Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

David Carducci and those of us hanging out in the Browns Uncensored chat found ourselves in violent agreement last night. The offensive line was the main topic of conversation, with the Dave's impressions based on what he's seen to date.

ArtBtz It's a small chat tonight, so no hammer. We may end a little early.
ArtBtz Begin the Carducci quizzing at your leisure.
hammb who have they signed to replace Chanoine? DId we have an OL on the PS?
DavidCarducci Hammb, they haven't signed anyone as of yet. The contact who informed me of CHanoine's release said they would wait a bit before making a replacement
hammb cool thanks Dave
OklahomaDawg How's the rugby team doing?
OklahomaDawg (sorry)
DavidCarducci Oklahoma, I don't play anymore, unfortunately. I blew my shoulder out in a tournament in New Orleans. Now I just coach. I'll be coaching Ravenna High School in the spring and I'm helping my alma mater, Hiram College's team
ArtBtz Ram asked an interesting question right before you came in... expect any new starters on the OL?
DavidCarducci I doubt it. I think they'll stick with what they have, and hope that they will gel. Really, there isn't much help out there. Davis said he was happy with O'Hara's play. Stokes is still the best option on the roster at one of the guards.
DawgHowl hopefully Fowler and Gonzo
hammb I for one want to see more of Fowler
hammb he cannot be worse than what we've seen so far...the interior of our line is pathetic, IMO
DavidCarducci You are right hammb, but Fowler is still just a rookie, and Davis has said he believes in bringing along young offensive linemen slowly. First rounders you might expect to play right away, but Fowler is still needs time, especially if he were to step in at guard, which is still a new position
Frost jeez. Stokes is the best option? :-|
hammb and that my friends is the root of our OL problems! ;)
Frost and how. how many teams has that guy been cut by, again?
DavidCarducci Frost, unfortunately, right now, Stokes is the best option there.
DavidCarducci There really isn't anybody on the roster who would do any better right now
DavidCarducci I have a strong, strong feeling you will see two different guards on opening day 2003
DavidCarducci starting, that is. ... Stokes and O'hara are fine as backups, with their versatility
DawgHowl why cant they move Tucker inside to Guard and play gonzo and tackle hell it cant get any worse and they got nothing to lose up front as of right now
ArtBtz We've snagged free agent guards for a couple of years straight... Lindsey, Johnson, Stokes.
ArtBtz We never seem to be able to hit the mark.
DawgHowl should of hung on to Johnson
Ramllov Each of these guys were either good backups or an injured starter
DavidCarducci DawgHowl, unfortunately, this line is the best they've got at the moment, although I would play Zukauskas at right guard. Not up to me, though. Zukauskas, to me, is a bit stronger as a run blocker. I might consider starting O'Hara at center over Wohlabaugh. O'Hara has bulked up a bit over the last couple of years, and might be a more physical center than Wohlabaugh. It might make sense with Wohlabaugh still recovering a bit from the broken hand.
Ramllov I wish they would get a good one
DavidCarducci Gonzalez is still a project. Like I said, Davis doesn't like to play rookie offensive linemen right away.
OklahomaDawg So then it wouldn't make sense to draft one?
DavidCarducci Oklahoma, if you mean draft a guard, it would make sense if it were a high enough pick. A first or an early-to-mid second round guard might be ready to start right away
Ramllov Dave what was your take on the guy Q. Mitchell, the big guard on the injured reserve?
DawgHowl I see. well I for one would just like to see the rookies get some time, thats really how they are going to truely develop
Ramllov Dave have you heard any updates on Jamal White?
ArtBtz That was my thought, Okla. Draft the best OG we can find.
DawgHowl if we draft OG its gotta be Derrick Dockery at this point he seems like the top guard
DavidCarducci If you draft a guard in the first round, you should hope that he can challenge for a starting spot as a rookie. Guys who are drafted at the end of day one or on day two often need a bit more time
redright If this is a throw away season, as in; no running game, no offensive line, no run stuffing defense what, if anything does this seasson say about our coaching staff? Weren't these the guys who were going to correct or at least adress these matters in the last draft and free agency. Does it look as if they can do anything at this time? What?
