agents hate the Bengals?
Adam Caplan BR: Ownership

<cdunfee1289> Adam, are you sold on Matt Ryan, where would you compare him to Quinn and Russell from last year
Adam Caplan Cd: You would have to define sold
Adam Caplan he's clearly a better prospect than Quinn if that's what you're asking

<cdunfee1289> Adam, why does everyone bash Quinn around the league
Adam Caplan CD: Because scouts see the same coaches tape
Adam Caplan the Quinn backers almost never talk about tape
Adam Caplan because they can't
Adam Caplan they will talk about all of the intangible
Adam Caplan BS
Adam Caplan As Solomon Wilcots said well, he defies anyone to watch tape with him and say Quinn was a good QB
Adam Caplan from his Senior year
Adam Caplan But I know as a junior he was really coming on

<cdunfee1289> Adam, I don't see Ryan as being a better prospect than Quinn, he's thrown way too many picks
Adam Caplan CD: Ryan has a better arm, better field awareness
Adam Caplan the INTs are a concern

<brownsfan1> oh ok Solomon Wilcots knows all about QB potential...that's ridiculous
Adam Caplan BR: Solie watches tape at NFL films and for CBS
Adam Caplan he actually likes Quinn a lot
Adam Caplan but when you evaluate tape, you go by what you see
Adam Caplan not by what someone tells you

<TheNNIE> So Wilcox likes him what? Personally?
Adam Caplan THE: Very much so
Adam Caplan he spent time with him in Berea

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is it Williams and DQ starting this year?
Adam Caplan BR: AS I said before, ask me in a few months
Adam Caplan we're in March

<bds2222> Adam...How much do you see Shaun Smith and his attitude being a good fit wit for helping rogers out in the motivation department?
Adam Caplan BD: Not really a factor
Adam Caplan what's important is that Rogers comes to play

<grinch> If Solomon doesn't like what he sees on tape what DOES he like about Quinn ??
Adam Caplan GR: As a person
Adam Caplan which shows you that he's not biased
Adam Caplan you can't be when you evaluate
Adam Caplan players

<bds2222> What about McGinest
Adam Caplan BD: He'll be back

<cdunfee1289> Adam, then how do people feel so strong about D.A. on tape, he displays inconsistent inaccuracy and throws into triple coverage a lot
Adam Caplan CD: Late season fold was a concern
Adam Caplan no doubt

<Richard0915> Is D'qwell gonna have upwards or 140 tackles this year with this line?
Adam Caplan RI: the ILBs will be better because they'll get through the wash better
Adam Caplan DLS will keep them cleaner
Adam Caplan so to speak

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is there any OLB out there in free agency worth brining in?
Adam Caplan BR: Not really
Adam Caplan but Blackstock is intriguing
Adam Caplan if he can play ILB
Adam Caplan they didn't use him well in ARI

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you see the QB issue becoming a distraction to the team this year?
Adam Caplan CLE: No

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do u believe D'Qwell Jackson is one answer at MLB
Adam Caplan CD: you mean ILB, could be
Adam Caplan if DLS do their job

<TheNNIE> How does DQ compare after two years with Ray Lewis after two years
Adam Caplan THE: You can't compare
Adam Caplan make no sense

<Richard0915> Will Crenell lose any weight this year or just keep rolling along?
Adam Caplan RI: Ha
Adam Caplan michellin man in that jacket
Adam Caplan Gortex coat
Adam Caplan like George Costanza

<calkins14> DO you see Brady Quinn as the backup of the future?
Adam Caplan CAL: For two years maybe

<bds2222> How did you like the deal for Big Ben Adam? Any chance this is frachise dooming for the steelers(god I hope it is)
Adam Caplan BD: They had to do it
Adam Caplan sooner or later

Adam Caplan I'll go 5 more mins

<Cerberus> Sweet...5 more minutes of fan panic about your Quinn comments
Adam Caplan CD: LOL, you know me, I won't tell you what you want or expect to hear
Adam Caplan but I do think Quinn has a chance to be good
Adam Caplan but he needs work
Adam Caplan a lot of it

<Flint> Adam where do you rate the AFC north from top to bottom as of now
Adam Caplan FL: CLE has to be favorites

<TheNNIE> How about word on league reaction to our trades?
Adam Caplan THE: I talked to a lot of people on Monday who really liked what they did
Adam Caplan other than Rogers extension

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how do u think the Bengals will do this year??
Adam Caplan CD: Bad again
Adam Caplan where we are now

<TheNNIE> Could Louis Leonard make a jump?
Adam Caplan THE: They aren't counting on him
Adam Caplan I'll put it that way

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you feel the way I do that Cincy will not improve as long as Mike Brown runs the show
Adam Caplan CD: they need a GM which they won't get

<ramllov> Adam do you see Ethan Kelley coming back to the Cleveland Browns?
Adam Caplan RAM: Not a priority now

<TheNNIE> What has happened to Carson?
<TheNNIE> Really regressed...
Adam Caplan THE: CJ wasn't as good and OL was really bad
Adam Caplan a shell of what it once was

<calkins14> Are the Browns the team to beat this coming year in the AFC North?
Adam Caplan CAL They look so

<Keith322> Adam, even with the great work Savage has done there's no way he goes without a pick the first day. Your thoughts on possibilities?
Adam Caplan KE: I'm a believer that you build in draft, supplement in free agency
Adam Caplan the moves could blow up down the road
Adam Caplan but the good thing is those are young players

<Brownsfan91171> Will Fitzgerald get traded?
Adam Caplan BR: I'm told they're 85% there

<BrownsFanMN13> Funny thing, last year everyone was saying how flawed DA was and we need a real answer at QB. Quinn came along and everyone thought he was the answer. Now after a good half a season, you think Quinn is junk and DA is the answer. Wouldn't you think DA or Quinn will look great on this offense?
Adam Caplan BR: I said a few times that behind that line Quinn could do well if he worked out a lot of his issues
Adam Caplan with footwork, release point
Adam Caplan etc

<BrownsFanMN13> I just never felt like DA was stable through the season. Too many ints and throws into double coverage way too much.
Adam Caplan BR: He's a gun slinger
Adam Caplan and you have to take the good with the bad with him
Adam Caplan him
Adam Caplan but hope he learns from it

<BrownsFanMN13> even triple coverage at times. I've seen too many guys wide open
Adam Caplan BR: Anderson also must see the field better

<nudawg> Then all that talk about having Weis develop Quinn was all BS.
Adam Caplan NU: The ND mystique is BS
Adam Caplan has nothing to do with football
Adam Caplan the fans generally buy into that
Adam Caplan oh well

<jciardullo3> Adam - anything we should watch for over the next few days in FA for the Browns?
Adam Caplan JC: Nothing big
Adam Caplan they still want a OLB and one more backup DE at some point

Adam Caplan all, I'm done, see you next week

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