Haggans and Wilson: The Disconnect

Why haven't the Browns signed any of the available linebackers to strengthen their front seven?


It seems obvious that the Cleveland Browns are still seeking help at the linebacker positions, at least based on the visits of free agents to Berea. While numerous players have come and gone from the Browns training facility without contract offers, the team has continued to explore their options.

The latest visitor in Cleveland was linebacker Clark Haggans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Haggans, an experienced veteran in the 3-4 defense had a solid visit with the team on Wednesday, but was not offered a contract.

As with players who have previously waltzed through Cleveland, the Browns are looking at individuals based on their ability to to fit their system. In the case of Haggans and Al Wilson, Cleveland is in the market for a player(s) which can help improve the quality and depth at the position(s).

While the Browns organization has been had open discussion with the agents for both players, it's believe that the Browns are not offering substantial dollars or promises of significant playing time/opportunity to either player. The situation with LB Darryl Blackstock was similar, and he eventually chose to sign with a Bengals club that was promising significant playing time.

Both Haggans and Wilson could fill a void in the Cleveland defense, but have still have other options to explore.

Haggans is believed to rather stay with the Steelers, if he is unable to secure a significant role in Cleveland, while Wilson has been entertaining interest from more than a handful of teams in the past two weeks.

Cleveland has a need, but every indication is that the organization will fill the void under their terms, which may not map to what the players are looking for. Stay tuned...

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