DavidCarducci I still don't think it is a throw away season. I think the Browns should try to make the most of the line that they have. As I've said (far too often), they need a different scheme. Like I wrote in today's article, the Broncos have had a decent running game with average to below-average linemen, and that is due to their blocking scheme.
DawgHowl im not so sure there is a guard worth a first round pick though
rundmc79 I know I came in late, and this question may have already been asked, but why is Butch Davis so adamant in establishing the run when it obviously is not working, not to mention giving away the game plan to the rest of our opponents?
DavidCarducci They need to fit the scheme to the personnel. Spread the field, zone block, use more 4-wr sets... I've heard that the Browns don't want to do that because they think COuch would get killed, but you can run the ball, and run it alot out of different formations.
OklahomaDawg Is there any truth to the rumor that McKinnie's contract was built to be trade friendly?
DawgHowl david, what do think the real problem is with the defenses inability to stop the run?
DavidCarducci DawgHowl, I don't think it is as bad as it looks. It is better than it was. Roye is playing very well. Courtney is getting better. Warren is playing better. Lang is very good against the run. Hambrick is also improving and getting more comfortable in the scheme. I think a lot of the problem has to do with some situational things, getting caught off guard when DL's are asked to drive up field. If you noticed, most of the steelers rushing yards came on draws. Plus, the defense ends up giving up a lot of rushing yardage because they are on the field forever
OklahomaDawg no kidding :/
DawgHowl thats true
redright Dave, I agree with you. Why does BD insist on running a failing offensive scheme? A defensive scheme that doesn't appear to be understood by the entire defense? Should BD take it down a notch or two? Simplify for the rest of the season and see what the players and team can do?
DavidCarducci redright, I don't get it either. He wants to create a team identity, and he refuses to go against that identity. He wants to be a power running team. When he gets the linemen who are capable of performing in that scheme, he might be fine. For now, it's not working.
redright I like BD and the staff. It just seems that they are unwilling to ease up while the squad doesn't get it.
DavidCarducci Something interesting, Couch's statements about wanting to run more of a spread 4-wide offense. He said he'd like to see the Browns use it for most of the game during the second half of the season. HE also said the coaching staff hasn't talked about doing it
ArtBtz How recent was that Dave?
DavidCarducci AB, that was immediately after the game Sunday
DawgHowl it seems that the tackling is poor at times, maybe just due to fatigue
DavidCarducci Howl, the tackling is very poor at times, especially in the second half, and I think a lot of it probably has to do with fatigue. You tend to take lazy angles and find yourself in poor position when you are tired
Frost I'm surprised Couch would come out and say something like that.
DawgHowl David: yea I agree
Ramllov I think BD is pretty pig headed. I am saying that in a right way
rundmc79 I agree Ram
Ramllov He saw what he did at Miami and it worked, It will take time.
redright Some of the talk show quarterbacks have said the Browns should go the the 4 spread. They can't run. Do what you can do.
Ramllov The fans may not like it, but the results should be very good next year or the year after
ArtBtz Dave, do you think that the front office might pressure Davis to make ""popular"" changes?
Frost David, is there any sign that BD might be able to adapt to take better advantage of our strengths? (Is there a big difference in the attitude of the coach's office and the locker room?)
DavidCarducci Frost, there are no signs of it yet. He does it in the second half of games when he absolutely has to, because he is beind. Because of that, the best thing the Steelers could have done Sunday was keep the game close. Ahead by 3 or 6 points, Cowher gave Davis a reason to continue to play ""conservative"" formations with Shea and Campbell on the field together. If the Steelers had gone ahead by 10 or 14 points, then they actually might have been in trouble... in fact, that happened. When they were ahead by 2 scores, that's when the Browns offense finally did something
Ramllov Were we too optimistic (sp)?
DavidCarducci Ram, we may have been
DawgHowl is there any news on who the coaches and scouts are looking at during this week as far as college propects go?
DavidCarducci The season still is not over. The schedule in the second half has some winnable games. I picked them to be 9-7 or 10-6, and that still can happen, but they need to do some things differently.
