Browns Linebacker Shopping: The Very Latest

The free agent frenzy has died down, but the shopping continues. In the case of the Browns, they are continuing to look at upgrading at linebacker. Here's the up-to-the-minute scoop on Al Wilson, Kalimba Edwards, and Clark Haggans.

Free agent LB Al Wilson is a player of interest to the Cleveland Browns, but it appears the former Denver Broncos All-Pro is garnering the attention of other teams.

This evening the Orange and Brown Report spoke with the agent for Wilson, Peter Schaffer. Any perception the teams in the league have shied away from the linebacker could be dispelled, according to the agent.

"There is nothing really new to report. We are talking to numerous teams right now and we'll see where everything goes, " Schaffer said.

When asked specifically about the Cleveland interest, Schaffer noted, "Yes, as well as other teams."


Free agent defensive end Kalimba Edwards, almost a Cleveland Brown two-years ago has not been a player of interest to the Browns at this time.

Speculation in some league circles has been the Browns would display an interest due to need at the OLB position for depth purposes. With the recent visit by Al Wilson and presently meeting with Clark Haggans on Wednesday, the belief was Edwards would be a likely candidate for consideration.

Edwards agent, Jason Chayut tells the Orange and Brown Report, "We have not heard from the Browns. Nothing is happening, nothing at all."


Free agent outside linebacker Clark Haggans, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers has been visiting with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. Arguably the best fit as far as the personnel scheme, Haggans has drawn interest from the Browns, the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh.

A Browns team source tells the Orange and Brown Report tonight, the meeting with Haggans went well, from that perspective.

"Haggans was in today and everything went very well, probably as well as you could expect," the source said. "Players come and go, but it appears the team is of the belief he (Haggans) fits well into what they are attempting to accomplish."

The Orange and Brown Report has attempted to contact the representative for Clark Haggans and the Cleveland Browns for comment.

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