Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Scout's Senior NFL Reporter talks to Browns fans on the draft and his recent scoop on Derek Anderson's contract. The most in-depth Browns talk anywhere on the web!

Adam Caplan hi everyone

<ramllov> Nice article on DA
Adam Caplan Thanks, I hope you all get to check it out, it explains everything

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think if the right offer came along for DA on draft Phil would consider trading him?
Adam Caplan CLE: Depends how he plays this season.
Adam Caplan I don't think they want to take a step back
Adam Caplan But this is a QB friendly scheme so Quinn probably could handle it

<ramllov> Adam, have you generated a list of say 10 players you think Phil Savage will take with the Browns draft choice in the fourth round?
Adam Caplan RAM: I usually get an idea on what teams will do 1-2 weeks before the draft

<grinch> Adam - would you say based on your article that this is a prove it was not a fluke ear for DA ?
Adam Caplan GR: It's almost a series of three one year deals
Adam Caplan very smart way to handle it
Adam Caplan And I can tell you the Browns don't want to deal Quinn
Adam Caplan The problem still is his agent
Adam Caplan who could try to force a deal
Adam Caplan The deal Quinn has is cap friendly

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Jack Ikegwuonu someone the Browns could get in the 4th round with the injury he suffered this offseason??
Adam Caplan CD: My sense is he'll go in round 3 area
Adam Caplan his rookie season will be lost
Adam Caplan second year will be a rookie year
Adam Caplan Orlando Scandrick is a CB I believe they like
Adam Caplan he could go in the 4th

<ramllov> Hey Adam, KW and BE have contracts to be renegotiated, will this happen this year or next year?
Adam Caplan RAM: I think they will find a way to get one done
Adam Caplan but again, they don't have a lot of cash

<DaBrowns41> Adam, please explain workout bonuses, how does that work
Adam Caplan DA: IF he shows up for 40 of them each year, he gets the bonus

<clebrowns80> Adam, have you heard from the browns that they don't want to deal Quinn?
Adam Caplan CLE: I'm told they want him around
Adam Caplan they feel like he could go in there and handle the scheme now
Adam Caplan but again, they understand that Anderson is the one who was 10-6 last season

<ramllov> Thanks Adam, I have seen a lot of Orlando Scandrick. He is real popular on our mock drafts right about now.
Adam Caplan RAM: He can really run and is an aggressive CB

<grinch> It looks like the DA deal gives the Browns freedom to make a choice any year they still have both DA and BQ -- agree?
Adam Caplan DA: Anderson is clearly the best option, lets put it that way, I'd like to see Quinn get a lot of PT in preseason games
Adam Caplan he really needs the work
Adam Caplan since he missed almost all of camp
Adam Caplan last year

<grinch> Are the Browns going to release Kenny Wright ?
Adam Caplan GR: I don't know yet
Adam Caplan They are gathering all of the info

<DaBrowns41> but doesn't it scare you that DA struggled against above average defenses and better?
Adam Caplan DA: He didn't close the season well
Adam Caplan but they were 10-6 with a lousy defense

<cdunfee1289> Adam, where do you see the Browns defense ranking in 08??
Adam Caplan CD Hopefully 15-16

<DaBrowns41> what does he need work on, in your opinion, I understand he's not the greatest practice player, and we see how
romeo handles bad practice guys like Harrison
Adam Caplan DA: Knowing where to line up and he needs to prove it on specials
Adam Caplan RAC said that again when I asked him last week

<ramllov> Adam, can the Browns get away without adding to their LBs this year. I noticed you thought the DL was
Adam Caplan RAM: I think they can to a certain extent
Adam Caplan but the OLBs must get to the QB

<grinch> Are the Dolphins serious about Jake Long or using him forleverage against other possible picks ?
Adam Caplan GR: They will talk to the top-5 players on their board

<cdunfee1289> Adam , when are you hearing when the schedule is going to be released??
Adam Caplan CD: Next week I believe

<ramllov> The OLB is the higher priority now?
Adam Caplan RAM: CB and then OLB

<DaBrowns41> obvious game- Cincy. The defense kept giving him opportunities and he just struggled
Adam Caplan DA: Windy game
Adam Caplan but he still needs to make better decisions

<clebrowns80> Adam, any insight why the browns had Jerod Mayo in for a visit?
Adam Caplan CLE: My sense is they want to cover all possibilities in case they get into the second round and he's there

<ramllov> Adam, do you see anyone special falling to the late third or early fourth that Phil might trade up for?
Adam Caplan RAM: He'll be looking for a OLB or CB that drops

<DawgHowl> Adam: what are the chances of Phil trading up into the second round?
Adam Caplan Dawg: A player will have to drop
Adam Caplan and then he'll be on the phone
Adam Caplan Patrick Lee, Cason
Adam Caplan guys that shouldn't drop but could

<fleghorn> In your opinion are the browns the best of the AFC North?
Adam Caplan FLE: As of now, I'd give CLE the small advantage

<ramllov> Adam what is your opinion on Brad Cottan, TE, Tennessee?
Adam Caplan RAM: Think Ben Utecht
Adam Caplan same guy

<tjm427> Any truth to the cowboys attempting to sign and trade Anderson on 3/1?
Adam Caplan TJM: Who knows but it's interesting Savage said he was concerned.

