Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam discusses the latest rumors about possible free agent acquisitions for the Browns, the contract status of the Browns skill players, trade rumors, and more...

<ramllov> Adam, what is your preference, Wilson or Spikes for the ILB for the Browns?
Adam Caplan RAM: Spikes probably
Adam Caplan if healthy
Adam Caplan he's in SF tonight according to the NFL Network
Adam Caplan but I know that the Browns, Patriots, Jaguars also have interest.
Adam Caplan We'll see what happens

<Coyvega> Is he healthy
Adam Caplan COY: Not sure where he is in his rehab
Adam Caplan Eagles confirmed for me he had surgery back in December

<ramllov> Adam, what ever happened to Joseph, DE/DT?
Adam Caplan RAM: Haven't heard
Adam Caplan I know the Browns want one more DL
Adam Caplan OLB, ILB, CB
Adam Caplan through the draft
Adam Caplan then they'll be set
Adam Caplan Good job by Savage to get the OL depth

<buzz30> what about Marques Douglas? for depth
Adam Caplan BUZZ: Good one there if he's willing to take a minimum type of deal
Adam Caplan he would be perfect

<ramllov> Adam, John Taylor mentioned Chrs Carter Oakland's CB, who is more of a special team player. Could he be coming to Cleveland again for a contract?
Adam Caplan RAM: As I noted in the blog last week
Adam Caplan he did have a visit
Adam Caplan basically dime CB, really good KR
Adam Caplan he wants a bigger role
Adam Caplan though

<tony4228> Do you see a chance Spikes actually goes to SF... or do you think he will pick one of the other 3 teams so he would have a chance to win?
Adam Caplan TON: Spikes wants to get a ring, that's what someone told me who knows him well
Adam Caplan so SF can't be the only team that steps up I would think but you never know
Adam Caplan they have the cash to sign him

<buzz30> Adam - any news on Clark Haggans?
Adam Caplan BUZZ: Nothing new there
Adam Caplan But again, I suspect the Browns will find a way to get a OLB through the draft

<Frye9> Adam, any thoughts on our cap space in 09 and beyond? We have spent a lot this off season.
Adam Caplan FRY: They'll be ok as long as they don't cut a lot of guys and take on a lot of dead money.

<ramllov> Adam, What type of money and years will it take to sign spikes, he looks like the missing piece at ILB.
Adam Caplan RAM: He'll want more than the veteran minimum
Adam Caplan and probably at least three years

<bds2222> Adam how bad has the situation between LCB and the Browns gotten in your view
Adam Caplan BD: Not sure what you mean but all they have said is he'll be brought to OTAs
Adam Caplan and they'll go from there
Adam Caplan My sense is he's still a long-shot to make the team
Adam Caplan I'm also told Fraley will start no matter what
Adam Caplan which tells me LCB will back up at Center or will compete at another position if he makes it

<ArizonaDawg> Adam, any idea what kind of contribution we can expect from Baxter?
Adam Caplan AR: If he makes the team, backup at safety

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you think the Larry Fitzgerald contract puts the Browns in a hard position with Braylon's new contract or will this be worked out easily
Adam Caplan CD: That's a good question because Boldin now wants a new deal, shocker
Adam Caplan CD: Edwards has Condon so you know how that can go

<Coyvega> And how does that effect K2
Adam Caplan COY: Different position and different situation
Adam Caplan Browns don't have to do anything
Adam Caplan really

<cdunfee1289> Adam, I heard Boldin said he wanted to wait and see what Fitzgerald got before he wanted to renegotiate his contract do u see the same with Winslow/Braylon
Adam Caplan CD: Edwards can make a case based on Fitzgerald
Adam Caplan but you can also say Fitzgerald is a more productive player

<Frye9> Adam, any rumblings/suspicions around the league of how long K2 will hold up w/ his knee?
Adam Caplan FRY: RAC said he's fine
Adam Caplan had a minor scope
Adam Caplan so that's good news

<bds2222> Adam do you think if it comes down to a Braylon vs. Kellen situation Savage will let K2 walk?
Adam Caplan BD: No, they'll get it resolved some way

<cdunfee1289> Do you think Braylon will be the highest paid receiver in the league when he signs his new deal???
Adam Caplan CD: No, he shouldn't be
Adam Caplan heck, they tried to deal him two years ago
Adam Caplan lets get real

<Coyvega> Adam - what are players doing this time of year? Are many in cle? Particularly what about the QBs
Adam Caplan COY: They'll start weight lifting etc soon
Adam Caplan at team facility
Adam Caplan "voluntary" of course

<bds2222> IF you had to make the call who would you keep Braylon or K2 Adam?
Adam Caplan BD: Both

<tony4228> but since Fitzgerald got 10 a year, then that is certainly what Braylon will look for
Adam Caplan TO: Fitzgerald is a better player

