Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat NFL guru Adam Caplan ventured back into the OBR chat room last night for another terrific chat. Subjects included recent draftee visits to Berea, free agent linebackers and cornerbacks, and much more...

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any FA news?
Adam Caplan BRO: Not really other than player visits and workouts

<cdunfee1289> hey adam, where round do you see Mario Urrutia getting drafted in and how much interest do you think the Browns have??
Adam Caplan CD: Rounds 3-4 since he really had a good pro day
Adam Caplan he really helped himself
Adam Caplan big frame-6'6

<ramllov> The list of four or five LBs appear to be down to 2 or 3 LBs. Haggans is gone?
Adam Caplan RAM: He agreed to a deal with ARI

<ramllov> How about the guy from Detroit, is he signed now?
Adam Caplan RAM: I'm told Edwards is looking for a better deal, better than veteran minimum so he's exploring options

<Brownsfan91171> he is not worth more than veteran minimum
Adam Caplan BR: MY sense is CLE is going to save their money to sign some key players to extensions
Adam Caplan anyone who wants a deal will have to sign for veteran minimum at this point

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what was Urrutia's 40 yard dash???
Adam Caplan CD: Ran in mid 4'5s
Adam Caplan which is really good for a WR of his size

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what do you think of UCLA DE/OLB for the Browns in the draft???
<cdunfee1289> Adam, Bruce Davis??
Adam Caplan CD: 4-5th rounder
Adam Caplan No one who will make them better over the next few years

<Brownsfan91171> Extensions.......Edwards
Adam Caplan BR: and Winslow

<Brownsfan91171> thank you front office, get them locked up now
Adam Caplan BR: Exactly
Adam Caplan they have to get the key players in long term
Adam Caplan like NE and PHI does it

<dogsqb13> any idea what the contract numbers were for Haggans?
Adam Caplan DOG: Not very good

<amore> What round for Stanford Kegler?
Adam Caplan AM: 5th area probably

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, should we be nervous about the lack of another DE, ILB, OLB?
Adam Caplan BR: They do really need one more pass rusher
Adam Caplan at some point
Adam Caplan Peek and Orr combined for a really good season in 2005 (wrote that in the blog last week)
Adam Caplan but trusting that they will get it done is another issue
Adam Caplan The hope is the new DLs will help the run defense

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's going on w/ Al Wilson??
Adam Caplan CD: Nothing new on Wilson
Adam Caplan he knows it's a situation of a short-term deal
Adam Caplan he just has to decide what he wants to do

<Brownsfan91171> Is the neck still an issue?
Adam Caplan BR: Not from what teams are saying
Adam Caplan but in a sense it is because teams are not going to give him a big deal

<amore> In talking about Sean Rogers Savage says all d-linemen take plays off - agree?
Adam Caplan AM: What he means is they are generally rotational players
Adam Caplan But not all
Adam Caplan Justin Smith was in on 97% of all defensive plays last season

<brownsjim73> Adam, should the Browns be mentioned in the same breath as the Patriots and Colts in the AFC right now?
Adam Caplan BR: No, not even close
Adam Caplan they have to show their defense is on par
Adam Caplan or at least decent
Adam Caplan first
Adam Caplan But I'll say this, the offense could be amazing
Adam Caplan if Stallworth is consistent
Adam Caplan he's actually really key to what they want to do in CHUD's scheme

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you believe we are a better team than the Jags right now because I think they are getting hyped too much by the NFL Network
Adam Caplan CD: Jags have better D but CLE has much better offense

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did Dorsey get back in top 3 picks today?
Adam Caplan BR: I wouldn't say that
Adam Caplan saved himself from leaving top-10

<dogsqb13> any chance PS slides into day 1 of the draft?
Adam Caplan DOG: Yes if a player falls
Adam Caplan like Groves or some of the other OLBs

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who do you see the Bengals taking at 9?? Im hearing they may look at Mendenhall or Desean Jackson
Adam Caplan CD: DT
Adam Caplan best one that falls
Adam Caplan if not, LB
Adam Caplan Keith Rivers possibly
Adam Caplan they need major help in front 7