<DaBrowns41> Could we go TE this year if one falls? I'm a big fan of Heiden, I love the guy, but could we find another receiver option?
Adam Caplan DA: I don't see the need
Adam Caplan they're deep there

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you believe that teams with qb issues like anderson better now with the contract that he carries?
Adam Caplan CLE: Not really. But what will happen is he's in a must prove it situation each year
Adam Caplan Good position for the Browns to be in.
Adam Caplan I'll a lot more Browns stuff before the draft. GOt a lot saved.

<ramllov> Adam are there any veteran corners still out there for the Browns?
Adam Caplan RAM: Not on the market

<DaBrowns41> Adam, I'm not a fan of him, but I've seen a lot of people want Ty Law, could he be an option?
Adam Caplan DA: He's too slow

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any interest from the Browns in Illinois LB J. Leman??
<cdunfee1289> Adam, any interest from the Browns in Ohio State LB Larry Grant??
Adam Caplan Vince Redd/Liberty OLB is a decent pick in the 5th for them
Adam Caplan they worked him out
Adam Caplan I believe

<clebrowns80> Thanks Adam, you have to think that DA was pissed when he saw what David Gerrard signed for?
Adam Caplan CLE: DA gets a great deal if he's there for three years

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what do you think of moving McGinest inside since he cant pass rush anymore??
Adam Caplan CD: No chance
Adam Caplan If you can't run ,you can't hide inside

<ramllov> Adam, are you doing your SIRRUS this weekend again?
Adam Caplan RAM: Friday-8-11 pm

<buzz30> Adam what's the story on Vince Redd?
Adam Caplan BUZZ: High upside OLB
Adam Caplan built like a young McGinest

<dogsqb13> Will there be any 6/1 cuts @ LB or CB that will interest the browns/
Adam Caplan DOG: We'll look at that in early May

<ramllov> Adam, What do you think of Marcus Howard, DE, Georgia?
Adam Caplan RAM: OLB, can run all day
Adam Caplan fast
Adam Caplan just needs to keep his weight up
Adam Caplan in low 240s
Adam Caplan if possible

<DaBrowns41> also, would it be smarter to put Rogers on Wimbley's side? I'm thinking so.
Adam Caplan DA: They want to protect Wimbley
Adam Caplan which they will be able to do

<DawgHowl> Adam: any word on Bentley and Baxter's status?
Adam Caplan DA: Nope because there's nothing going on
Adam Caplan and won't be for some time
Adam Caplan after draft is when we will get info

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what do you think of McNeese State DE/OLB Bryan Smith for the Browns??? I heard they were interested??
Adam Caplan CD: Decent late round sleeper

<buzz30> What's the projection on Marcus Howard?
Adam Caplan BU: 3-4th round I guess

<DawgHowl> adam: what position do you feel is the biggest area of need for the browns at this point?
Adam Caplan DA: CB/OLB
Adam Caplan I can live with the ILBs
Adam Caplan if the DLs hold up
Adam Caplan that's what 3-4 DEs must do

<DaBrowns41> Staying on the topic of Wimbley, does he break out this year as a top pass rusher?
Adam Caplan DA: He will be better with help up front
Adam Caplan no question
Adam Caplan how much better remains to be seen

<ramllov> Adam, if the Browns could choose between Ben Moffitt, LB, USF and Bruce Davis, DE, UCLA or Beau Bell, LB UNLV, who would you take with the 4th pick?
Adam Caplan RAM: Like the Bell and Moffitt
Adam Caplan Bell didn't run well at pro day but he's good

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's the deal with all the interest in tight ends with the visits/workouts of Brad Cottam, Jermichael Finley and I heard they like Martin Rucker and Martellus Bennett whats up with this??
Adam Caplan CD: I know, odd
Adam Caplan not sure
Adam Caplan I would have to look at Heiden's deal
Adam Caplan that could mean something

<jsimmsy21> ADAM..would how high is savage on Antwaun Molden?
Adam Caplan JS: They worked him out
Adam Caplan so they have interest

<DaBrowns41> Adam, what are we doing with the WR position. JJ leaves after this year most likely, what if Stallworth doesn't pan out?
Adam Caplan DA: They will draft a WR for sure
Adam Caplan and may sign a veteran for minimum salary
Adam Caplan deal

<ramllov> Adam, is the general consensus that the Browns go 10- 6 even with this tougher schedule?
Adam Caplan RAM: I don't care about schedules really
Adam Caplan it's about the talent you have
Adam Caplan and what they do
Adam Caplan with it
Adam Caplan can't look at last year because of draft and free agency

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how about Mario Urrutia for the Browns???
Adam Caplan CD: Big frame, doesn't run well
Adam Caplan but did at pro day

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think the browns will get a Monday night game?
<ramllov> The Browns have a talented team, the lack of young drafted backups concern me.

