Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam talks about the Browns positioning after free agency and in the upcoming draft, as well as how free agent signees will impact the depth chart. Get the latest view of the Browns from around the league, and join us Wednesday at 10PM for Adam's next chat!

<cdunfee1289> Anything to report on Clark Haggans??
Adam Caplan CD: I think he will find interest from other teams from the Browns. I would expect him to sign with a team by next week. There are no OLBs that can rush well out there except for him,

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, not Browns news but what happens with Chad Johnson, will they trade him?
Adam Caplan BR: Nope
Adam Caplan I had it almost two months ago
Adam Caplan that CIN won't
Adam Caplan but WAS was still trying

<Yosef> What is the overall state of the LBs? What is the best chance for improvement, specific FA or Draft pick?
Adam Caplan YOS: They really have to get a pass rushing OLB
Adam Caplan One more veteran ILB would be nice too

<zkramp> why no interest in Kalimba Edwards
Adam Caplan ZK: My sense is the teams that run a 4-3 are more likely to take a broader look at him

<CorDawg> is Peek back to 100%, and if so do you think he can be as good as we thought he was going to be last year?
Adam Caplan COR: He's expected to be fine for post draft minicamps

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what are your expectations of Antwan Peek for this year, can he be the pass rusher we need?
Adam Caplan CD, COR: He was never healthy last season, if he is this year, he'll be a solid situational pass rusher

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any news on any prospects that the Browns will have in for a visit??
Adam Caplan CD: Next week you'll start to see the visits
Adam Caplan players don't usually visit before pro days

<zkramp> Any news on the parameters of DA's contract, like payment timing of bonuses
Adam Caplan ZK: Before the draft I will put out Anderson's info as well as some interesting stuff on Quinn

<cdunfee1289> Adam what do you think of Steve Slaton for the Browns??
Adam Caplan CD: Change of pace back, not really what they need though
Adam Caplan Of course Harrison was drafted to handle that role

<Yosef> Dexter Jackson, will he get drafted? Who is interested?
Adam Caplan YO: Obviously he will get drafted
Adam Caplan hard to say what round, but he can run, very underrated player
Adam Caplan good name
Adam Caplan good combine workout too
Adam Caplan showed up late to Senior Bowl
Adam Caplan as a replacement

<CorDawg> i've heard the name beau bell being brought in for a visit, any other for sure visits? what do you think of Beau?
Adam Caplan COR: If he keeps his weight up, could be an interesting fit
Adam Caplan but he won't make it to the fourth round

<ramllov> He just got selected in our mock draft at the end of the second round
Adam Caplan RAM: I would say 2-3 for Bell

<jsl214> Adam do you know if the league will give the Browns A home MNF game?
Adam Caplan JS: We may know something at the owners meetings which I'll be at in two weeks
Adam Caplan I'll call Barry if that happens

<grinch> Nice tease Adam - what is interesting on Quinn?
Adam Caplan GR: More on what I reported the last time with Quinn, incentives are interesting

<zkramp> Who has the best shot at #5 WR, Steve Sanders or Travis Wilson, or no way to know now?
Adam Caplan ZK: Wilson

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what do you think of Frank Okam as a depth player on the Browns d-line late in the draft
Adam Caplan CD: Not sure if he makes it there

<zkramp> how can he not beat out Tim Carter4
Adam Caplan ZK: Scary I know

<grinch> Adam - any comments on the likelihood of a lockout in the future - both sides seem to be prepping for it based on Mawae's comments today
Adam Caplan GR: I don't see it happening, the sense of urgency is never there until something HAS to happen

<zkramp> If a WR on our roster could not beat out Tim Carter then I think our 5th isnt known to the Browns yet
Adam Caplan ZK: I don't think they are concerned about that
Adam Caplan considering they won't use 5 WR sets
Adam Caplan and very few 4

<zkramp> Can you guarantee that Terrelle Pryor will be a Brown?
Adam Caplan ZK: I can guarantee that the sun will rise tomorrow

<wsu99> do the browns have any interest in trading for Oakland's Fabian Washington or signing any fa cb's?
Adam Caplan WS: Washington or Stanford Routt will be dealt
Adam Caplan Routt runs faster, Washington is better in coverage
Adam Caplan I would expect them to sign a veteran CB after the draft (somewhere around 6/1).