<BigDaytonDave> Adam, any Inside backers on the horizon?
<BigDaytonDave> names
Adam Caplan BIG: Already addressed Spikes
Adam Caplan and Wilson visited last night

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do think its smart for Matt Ryan to have Condon as his agent after the whole Brady Quinn thing last year, it doesn't seem too smart does it too you??
Adam Caplan CD: Difference is Ryan is easily a top-5 pick
Adam Caplan But I agree it was a bad move last year

<bds2222> Adam what will the Browns do with Sean Jones next year?
Adam Caplan BD: Not sure what you mean, he's coming back
Adam Caplan they have no choice

<buzz30> He'll be a fa
Adam Caplan BU: He's signed through 08 which is all that matters
Adam Caplan they'll see how he does then go from there
Adam Caplan they don't make plans 1 year in advance
Adam Caplan but I will say this, he must play a lot better
Adam Caplan of he won't be back
Adam Caplan so if that's where you're going with your question, there you go

<wsu99> do the browns have any interest in fa cb's?
Adam Caplan WS: There's nothing worth signing that's pressing
Adam Caplan I'm interested in seeing if any veteran CBs get cut before the draft though

<tony4228> Don't you think the safety problems the browns had last year was for the most part due to pool being out of position constantly
Adam Caplan TON: Yes, I addressed that in a few chats
Adam Caplan I checked into that
Adam Caplan recently, apparently they did a better job late in the season

<cdunfee1289> Adam, I keep hearing rumors about a trade that sends Lito Sheppard here and Andra Davis to Philadelphia with some other things involved have you heard anything like this???
Adam Caplan CD: Won't happen with Eagles
Adam Caplan with Sheppard
Adam Caplan Eagles want a pick for 2008
Adam Caplan and Browns don't have a first or second
Adam Caplan so unless Eagles back off of that, won't happen
Adam Caplan Eagles have no interest in Davis
Adam Caplan he wouldn't start
Adam Caplan anyway
Adam Caplan The three starters they have are better
Adam Caplan prospects

<Coyvega> I'm in Philly and it seems the Lito situation will get ugly
Adam Caplan COY: It's really not ugly and I cover the team, live close by
Adam Caplan they'll trade him
Adam Caplan not a big deal

<bds2222> Adam with the rumors of the DA bonus payment due in April, are you putting any stock into the chance the Browns trade DA in the draft.
Adam Caplan BD: No
Adam Caplan Browns want Anderson
Adam Caplan they don't want to take a step back after being 10-6
Adam Caplan last year
Adam Caplan But I do think Quinn would be an interesting player to watch if he had to play
Adam Caplan keep in mind he signed so late and was never able to catch up

<zoso197> Why are the Eagles so bent on trading Sheppard I think they would like to have three quality corner?
Adam Caplan ZO: He wants out
Adam Caplan and he can't stay healthy
Adam Caplan last three seasons he was hurt

<FanofBrwns> With Pittsburgh giving up 57 sacks this past season and compounded with the loss of A.F. will they get worse?
Adam Caplan FAN: That OL is a problem
Adam Caplan the guy who replaces Faneca hardly has played
Adam Caplan basically a backup

<boozer2> Will the browns consider signing both Spikes, OLB and Wilson ILB
Adam Caplan BO: They would like one ILB veteran and one OLB veteran

<cdunfee1289> any news on Chad Johnson, I heard a rumor on the radio here in Cincy about him and the Rams where they would swap first round picks and Chad for Torry
Adam Caplan CD: Forget it

<NapEsq> Adam-who loses out from a depth standpoint from the OL roster? Sowells, Tucker etc
Adam Caplan NAP: Sowells

<jb42776> Did Pitts offer Hadnot?
Adam Caplan JB: They had little interest
Adam Caplan in what he was asking for

<wsu99> any chance the browns can get a legit pass rusher before the season starts?
Adam Caplan WS: Yes, trade or signing
Adam Caplan they will see who gets cut

<ArizonaDawg> How close is Hadnot's contract to what he was looking for?
Adam Caplan AZ: He backed way off

<bds2222> Adam do you see a lockout coming in the 2011 season?
Adam Caplan BD: No
Adam Caplan because league knows they can't handle it
Adam Caplan they're way too successful

<Coyvega> What are the knocks on Hadnot - it seemed like teams who could have really used him with his experience just didnt want him
Adam Caplan COY: Marginal starter, very versatile
Adam Caplan decent player
Adam Caplan good signing for CLE
Adam Caplan exactly what they needed

<ramllov> Was he an upgrade over McKinney?
Adam Caplan RAM: Yes

<puyallupbrownsfandan> how much will Stallworth help Winslow?
Adam Caplan PU: To a point, sure
Adam Caplan IT will be hard to double Winslow and Edwards
Adam Caplan But Stallworth flames out after a while
Adam Caplan so don't think he will be very consistent
Adam Caplan NE benched him
Adam Caplan Philly and NO didn't want him back