<ramllov> Adam how far will Phil Savage trade up, to get his guy?
Adam Caplan RAM: As much as it takes
Adam Caplan just based on his willingness
Adam Caplan just look at free agency
Adam Caplan and Quinn move

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, would we need to use picks next year or do we have players to move?
Adam Caplan BR: Probably picks
Adam Caplan I don't see much value to deal now
Adam Caplan depth is such an issue at LB, CB, S
Adam Caplan that's the problem

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Chad Johnson seriously considering tha Arena League if it comes down to it??
Adam Caplan CD: he can't go anywhere

<ramllov> If he gave up a one for next season, how far does that take him in the second round?
Adam Caplan RAM: No way to know

<amore> Is Gilberry DE from Alabama any good?
Adam Caplan AM: Yes, he's not bad

<jomama21> What about Takeo Spikes?
Adam Caplan JO: No offers of significance so he's trying to see what he wants to do
Adam Caplan that's what happens to players who don't have deals in April-late March

<ramllov> I was just wondering how good the OLB/DE Shaun ? from Michigan is. How far would he go up to get him?
Adam Caplan RAM: Crable is really good
Adam Caplan 2nd rounder
Adam Caplan long arms
Adam Caplan moves well
Adam Caplan can rush
Adam Caplan needs to get stronger
Adam Caplan but good player

<cdunfee1289> Adam, Jack Ikegwonu was a top corner prospect until an ACL tear during workouts for draft, how far has his stock slipped and is he a possible candidate for the browns on day 2??
Adam Caplan CD: rounds 4-5
Adam Caplan he also had an off the field issue

<dcarbetta> What's the problem with Takeo Spikes--shoulder a real concern?
Adam Caplan DC: Not a top-end player

<holographoenix> what do you know about the browns draft picks from last year, chase pittman and melila purcell, who sat on the p squad all season... ??? do you expect much from them?
Adam Caplan HO: I expect little
Adam Caplan both deep backups if they make it
Adam Caplan Pittman is a try hard guy
Adam Caplan won't really make team better
Adam Caplan but will get what he can out of his ability

<DawgHowl> adam: do you see Phil making any trades in the upcoming draft?
Adam Caplan DAWG: Possibly if players start to fall that he didn't expect

<tommybo> Can we expect anything from Louis Leonard
Adam Caplan TO: He will get a chance at last DL spot if Kelley isn't back
Adam Caplan they kind of like Louis

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, what is our take on Pacman trade rumors?
Adam Caplan BR: HE can be traded despite what others are saying
Adam Caplan and DAL might get it done
Adam Caplan before the draft

<cdunfee1289> Adam, Todd McShay from ESPN said that USC CB Terrell Thomas would be a great pick for the Browns in round 4 what are your thoughts??
Adam Caplan CD: That's the area
Adam Caplan developmental player
Adam Caplan I would expect them to get a CB in that round if they keep the pick

<dogsqb13> how much control will RAC allow mel tucker to it his defense to run with ....or is he installing RACs system
Adam Caplan DOG: They will be more aggressive, how much so depends on secondary development

<cdunfee1289> Adam, anything new on the browns and Fabian Washington trade that has been floated out there??
Adam Caplan CD: I expect Washington or Routt to be dealt by draft time
Adam Caplan same with Lito Sheppard
Adam Caplan but Sheppard's issue is that he wants a new deal

<Brownsfan91171> Adam how high pick for them?
Adam Caplan BR: 3-4th
Adam Caplan conditional on PT

<cdunfee1289> Adam, you think Roy Williams may get dealt and who are would be interested??
Adam Caplan CD: No and No
Adam Caplan DET doesn't want to deal him
Adam Caplan they want him and CJ to play together
Adam Caplan they would have to be sent a trade they couldn't refuse

<DawgHowl> adam: are the browns still looking to upgrade at ILB in free agency or will they look at the draft?
Adam Caplan Dawg: They will get at least one ILB and OLB in the draft/free agency
Adam Caplan My sense is we could see a post 6/1 OLB or ILB signed
Adam Caplan that's really something that will be clearer after draft

<DawgHowl> Al Wilson still a possibility?
Adam Caplan DAWG: I wouldn't say he's in or out
Adam Caplan it's not a priority to get him signed
Adam Caplan the worst thing is to overpay