<zabam> Hey Adam - Its May 1 - we didn't move up - found a Brandon McDonald level contributor. No more FAs. How
would you rate the off season?
Adam Caplan ZA: Solid B at this point
Adam Caplan 7.5 out of 10

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Oakland want draft picks this year?
Adam Caplan BR: With OAK you never know

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's the latest on William Greens comeback do you see any team having interest in him? I heard he ran a terrible 40 in his workout like in the 4.6 range
Adam Caplan CD: If he can get some private workouts, he could sign somewhere

<BrownsDCFan> What do you think it would take this yr to get a A grade this offseason and do you think it is possible to
Adam Caplan BR: It's more of the risk vs. reward factor plus CB is now an issue
Adam Caplan as is pass rush still
Adam Caplan but Savage, as he did last year, really addressed needs
Adam Caplan well again

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's going on w/ Ty Law, is he someone of interest to the Browns yet??
Adam Caplan Cd: NE is a possibility
Adam Caplan He can't really run well
Adam Caplan anymore
Adam Caplan so he's a nickel CB now

<zkramp> still missing some interior line depth...who are we looking at?
Adam Caplan ZK: They are fine on the OL
Adam Caplan Tucker can play G or T
Adam Caplan Friedman can play C or G

<zkramp> if a T goes down then we seem to be SOL
<zkramp> yea, but no backup
Adam Caplan ZK: Tucker is a backup
Adam Caplan now

<zkramp> Shaffer goes down, Tucker backs up...who is the key T backup then?
Adam Caplan ZK: Steinbach can move to RT

<Brownsfan91171> Steinbach can play tackle in a pinch too, right?
Adam Caplan BR: He did for CIN
Adam Caplan for a spell

<nudawg> you think Rex Hadnot will beat out Tucker?
Adam Caplan NU: Yes

<CorDawg> is Hadnot an big upgrade from Tucker @ RG?
Adam Caplan COR: He's probably an upgrade
Adam Caplan can play either guard spot and C

<cdunfee1289> Adam, I heard Chiefs CB Benny Sapp was in for a visit w/ the Browns today, what are your thoughts on him??
Adam Caplan CD: Dime CB
Adam Caplan special teams

<zabam> Adam - which team got the better of the Shaun Rogers trade?
Adam Caplan ZA: Depends which Rogers they got
Adam Caplan and we won't know for some time

<zkramp> Cincy has trouble with WR divas, OL, and defense. Pittsburg is aging and salary cap purge. Balt doesn't have a QB. Is Cleveland on top now?
Adam Caplan ZK: As noted last week, I see CLE as the favorite, close though

<cdunfee1289> Adam, opening day who do you see as the starting RG??
Adam Caplan CD: Hadnot

<zkramp> close with Pitt?
Adam Caplan ZK: Yes
Adam Caplan BAL is expected to bring back McNair
Adam Caplan surprisingly

<zkramp> All AFC North OLs look shaky except for Cleveland
Adam Caplan ZK: Especially PIT
Adam Caplan CIN's was once really good but no more

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any chance Troy Smith starts for Baltimore if they don't draft a QB???
Adam Caplan CD: None
Adam Caplan in fact, if they draft a QB and keep McNair as expected, he may be cut
Adam Caplan Boller is still there

<zkramp> looks like Savage is positioning the Browns for a 3 year run before any major chagnes are needed
Adam Caplan ZK: Well the good thing is Williams, Rogers, and the others are still kind of young
Adam Caplan it's just a matter of Stallworth and Rogers being consistent
Adam Caplan from a week to week basis, that's asking a lot based on their play the last few seasons but they are capable for sure

<BrownsDCFan> Do you think Savage is properly building the team of the long term or is just interesting in the next couple of years
Adam Caplan BR: Hard to really quantify that
Adam Caplan it's the entire body of work