Ramllov Dave, if the Browns went 6-1 could they make the playoffs?
Ramllov Likely?
DavidCarducci Ram, they certainly could.
redright Semantics? But it seems to me that if we are playing to develop for next year or later, then this is a throw away year. Half price tickets!
DavidCarducci Redright, I'll go for that. I end up purchasing tickets from the team every week to give to friends and family. I go to games for free, but I probably could have bought season tickets four times over. HALF PRICE! I'm starting the call for that right now
Frost Hmmm. I'd almost rather see them get the better draft position than make the playoffs and then get schooled
ArtBtz We've got too much of a cupcake schedule to get a high draft choice.
Frost ArtBtz - knock on wood :
ArtBtz No one who plays the Bengals twice, the Texans, and the Jets should have a top five draft pick, LOL.
Frost :-\
DavidCarducci Frost, I understand what you are talking about, but at the same time, strange things happen in the playoffs. You get in, get a good gameplan, have a few hot players, and anything can happen
DavidCarducci Like the North Stars getting to the cup against the Pens, riding the hot goalie...
Ramllov Dave have you heard how good this year's draft is in talent and how deep it is?
DavidCarducci Ram, I haven't looked into the draft as much as I have in past seasons. Usually when covering this team, it's time to start thinking about the draft in the second or third week. I'm usually a month or so into my college talent evaluation by now. THis year, I've been focusing more on the season
redright Dave is it possible for Bowers to come off the practice squad and be a blocking back in two weeks? If BD is to make moves of this sort then the 5 more wins may be achievable. Spread for mation, runing back with a blocking back, might work. Shea does little.
DavidCarducci Redright, it is possible, but who knows what Bowers would bring as a blocking fullback? He was a feature back in college. Again, he's a project. The Browns have missed the boat by not going after a true blocking back ... More than that, they've missed the boat by not going after a premier offensive lineman or two. They always go for the second-tier guy, and they've paid for it. I would rather see Andra Davis starting at middle linebacker this year, or (and I know this isn't going to be popular) another year of Wali Rainer, and instead of using the money they did on Holmes, go after a guy like Reuben Brown a year ago
Ramllov Playoffs are described as a brand new season
rundmc79 Has any new ""guarantees"" come out of Cincy? :)
DawgHowl at this point, if the team goes 8-8 or 9-7 I can live with that, at least it would be a little improvement from last season
Frost bah. hehe. well, I guess that's the thing David - I don't see us having the gameplan part of that formula. As long as we're going to live and die by the run, there's no way we could make it past the second round (tho I would be glad to eat those words)
newdawg i guarantee dick lebeau will be fired after this season.
ArtBtz THe guarantee I can think of is that Dillon will get the ball 30 times against our defense ;-)
rundmc79 lol
Frost *laughs*
Ramllov Which free agent offensive guard could be in Cleveland next year, dave?
OklahomaDawg Yeah...who are the top FA linemen this coming year?
DavidCarducci Ram, I haven't looked at the list of potential FA's yet. That list always changes. Teams tend to make sure their good young linemen do not hit the open market now a days
Frost I hear this stokes guy is great, some team from the AFC North is almost definitely going to cut him in the offseason ;-)
ArtBtz Isn't Orlando Pace a free agent? You could move Verba inside.
DawgHowl pace will be franchised probably
DavidCarducci Pace is supposed to be a free agent, but I doubt he'll hit the market. The Rams will find a way to keep him
redright I agree with Wali or get a real LB. I'd like to see development along basic football guidelines--build an O-line, get a thumper of a RB, build a run stuffing D. I can live with a 5 win season if I can see the same mistakes not being made next year as we did this year.
DavidCarducci I agree redright, and again, Davis deserves some of the blame. I know that he inherited a team that ignored the offensive line for two years, but he has also done nothing to add an OL in the last two drafts. I love Andre Davis, but with a number of good WR's, maybe that pick would have been better spent on an OL. MORE THAN THAT, drafting William Green was putting the cart before the horse.
