Opening Day in Cleveland

Your friends at the OBR have prepared some treats for Browns fans who also love the Tribe...

Here are the OBR, we've become somewhat concerned over the past several months about rumors that the city of Cleveland is home to sports teams other than the Cleveland Browns

After getting past our surprise than anyone cares about anything other than NFL football, we did some more investigating and learned that Cleveland is also home to a Major League Baseball team called the "Indians" and a basketball team known as the "Cavaliers". Apparently, both of these teams are looking to be possibilities for these others sports versions of playoffs, and have attracted a little bit of interest. 

Imagine our surprise.

Seriously, your friends at the OBR are hopelessly devoted to the Browns, but we and a lot of other Browns fans follow the Indians, Cavaliers and Buckeyes as well.

To help get this out of our system, we've created a blog site call the Muni Lot, where we talk about sports other than the Browns (and a bit of football as well), and a forum called C-Town Sports where we can let our non-Browns fandom run amok.

The Muni Lot features blogs from some of Cleveland's top bloggers and writers. Today, we've got the following look at the burgeoning baseball season:

Goodbye to Rocky Colavito's Curse - Brian Tarcy

Sooper Dooper 2008 Detroit Tigers Preview - Steve Sirk

Movie Pitches: Roger Clemens vs. Barry Bonds - Brian Tarcy

As baseball '08 approaches - Mark Leonard

Our C-Town Sports forum is young but growing, and we hope you join us there if you're a big fan of the Tribe, Cavs, Buckeyes or other teams. We're looking for hard-core fans who want to make C-Town Sports a great place for Cleveland sports fans of all stripes to hang out.

In addition to the usual sports talk, the C-Town Sports forum features daily Indians updates from The Sports Exchange - the same folks whose baseball reports help power the USA Today, and photo galleries provided under license from the Associated Press and Getty Images.

Here are some of today's threads in C-Town Sports:

Cleveland Indians Preview and Predictions - sgm405

Cleveland Indians Inside Pitch - TSX

OBR member Tribe game pre game??? - FlyNavyDawg

Franklin Gutierez and Ben Francisco - JRDawg11961

If you're a Cleveland sports fan, we hope you check out the Muni Lot and C-Town Sports!

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