<cdunfee1289> Adam, Do you see a bigger role for Jerome Harrison this year, he is very effective as a runner and needs more carries but I agree Jason Wright is a better blocker on 3rd down
Adam Caplan CD: It's up to him and no one else
Adam Caplan I asked RAC that
Adam Caplan and he said he has to get it done on specials
Adam Caplan first
Adam Caplan not a good sign

<zkramp> Every player has a value, DA has a value, Atlanta has 3 high second round picks, does Savage value DA higher or lower than 3 high 2nd round picks for this year
Adam Caplan ZK: ATL isn't looking to trade for Anderson

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's been the problem w/ Jerome??
Adam Caplan CD: Not a good practice player
Adam Caplan knowledge of playbook could be better

<zkramp> but how does Savage value DA
Adam Caplan ZK: Enough to make them believe he's the QB for now
Adam Caplan and probably for three years if he plays well this yewar

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is D.J. Shockley gonna get a shot at the Falcons starting job??
Adam Caplan CD: No
Adam Caplan he's coming off of ACL surgery
Adam Caplan you have a better shot at starting

<zkramp> so if DA stays for 3 years, what re the chances QUinn stays during that time
Adam Caplan ZK: Not much
Adam Caplan As I noted several months back, Quinn's agent will push for a trade at some point

<zkramp> What is Quinn's value next off season, a 2nd round pick?
Adam Caplan ZK: Hard to say, he has limited snaps
Adam Caplan if Anderson got hurt and he started a few games and looked good, sure

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who do you see as the favorite as of now to go #1??
Adam Caplan CD: Ryan
Adam Caplan I think Flacco will be the second QB off the board though

<cdunfee1289> Adam, why are teams enamored w/ taking Jake Long so high when many people don't even think he is a left tackle but a right tackle, don't you think a right tackle isn't a good value in the top 5 unless u have a left handed QB??
Adam Caplan CD: I agree, he's probably a RT and yes, he shouldn't be picked that high but probably will

<Brownsfan91171> Adam is Ryan worth a number 1?
Adam Caplan BR: Yes
Adam Caplan Could be best QB since Palmer

<zabam> Adam - if Quinn were in this draft class - where would you rate him among QBs
Adam Caplan ZA: Question really has no relevance at this point
Adam Caplan nothing can change
Adam Caplan lets look ahead

<Brownsfan91171> Flacco --- Atlanta or Ravens?
Adam Caplan BR: BAL really likes him
Adam Caplan the issue is if he's still there in the second, will they trade up

<cdunfee1289> Adam, whats up w/ Brian Brohm's enormous drop??
Adam Caplan CD: Lack of arm strength

<wsu99> Flacco or Ryan, best qb since palmer and why?
Adam Caplan WSU: Ryan, complete QB
Adam Caplan INTs aren't viewed as a big deal as many think, correctable issue

<Brownsfan91171> So Flacco is 2nd round or low 1st?
Adam Caplan BR: that's about the area

<zoso197> Adam do you think the QB from Hawaii can play in this league?
Adam Caplan ZO: No
Adam Caplan arena league QB

<zoso197> my thoughts too
Adam Caplan ZO: IT just takes a lot for him to throw it

<wsu99> are DA's ints correctable???
Adam Caplan WSU: Yes, better decision making
Adam Caplan and better footwork

<cdunfee1289> Adam, I heard Andre Woodson had a horrible pro day on Sporting News and that he may be looked at as a 6th or 7th round pick is this true??
Adam Caplan CD: 4-5 rounder
Adam Caplan probably
Adam Caplan But I agree he has major issues
Adam Caplan he was terrible at Senior Bowl

<Richard0915> Adam, Should I have had a V8, and will NE take Gholston?
Adam Caplan RI: ha, that's the guy I think they take or McKelvin

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, so who had wasted the most money in free agency? Jets?
Adam Caplan BR: NYJ to a point, OAK. CLE's money we won't know for a while
Adam Caplan as far as well spent
Adam Caplan there were a few risks so we have to see how they do
Adam Caplan Rogers, Stallworth specifically