<ArizonaDawg> Was anyone else willing to give Stallworth close to what he got with us?
Adam Caplan AR: No

<buzz30> Adam -any thoughts on post June 1st cuts or we'll see after the draft?
Adam Caplan BU: I don't look at June 1 stuff until after the draft, no reason to
Adam Caplan what I will look at are possible releases before draft

<ramllov> Adam, have the details of Stallworth's contract been made available to the press?
Adam Caplan RAM: He got $10 mill to sign

<cdunfee1289> Oakland would have given Stallworth more look at what they gave an injured Javon Walker
Adam Caplan CD: I doubt it

<bds2222> Adam Cory Williams said in his PC that he really wanted out of Green Bay do you have any idea why it was he wanted out so bad?
Adam Caplan BD: No idea
Adam Caplan not something that really matters
Adam Caplan he'll fit right in
Adam Caplan Berea

<puyallupbrownsfandan> who wins the Holly-Macdonald comp.?
Adam Caplan PUP: I would think McDonald will be given every chance to win it
Adam Caplan but that's a lot to put on him
Adam Caplan again, I think they will bring a veteran in

<buzz30> Adam- what are your thoughts on Pitts signing of Bigben, seems a little steep?
Adam Caplan BU: That's what the market bears
Adam Caplan for him

<ramllov> Adam, Are the Baltimore ravens going to be a mess this year?
Adam Caplan RAM: They'll be better if CBs are healthy
Adam Caplan But I'm told McNair is expected to be back
Adam Caplan surprisingly
Adam Caplan which is good for CLE
Adam Caplan My mom who is 78 moves better

<puyallupbrownsfandan> Kenny Wright is toast? hardly knew ya
Adam Caplan PU: He may make it as dime CB

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you think DeAngelo Williams will have a good year for the Panthers because I really liked him coming out of college and was wanting the Browns to draft him but I have not heard much of him since he went to Carolina
Adam Caplan CD: Scheme fits him
Adam Caplan zone
Adam Caplan but he needs to play more
Adam Caplan get more touches
Adam Caplan BTW, I'm picking Browns in two pre-season mags to win division

<buzz30> Adam- if they're bringing back McNair its seems almost certain they'll draft a QB?
Adam Caplan BU: I think BAL will take a QB in second round

<buzz30> FLACCO?
Adam Caplan BU: That was my prediction in January and so far it makes sense
Adam Caplan I spent time with him last weekend

<64superfan> Why hasn't anything been mentioned about Victor Hobson at LB for the Browns?
Adam Caplan 64: Hobson hasn't made a visit yet

<gelsingerj> Adam.....what was the reason the Rogers to Cincy trade did not happen?
Adam Caplan GE: Management council didn't allow it

<64superfan> Anybody else expressing interest in either Haggans or Hobson?
Adam Caplan 64: Nothing significant out there

<64superfan> How did Wilson's physical in Cleveland go today?
Adam Caplan 64: He was there last night
Adam Caplan and Dr. Robert Watkins who is the top neck/spine specialist gave DET his review and they agreed to it

<puyallupbrownsfandan> Does A Davis get cut if either Wilson or Spikes are signed?
Adam Caplan PU: No reason they need to do that

<cdunfee1289> Adam, are the Raiders still shopping Michael Huff??? and if so why are they shopping him
Adam Caplan CD: Because he's not very good
Adam Caplan As a league source told me, he's basically a backup
Adam Caplan who is being paid like a starter

<tony4228> Adam what is your opinion on Steve Slaton on how he will be in the pros?
Adam Caplan TO: Change of pace RB

<puyallupbrownsfandan> Good....Davis has been here through the bad times, i would love to see him here with a good team as well
Adam Caplan PU: They can't afford to let him go
Adam Caplan if they signed either Spikes or Wilson
Adam Caplan they have to have insurance
Adam Caplan CLE has no depth at ILB
Adam Caplan to begin with
Adam Caplan just from a practical standpoint
Adam Caplan they can't cut anyone
Adam Caplan there

<wsu99> did the browns over pay in the trade for Rodgers?
Adam Caplan WS: They overpaid if he plays like he doesn't care like he did last season
Adam Caplan if he plays motivated, he's a beast
Adam Caplan but with him you never know
Adam Caplan what you're getting
Adam Caplan but think about this, they have others who will be in the rotation
Adam Caplan it's not all on him
Adam Caplan which is good
Adam Caplan Rogers won't play even half the downs

<boozer2> Denver fans are most upset they have no interest in Wilson. why do you think Denver doesn't go for him?
Adam Caplan BO: They moved on

<ramllov> If Rogers cannot get excited about playing for a potential playoff team he may as well retire.
Adam Caplan RAM: Agreed
Adam Caplan I'll see if I can get him on with me on Sirius this weekend
Adam Caplan I'm on Friday 8-11 pm
Adam Caplan Saturday 6-9 pm
Adam Caplan ET

Adam Caplan Guys: That's all the time I have, see you next week

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