<jomama21> What about a change of pace RB?
Adam Caplan JO: they have one in Harrison
Adam Caplan whether they want to use him is another issue

<tommybo> Have you got anything new on LeCharles or have you heard any rumors?
Adam Caplan TO: They told his people he will come to post-draft camp and they'll go from there
Adam Caplan it's literally a week-to-week thing with him
Adam Caplan he has to show he can bend his knee and show flexibility
Adam Caplan that's a huge issue with him I'm told

<dhohenshil> How do you think think Rogers will play this year?
Adam Caplan DH: I think he will be motivated to a point and he won't have to do it all on his own like I said the first chat after the deal
Adam Caplan they will rotate him with 3-4 players

<tommybo> Should I go golfing first day of the draft?
Adam Caplan TO: Ha

<dogsqb13> is this the year Harrison must make or break his career in cle.......
Adam Caplan DOG: Absolutely

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what are the browns going to do for depth at tackle, nat dorsey is a free agent and im unaware of any one else on our roster??
Adam Caplan CD: Tucker and Friedman are it for now

<jomama21> What about Forte? If Lewis goes down, so do the browns!
Adam Caplan JO: I really like him
Adam Caplan good fit for Chud's system
Adam Caplan but he will be long gone
Adam Caplan before round 4

<WinDawgs> Adam I just get the feeling that you know something about the Browns and the first round this year that you can't say! I don't see both QB's on our roster by the start of 2 a days!
Adam Caplan WIN: Lets put it this way, always pay attention to what I say in chats and in my blog etc two weeks before
Adam Caplan that's when I usually get the good stuff
Adam Caplan it's a little early
Adam Caplan but Im starting to notice the trend on visits as far as positions

<dhohenshil> Will Cribbs play more on offense?
Adam Caplan DH: The indication I got is probably not
Adam Caplan that was from the Pro Bowl
Adam Caplan when I was there

<dogsqb13> With the minimal # of picks we have....will it be strictly def, def, def.......or could we see a surprise rb or wr picked late
Adam Caplan DOG: I'd say D

<brownsjim73> Adam, where do you see RB Slaton going? Is he on the Browns radar?
Adam Caplan BR: 3rd round
Adam Caplan nice change of pace
Adam Caplan RB

<MikeFromRochester> adam, how did the LSU corners time today--zenon and jackson?
Adam Caplan MIKE: I like Chevis J a lot
Adam Caplan more than most
Adam Caplan do

<DawgHowl> Adam: do see Shantee Orr more as a STer or can he contribute as a pass rusher as well
Adam Caplan DAW: They would love to get 15 plays or so on D from him
Adam Caplan he's capable of doing that in this system
Adam Caplan he was picked up by HOU to fit that role
Adam Caplan 3-4
Adam Caplan was lost as was Peek in 4-3

<Resiprocity> Adam, Do you see the defense using more 4 man fronts and if so would it be a 4-2-5 rather than a 4-3?
Adam Caplan RES: Same as before, but you'll see different calls
Adam Caplan by tucker
Adam Caplan RAC isn't going to start changing what he's learned and done for 25 years
Adam Caplan calling a game is a lost art
Adam Caplan and also players have to adjust to the new coach
Adam Caplan although he's just changing roles
Adam Caplan it's still different

<WinDawgs> Adam, If I missed this I apologize but who do you see coming out of this draft as real impact LB's inside or out?
Adam Caplan WIN: They likely won't get any impact players in round 4
Adam Caplan mostly guys who will be backups and hopefully play down the road

<NYBiggDawg> Adam, has daven holly signed yet?
Adam Caplan NY: It's up to Holly
Adam Caplan not up to the team
Adam Caplan he has until 4/18 to sign RFA tender
Adam Caplan or he has nothing to do
Adam Caplan he says for CLE for this season

<dogsqb13> what will be pacmans price....will it be the 5th rounder that people are saying...or will it be steeper.... if someone jumps in now, the price should obviously be less than if they wait until after he gets reinstated (if he does)... or will this be another situation like TO where dallas over bids vs themselves
Adam Caplan DOG: 5th conditional to a 3rd on PT