<DawgHowl> adam: what are your thoughts on Shawn Crable? any chance he falls to the 4th?
Adam Caplan DAWG: Not fluid in his hips
Adam Caplan Decent pick in third
Adam Caplan if he makes it

<cdunfee1289> Adam, did Malcolm Kelly knock himself into the second round with his slow 40 yard dash??
Adam Caplan CD: Yes

<DaBrowns41> Adam, if a guy like Forte slips to the 3rd, does Phil get on the phones? Or is he comfortable with the RB situation?
Adam Caplan DA: They could draft a RB later
Adam Caplan I can't see them trading up for RB
Adam Caplan with the problems at OLB and CB

<ramllov> Adam - Are you going to publish a Browns mock draft or two rounds of the national draft?
Adam Caplan RAM: No plans for it
Adam Caplan if I do, it would be an insider mock for first round

<jsimmsy21> ADAM.. could Chauncey Washington be a good RB late in the draft/FA?
Adam Caplan JS: Yes
Adam Caplan 4th area
Adam Caplan 5th
Adam Caplan good pro day
Adam Caplan good senior bowl
Adam Caplan but he's a #2 RB
Adam Caplan not a starter
Adam Caplan down the road

<DaBrowns41> Adam, do you see Chud's system running a two back scheme in the future?
Adam Caplan DA: Depends who they get in 09

<ramllov> Adam, you mentioned 12 to 15 RBs could go in the first four rounds. Who would be the last three or four in the fourth round?
Adam Caplan RAM: IF teams needed backs that badly, you could see 15 go in first 4
Adam Caplan because there is depth at that position

<cdunfee1289> Adam, where do you see Virginia OL Branden Albert going i am hearing anywhere from #5 to the chiefs to the mid 20's??
Adam Caplan CD: Top-10 possibly
Adam Caplan he can play RT, G, and possibly LT down the road
Adam Caplan the versatility is why he will go high

<cdunfee1289> or Kevin Smith
Adam Caplan CD: No on Johnson
Adam Caplan yes on Smith

<buzz30> As long as the Steelers don't get him
Adam Caplan BU: PIT needs a LG
Adam Caplan badly
Adam Caplan and a LT of the future

<DawgHowl> Adam: besides CB and OLB, what other positions will the browns address in the draft?
Adam Caplan DA: Young developmental OL

<ramllov> Adam, this might be your best chat
<ramllov> Sometimes I wish they went an hour, great chat
Adam Caplan RAM: I wish I could but I have a cold
Adam Caplan possibly next week
Adam Caplan we can do an hour
Adam Caplan or at least 45 mins

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who is the second quarterback off the board??
Adam Caplan CD: Probably Flacco
Adam Caplan Brohm to a WCO team
Adam Caplan Flacco in MIN today
Adam Caplan BAL Sunday

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any chance the Browns take a QB late in the draft like a Colt Brennan to groom for life without DA/Quinn both being on roster
Adam Caplan CD: Brennan would be a terrible fit
Adam Caplan you have to have a strong arm
Adam Caplan to play in this scheme
Adam Caplan or strong enough

<boozer2> there has not been many 1st round trades lately, what is the feeling for this year?
Adam Caplan BO: I don't see it
Adam Caplan too costly
Adam Caplan what you might see is swapping of picks close by

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think anyone is going to call the browns about DA?
Adam Caplan CLE: Probably not

<DaBrowns41> What's the weakest position in this draft in your opinion
Adam Caplan DA: Lots of them are top heavy
Adam Caplan lets put it that way
Adam Caplan TE is really weak
Adam Caplan but you can get good depth later on
Adam Caplan there
Adam Caplan RB may be deepest
Adam Caplan CB is good
Adam Caplan I think CLE can get someone in 4th
Adam Caplan Molden, Porter, Cason

<DaBrowns41> WR is top heavy
<DaBrowns41> but there are some JJ like guys I'd like us to target in the 4th
<DaBrowns41> possession guys who'll make that 3rd down impact
Adam Caplan DA: Exactly
Adam Caplan draft of the possession WR

<DawgHowl> I hope we dont waste a pick on a TE unless he can play WR
Adam Caplan DA: Ha

<DaBrowns41> I'm really going to hate losing JJ
Adam Caplan DA: He'll play at least this year

<cdunfee1289> Adam, Antoine Cason or Tracey Porter in round 4 for Browns??
Adam Caplan CD: Chevis Jackson too
Adam Caplan one of them could drop
Adam Caplan you never know
Adam Caplan Patrick Lee

<DawgHowl> Why has Anotoine Cason fallen so far?
Adam Caplan DA: HE may or may not
Adam Caplan but one is bound to drop
Adam Caplan Lee might be more of a zone CB though

<ramllov> Adam, CB goes deep in this draft?
Adam Caplan RAM: Pretty much so

<DaBrowns41> I mean honestly, he's one of the best 3rd down receivers in the league, am I wrong?
Adam Caplan BTW, Jordy Nelson is a perfect WR for them
Adam Caplan but I don't think he makes it past the third

Adam Caplan All: See you next week

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