Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

With the draft less than a month away, attention now turns college player selection. Will the Browns move up? Will targets like LB Beau Bell be available? Here's Adam's takes on the draft and on Romeo Crennel's thoughts at this point in the off-season...

Adam Caplan Hi all

<ramllov> Are you on Sirius this weekend?
Adam Caplan Friday 8-11 pm, Saturday-6-9 pm

<cdunfee1289> Adam, will UNLV LB Beau Bell's 4.9 in the 40 yard dash at his Pro Day maybe make him available for the Browns in the 4th round???
Adam Caplan CD: He'll drop but probably not that far

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will anyone be dumb enough to pick up Henry?
Adam Caplan BR: There's a sucker born every minute...

<64superfan> So, Adam, what is happening with the LB situation with the Browns?
Adam Caplan 64: Nothing new other than Wilson has to be willing to accept a 1-year deal from teams
Adam Caplan he's not there

<cdunfee1289> Adam, where are some possible destinations for Chris Henry??
Adam Caplan CD: Dallas or OAK

<ramllov> Adam, is Phil Savage done with the free agent market until after the draft?
Adam Caplan RAM: Pretty much
Adam Caplan I talked to RAC on Tuesday, unlikely for Ethan Kelley to return

<pbgolfer> What is the percentage chance we sign Wilson?
Adam Caplan PB: less than m50-50

<cdunfee1289> Adam, hearing a rumor that might send Ocho Cinco to the Eagles for Lito Sheppard, you heard anything???
Adam Caplan CD: None
Adam Caplan yet another made up net rumor

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, the Browns or to an team?
Adam Caplan BR: Nothing imminent

<bohns75> Adam, what were some of the juiciest rumors you picked up at the owners meeting?
Adam Caplan BO: Look for my insider AFC notes over the weekend
Adam Caplan some interesting stuff

<DaBrowns41> Adam, what do you think the chances are that a player the Phil covetts falls within reach of a trade up ?
Adam Caplan DA: There will likely be a few players that drop, always are
Adam Caplan but whether to the 4th round remains to be seen

<cdunfee1289> Adam, will Antwaun Molden be available when the Browns pick and what do you think of the them drafting him??
Adam Caplan CD: Decent value there

<DaBrowns41> Adam, what's your opinion on the biggest need for the Browns
Adam Caplan DA: Now, ILB, OLB
Adam Caplan CB
Adam Caplan all defense
Adam Caplan back 8
Adam Caplan basically

<amore> Ngata or Rogers - who is better?
Adam Caplan AM: Ngata but both are two different players
Adam Caplan bring different attributes

<osubuckeyes76> Adam I read that the coaching staff is very big on Quinn
Adam Caplan OSU: I asked RAC on Tuesday and he said Quinn is doing well with scheme

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who you like for the Dolphins at #1, I'm hearing Jake Long, isn't that bad value for a RT??
Adam Caplan CD: Ryan would be my guess at this point

<amore> Ngata or Wimbley - who would you rather have?
Adam Caplan AM: Lets move on
Adam Caplan no need to look back
Adam Caplan makes no sense
Adam Caplan the help up front will help Wimbley and OLBs
Adam Caplan get protection
Adam Caplan RAC said that would happen when I talked to him at the combine on sirius

<osubuckeyes76> Adam what's your take on gholston from OSU
Adam Caplan OSU: Measurables are good
Adam Caplan some don't think he coverts well to OLB though at the NFL level
Adam Caplan might be a better 4-3 DE

<McGruder6363> Adam, who do you see as the #1 target (2nd/3rd round grade who dropped to 4th) that the Savage would do flips over???
Adam Caplan MC: There will be at least 5-7 players they would like to get in that area

<JANKO> AC, are you pro or against compensatory picks...Bal and Cin will have 11 draft picks.
Adam Caplan JAN: Pro

<wsu99> Any truth to the Farve rumors?
Adam Caplan WSU: He hasn't turned in the retirement papers yet

<ramllov> Adam, who is the fifth DE for the Browns defense for the 2008 season?
Adam Caplan RAM: Not a real concern for the team
Adam Caplan they would like to know who #4 is
Adam Caplan first

<DaBrowns41> Adam, any chance that Leon Williams can play more OLB like he played towards the end of last season?
Adam Caplan DA: They want him at ILB
Adam Caplan for now
Adam Caplan at least that's the indication
Adam Caplan And they have no choice
Adam Caplan who else can play ILB?
Adam Caplan that's the way they have to look at it

<amore> CB's - are our present CB's and whatever we add in the draft good enough?
Adam Caplan AM: I would expect them to look at whatever veteran CBs are let go after 6/1
Adam Caplan I will start looking at that after draft

<cdunfee1289> Adam, if Oakland supposedly has a second round pick on the table for Fabian why haven't they pulled the trigger??
Adam Caplan CD: And they should do that because?