Frost Is the Orlando Brown thing a total rumor?
DavidCarducci Frost, I'm not sure. I haven't talked with Zeus or his agent
ArtBtz I guess the other thing is that Ross, the FA linemen they claimed they wanted, is sinking on the Steelers depth chart. Can this team evaluate OL talent?
DawgHowl Art: lol it sure doesnt seem like it
ArtBtz We've swung and missed on most of most of the FA OL pickups... even the ones we couldn't get.
DavidCarducci Good question AB... again, that was going after a second or third tier lineman and hoping to hit the jackpot. They have not gone after a sure-thing offensive lineman since the team came back. Reuben Brown was supposed to be No. 1 on the wish list, then they didnt' bring him in for an interview at least until right before he resigned with Buffalo
DavidCarducci He would have been a sure thing
newdawg it seems they think that talent is not a prerequisite for the offensive line.
marinedawg This team needs a Jim Hannifan type line coach
BrownsBacker sigh.. as the OL turns
DawgHowl we have passed up so many Good OL in the past it makes me sick
newdawg what they need to do is run a blocking scheme that fits the talent we have rather than trying to make square pegs fit into round holes.
DavidCarducci newdawg, talent is great on the offensive line, but you really can win with average linemen if you have the right scheme. If you have guys with strong technique, but not necessarily great size and power, you can win like the Broncos have with zone blocking schemes
redright Stone was available and many other two or three year guys that would have given us a line and a line could have been built behind them.
Ramllov Denver has one of the best offensive line coaches
ArtBtz Rick Dennison, OL Coach, Denver Broncos -- kidnap him and bring him here.
Frost ArtBtz, exactly
Frost heh
BrownsBacker Whats the lastest scoop on the possibility of McKinnie coming in?
DavidCarducci BrownsBacker, now that he has signed with the Vikes for 5 years, they aren't going to move him
BrownsBacker oh i didnt know that happened..crap now what are we gonna do?
DavidCarducci That's my bet
newdawg true dave, but they are not running a denver type scheme.
DavidCarducci Pray they draft seven offensive linemen, sign another three or four in free agency, then hold open tryouts during training camp
redright Marty put on O-line together in a year at SD and Belichick in one year at New England.
newdawg they need a more finesse, or trapping scheme.
DavidCarducci newdawg, extactly what I'm saying. That's the problem
BrownsBacker we try to run up the middle with OL who arent strong enough to break their way out of a wet paper bag
newdawg ok dave, cool.
DavidCarducci BrownsBacker, exatcly right
DavidCarducci If the Browns want to salvage the second half, in my opinion, Davis needs to put his ""team identity"" on hold for a year and make the most out of the talent he has
Frost you know, now that I think about it, we really aren't that weak except for def. secondary and interior linemen
Frost (assuming William Green pans out, which I still think he will)
Ramllov Dave last year we dominated Baltimore two games, this year we seem to be much more hesitant
Ramllov Was it the turnovers
DavidCarducci Ram, I'm not sure. The Ravens were on the way down. Everything went right for the Browns in those games
DavidCarducci They created a lot of opportunities
DavidCarducci in those games
DawgHowl will Jamir Miller be back with the browns next season? I sure hope so, Hambrick sucks IMO
DavidCarducci DawgHowl, that is a popular idea now. It was once thought that Jamir had worn out his welcome, now people are wondering if Davis has figured out that they really do need him. Hambrick did not play particularly well in the first half, but I was very pleased with his play against the Steelers and at times against the Jets
ArtBtz With our young LB talent, it's tempting to spend that money elsewhere.
DavidCarducci Guys, I have to run. My girlfriend is out of town at a convention in beautiful Dayton, and she is on the phone.
DawgHowl I dont think people realize that miller plays the run pretty decent, he blew up alot of running plays last yr
Ramllov good bye dave
BrownsBacker Good night Dave
ArtBtz See ya Dave...
Frost Have a good one
newdawg Get her out of Dayton.
DavidCarducci YOu all take care .... Patricia says hello, too.
ArtBtz I'll try to get this transcript and GB&G up tomorrow AM.

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