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any news on how far Jonathan Stewart could fall with his surgery and if he falls far enough is he someone the browns could have interest in trading up for??
Adam Caplan CD: He could fall to the second
Adam Caplan but no reason to trade for him
Adam Caplan makes no sense, he's not special and it's a great RB draft

<zkramp> Who is overpaid more: A) Tommy Kelly B) Javon Walker C) DeAngelo Hall D) All of the above
Adam Caplan ZK: All
Adam Caplan Hall isn't that good
Adam Caplan believe me
Adam Caplan hasn't been the same since his rookie season

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who is your sleeper RB in later rounds to keep eye on?
Adam Caplan BR: Matt Forte, Tashard Choice
Adam Caplan Chauncey Washington

<grinch> Will Pacman Jones get reinstated this yr and who would possibly want him ?
Adam Caplan GR: No and no

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what do teams think about Kevin Smith as a prospect??
Adam Caplan CD: Late rounder
Adam Caplan 4th, 5th area

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Wright and Mcdonald start at this moment?
Adam Caplan BR: Wright for sure
Adam Caplan team isn't sure yet opposite him

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any teams interested in signing Daven Holly to an offer sheet??
Adam Caplan CD: Not at this point
Adam Caplan they have until 4/15

<Brownsfan91171> Can Mcdonald step in there?
Adam Caplan BR: That's a broad jump
Adam Caplan he's probably not ready just yet
Adam Caplan but he may get the chance in camp
Adam Caplan if they sign a journeyman CB
Adam Caplan to compete for it

<Brownsfan91171> was Wright though?
Adam Caplan BR: Kenny Wright may not make team

<zkramp> Is Daven Holly the #2 CB now?
Adam Caplan ZK: Probably but teams don't have depth charts now

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's been going on w/ former browns S Justin Hamilton he looked good and then all of the sudden the Browns cut him in camp, did he pick up w/ anybody??
Adam Caplan CD: Haven't see him on any roster
Adam Caplan of late

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, has Haggans left Cleveland to shop elsewhere?
Adam Caplan MIKE: I'm expecting him to make other visits
Adam Caplan unless CLE gets him signed within 48 hours

<zkramp> Whats the story on Baxter? Will be be able to play at least a nickel role?
Adam Caplan ZK: They have to see how he moves in post draft camp
Adam Caplan to get a real idea

<sargent3> the browns have been visited by Pitt LB Haggans .. does he fit?
Adam Caplan SA: he can do what they need
Adam Caplan good team guy too

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are we at a point that we won't waste money just to fill a spot?
Adam Caplan BR: Can't really say
Adam Caplan to be honest, look at Rogers and Stallworth
Adam Caplan risky to say the least
Adam Caplan could be home runs or strike outs

<zkramp> If the Browns could get only one LB (all at a fair value), would it be Haggans, Spikes, or Wilson?
Adam Caplan ZK: They would like one ILB and one OLB
Adam Caplan by training camp

<cdunfee1289> Boy I feel bad for Miami, the heat dolphins and marlins all stink really bad lol
Adam Caplan CD: That stadium is terrible

<zkramp> Berrian cost a lot more than Stallworth and doesn't seem to be THAT much better
Adam Caplan ZK: Berrian has more upside
Adam Caplan but yea, Berrian isn't exactly proven either

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, don't you think RAC is too hard on offensive free agents? Harrison plays well on game day with his prescribed plays!
Adam Caplan MIKE: Players who don't earn it in practice don't play
Adam Caplan it's as simple as that

<zkramp> Will the Browns get Braylon and Kellen extended this year
Adam Caplan ZK: by the end of the season you could see something done with one or both

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what are the Bears doing on offense they get rid of their #1 and 2 receivers and keep the same stinking QBs are they lost in the front office or what??
Adam Caplan CD: they love Hester and think he can be a WR
Adam Caplan big time too
Adam Caplan strange as it seems

Adam Caplan All: That's all the time I have, see you next week

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