<DaBrowns41> Which means, that possibly if we fill an ILB position, we may in turn solve the OLB position as well
Adam Caplan DA: I have to think they have to get that done in both positions before camp
Adam Caplan 64: No offers or visits, very surprising
Adam Caplan But he's a 4-3 SLB
Adam Caplan that's where teams look at him

<cdunfee1289> Adam, a second for Fabian, I would take that in a heartbeat
Adam Caplan CD: How much have you seen him play?
Adam Caplan what do you know about him?
Adam Caplan did you realize he got benched last season?
Adam Caplan this isn't fantasy football
Adam Caplan you can't just have every player you see available

<cdunfee1289> Adam, yeah hes fast he ran like the fastest 40 time in his years draft class
Adam Caplan CD: Does running fast make him good?

<64superfan> Adam, any chance the FA LBs who visited here aren't as good as Peek?
Adam Caplan No one is on their radar for that position as of now

<JANKO> AC, at what point do you see the NFL and owners addressing the pay scale for first round picks, say from 1-10..they need to do something!!
Adam Caplan JANK: I agree but the players don't seem to be concerned
Adam Caplan I wouldn't give up a third for Washington
Adam Caplan sure I 'd like to have him if it didn't cost much but they can do better

<DawgHowl> Adam any word on when the regular season schedule will be released?
Adam Caplan DAWG: Always around this time
Adam Caplan but league hasn't said when

<wsu99> any news on the winslow contract?
Adam Caplan WSU: They don't have the money to do anything right now
Adam Caplan I'll have some cap info in my report
Adam Caplan over the weekend

<wsu99> i thought they were fine with the cap????
Adam Caplan WSU: They will do something later
Adam Caplan in the year I believe
Adam Caplan but as of now, I can't see it

<64superfan> Adam, During your lunch with RAC, he clearly said that pass rush trumps DB coverage if you can only have one. Does he seem confident with the front three now as to pass rush?
Adam Caplan 64: They will get a heavy rotation but keep in mind 3-4 DLS don't get a lot of sacks, they get the pass rush in that scheme at OLB

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the Dallas home opener a real possibility?
Adam Caplan BR: Haven't heard but that would be a great matchup
Adam Caplan Browns deserve to be on Sunday or Monday night at least 3 times with that offense

<matthewr99> Adam doesn't Savage action suggest he will make move of some sort to trade up in draft??
Adam Caplan MATT: He's not adverse to it
Adam Caplan if that's what you mean
Adam Caplan The key is for players to drop further than expected
Adam Caplan like Quinn last year
Adam Caplan for example

<DawgHowl> Adam are the browns looking at corner or LB with the 4th round pick?
Adam Caplan DAWG: Best player available at OLB, CB, ILB

<bobbyflats> Adam, what are the odds that DA gets traded on draft day?
Adam Caplan BOB: None

<matthewr99> That's what I'm thinking if player falls he will do what it takes to get there (within reason)
Adam Caplan MATT: I have to think so, they will have a list of players they will hope make it
Adam Caplan or possibly small trade up
Adam Caplan if needed

<JANKO> AC, any info on the Savage contract extension?
Adam Caplan JANK: He'll get it before too long

<wsu99> do you see the browns making any big cuts by 6/1?
Adam Caplan WSU: Nah, most of those moves are already done

<DawgHowl> any updates on Bentley? will he be on the team come training camp and beyond?
Adam Caplan DAWG: Nope, same as it has been for a while
Adam Caplan RAC said he'll get a better idea after he sees him in post-draft camp

<cdunfee1289> Adam, whats going on with Takeo Spikes are they definitely not going after him??
Adam Caplan CD: A former teammate of his mentioned to me that CLE was a team that he was interested in
Adam Caplan but CLE hasn't shown the same interest
Adam Caplan and SF is the only team to have him in for a visit

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is there even a spot for Bentley?
Adam Caplan BR: Depends how he looks

<matthewr99> draft day trades ups already in play?
Adam Caplan MATT: That will happen closer to draft or on draft day
Adam Caplan team is brining in players and also having private workouts

<DaBrowns41> Adam, Romeo stated that Rogers is about 40 less than the 400 stated.
Adam Caplan DA: 355
Adam Caplan according to RAC
Adam Caplan which isn't bad
Adam Caplan for him
Adam Caplan I found it interesting he said Tucker is starting at RG for now

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, were you impressed that he came in at a reasonable weight?
Adam Caplan BR: Yes but it doesn't mean much now
Adam Caplan if he shows up to training camp at that weight that would be great
Adam Caplan because he would probably lose more weight in the heat

<DaBrowns41> Hadnot will most likely beat him out possibly?
<DaBrowns41> although Hadnot is a better center than guard
Adam Caplan DA: We could have an interesting battle
Adam Caplan there
Adam Caplan the depth on the OL is good now