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what if holly doesn't sign what happens??
Adam Caplan CD: See above

<dcarbetta> Have we made enough improvements on D to be top 10 on that side?
Adam Caplan DC: Not until they get a CB of worth
Adam Caplan that's a problem
Adam Caplan now

<nsalem> Adam, it doesn't seem like the browns are interested in Kalimba Edwards, i think he would be very good in the 3-4
scheme, what are your thoughts on him?
Adam Caplan NS: He does move well for a DE of his size but he's more of a 43 DE
Adam Caplan LDE
Adam Caplan He's really not a RDE-power end

<dogsqb13> Is pacman a schematic fit for our def.......would be be worth the gamble to traut that his off field shenanigans are behind him
Adam Caplan DOG: He can play man which is key in CLE's scheme
Adam Caplan but no reason to talk about it since he won't be coming to CLE

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, doesn't Edwards have motivational problems too?
Adam Caplan BR: Yes
Adam Caplan he doesn't have a good dossier when it comes to being consistent
Adam Caplan according to some of his former coaches

<NYBiggDawg> any new stuff on Lito Shepard
Adam Caplan NY: No team is willing to pay him what he wants
Adam Caplan he wants a new deal

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how many pro bowler do you think the Browns could send to Hawaii this year??
Adam Caplan CD: 6-8
Adam Caplan easy

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, since savage knows he will likely trade Quinn or Anderson after the 08 season for 09 picks, don't you think he will give up an 09 for an 08 pick at this years draft?
Adam Caplan MIKE: not really, he's not looking at it that way
Adam Caplan they would like to keep both for next 3 years but I can't see it happening either
Adam Caplan I just think a QB has value who has talent

<tommybo> What's your grade on Savage since he's been with the Browns?
Adam Caplan TO: Solid B
Adam Caplan Still a little concerned about taking too many players with issues though
Adam Caplan 1 is enough
Adam Caplan 3 is stretching it

<brownsjim73> Adam, week 14 of next season, assuming no injuries, who's the Browns starting QB?
Adam Caplan BR: Quinn won't start a game unless team is bad or Anderson is hurt or really bad
Adam Caplan they have no plans to play Quinn
Adam Caplan they want to take the next step, not take a step back

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what made Charlie Frye an intriguing prospect coming out of Akron, he showed limited arm strength, bad accuracy and his scrambling was more a curse than a blessing
Adam Caplan CD: Athletic
Adam Caplan but he got exposed the more he played

<FLADAWG1> Adam are you saying Quinn cannot beat DA out in TC?
Adam Caplan FLA: Quinn is not going to beat Anderson out
Adam Caplan only way something happens is if Anderson is so bad (like Frye), he gives them no choice
Adam Caplan but to make a switch

<tommybo> What are the odds Steve Saunders is our 5th receiver?
Adam Caplan TO: Anything could happen
Adam Caplan for that role
Adam Caplan they are more concerned with Wilson
Adam Caplan winning #4 job

<jsimmsy21> anything to read into the Quentin Groves meet?
Adam Caplan JS: Not sure what you mean other than it's an obvious visit, look at the position
Adam Caplan My sense is they will really look at OLBs
Adam Caplan hard
Adam Caplan and Groves is that kind of hybrid player
Adam Caplan they are looking for as many 3-4 teams are

<holographoenix> how good a corner is Pacman? we don't really need a return man, but the thought of keeping Cribbs fresh w/ him so he can be used more on offense is intriguing...
Adam Caplan HO: He won't be a Brown, time to move on
Adam Caplan you're wasting your time
Adam Caplan you have a better chance to be the pope
Adam Caplan but as far as a talent, yes, he is plus he's got good return ability

<dogsqb13> visits = PS's due diligence or tipping his hand to moving back into day 1?
Adam Caplan DOG: Teams for the most part are bringing in guys they like and some they don't (for smoke screens)

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, do we have the cap room (from our budget standpoint) to sign Kelley and add another player from another team?
Adam Caplan MIKE: Kelley will only get veteran minimum most likely so it's not a big issue

Adam Caplan
All: That's all the time I have, see you next week
Adam Caplan If I have time from the owners meeting that is

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