<ramllov> Adam, how much chance Baxter could be a backup CB?
Adam Caplan RAM: Can't see it

<Brownsfan91171> Is Hadnot a possible replacement for Fraley?
Adam Caplan BR: No
Adam Caplan insurance
Adam Caplan I'm told Fraley will start
Adam Caplan no matter what
Adam Caplan They view him as one of the leaders on the OL

<DawgHowl> adam any more free agents that the browns will bring in? Al Wilson or a vet corner?
Adam Caplan DAWG: My sense is they are done with free agency for now save a minor move possibly

<DaBrowns41> It's great to know that OL isn't a need
<DaBrowns41> He was a captain last year right?
Adam Caplan DA: I know, can you believe it, just a year ago at this time it was the biggest priority

<nudawg> is wilson a minor move?
Adam Caplan NU: Pretty much

<64superfan> Adam, RAC said that Dorsey is "out" for backup tackle. Are they impressed with Cliff Louis, or do you see a late-round Tackle in the mix?
Adam Caplan 64: They will likely sign a veteran later on or draft a late rounder

<matthewr99> I would be surprised if we don't end up with number 1 or 2 round picks this year
<matthewr99> Savage wants to win NOW
Adam Caplan MATT: Agreed
Adam Caplan this is becoming a NOW team
Adam Caplan but then again, those players they got in free agency aren't old
Adam Caplan that's what is underreported

<DawgHowl> can savage really go through 3 rounds of the draft without a pick?
Adam Caplan DAW: Good question, my guess will be no

<nudawg> what are they going to do for depth at de?
Adam Caplan NU: RAC seemed to indicate they will rotate almost all of the DLS
Adam Caplan Rogers and Smith will play end

<flounderou> Adam, have you heard anything about JJ - rumors that he had staff after minor surgery?
Adam Caplan FL: Nope

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any new news on any visits to the Browns??
Adam Caplan CD: As far as?
Adam Caplan we have most of their college visits and workouts listed
Adam Caplan I have a few more

<DaBrowns41> Wait, so Rogers will play end with Shaun Smith at NT?
Adam Caplan DA: Both will play NT and DE
Adam Caplan I asked RAC about Smith and he said both
Adam Caplan for him
Adam Caplan again

<64superfan> Adam, What seems to the be the take on the influence on offensive production of having
Stallworth as the Y WR?
Adam Caplan 64: he's role is to stretch the field
Adam Caplan make teams use a safety
Adam Caplan over the top which will really help Winslow

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who are the other prospects you know of visiting
Adam Caplan CD: We will list them in full again

<nudawg> Rogers and Williams both need relief, not just a change in position.
<nudawg> even at 355, I can't expect Rogers endurance as being that good.
Adam Caplan NU: Keep mind he will not play even half the snaps

<DawgHowl> adam: will Baxter be able to contribute this year
Adam Caplan DAWG: I don't see it
Adam Caplan unless he can show he can move well to play safety

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, saying Smith and Rodgers will play both - isn't that due to lack of depth?
Adam Caplan BR: Not sure

<DaBrowns41> S. Smith was MUCH more effective at NT, IMO. He was average at best at DE while Orpheus was out
Adam Caplan DA: Agree totally on smith
Adam Caplan My sense is they will get one more DE by the start of camp

<flounderou> any chance they go DE with the 4th pick if the right guy falls?
Adam Caplan FL: Anything is possible if the right player drops
Adam Caplan you really never know what will happen

<jomama21> Why not cut Baxter? and Bentley?
Adam Caplan JO: One or both could be gone but neither are making much
Adam Caplan Bentley is making veteran minimum

<wsu99> do you expect J Lewis to have another 1k yards rushing this year?
Adam Caplan WSU: Sure
Adam Caplan he showed he has something left

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the front office counting on more than one year from Lewis?
Adam Caplan BR: They pretty much have to
Adam Caplan because they don't own a pick in the first 3 rounds

<flounderou> is beau bell worthy of a 4th round selection, after the slow running at his pro day?
Adam Caplan FL: Bell will go probably in round 3
Adam Caplan good size

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who are some 3-4 outside linebackers that could be available for us in round 4??
Adam Caplan Browns do like Vince Redd I'm told from Liberty
Adam Caplan built like McGinest
Adam Caplan long arms
Adam Caplan he'll go in rounds 5-6

<wsu99> who is your sleeper in this years draft
Adam Caplan WSU: I have a ton

<boozer2> is Crable out of reach
Adam Caplan BO: Yep
Adam Caplan he's gone way before that

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what about Marcus Howard from Georgia for the Browns??
Adam Caplan Cd: Too small

Adam Caplan Guys: That's all the time I have, see you next week

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