Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Over the past weeks, Browns fans have talked to Scout NFL expert Adam Caplan about trade rumors, free agents, and more. This week, Adam and Browns fans get down to the details of who the Browns will look at next weekend. Great discussion for hard-core fans...

Adam Caplan: I moved the chat up, still dealing with a bad cold and want to get to sleep a little earlier
Adam Caplan: big week next week
Adam Caplan: Anyway...

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, do the Bengals have to trade Chad now?
<Brownsfan91171> Why do I get this strange sense that the Bengals are going to implode this year....
<Brownsfan91171> Yea, with Johnson getting on Palmer's case.. that sure is helping the relationship LOL
<Brownsfan91171> Can Dallas even afford Chad?
Adam Caplan: BR: Bengals will draw a line in the sand
Adam Caplan: they don't want to deal him

<ramllov> Adam, is it too soon to know what the Browns are going to do?
Adam Caplan: RAM: There's no way to know since they aren't picking until the 4h
Adam Caplan: 4th but I can tell you they are targeting about 10-15 players with that first pick
Adam Caplan: but keep in mind they are picking in the back of the round
Adam Caplan: my sense is they will trade up

<cdunfee1289> Adam, Rumor is the Saints are talking into moving into the top 5 possibly to the Rams spot,
what would they have to give up and who would they look at?
Adam Caplan: CD: NO is looking for DT help
Adam Caplan: probably Dorsey
Adam Caplan: they need it badly
Adam Caplan: inside
Adam Caplan: their DTs are old
Adam Caplan: and are almost done
Adam Caplan: You'll see some in my blog over the next few days
Adam Caplan: But we've talked about some of them in previous chats

<nybrownie> do u see any big surprises in this draft
Adam Caplan: NY: There always are

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, were you surprised with all the prime time games?
Adam Caplan: As for prime time, my prediction was 4 games
Adam Caplan: and they got 5
Adam Caplan: it's all about offense
Adam Caplan: for ratings

<brownzjunky> Can Marcus Howard convert to an OLB?
Adam Caplan: BR: MY sense is yes
Adam Caplan: or he goes to a team like Indy for the 4-3

<cdunfee1289> Adam, could Kevin Smith be someone the Browns could look to get??
Adam Caplan: CD: I don't see it
Adam Caplan: they don't need a RB
Adam Caplan: really there

<WinDawgs> Adam did you key in on anything that Phil said today? Did he give us any inside info incognito?
Adam Caplan: WIN: It was interesting about bringing in first day picks

<brownzjunky> Were you surprised by how difficult the schedule is?
Adam Caplan: BR: I don't really look at last year though because of free agency, draft, coaching changes
Adam Caplan: I only look at what the teams are looking like now
Adam Caplan: schedule actually to me is not bad

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Bruce Davis a possibility for the Browns seems like a perfect fit for 3-4 outside linebacker??
Adam Caplan: CD: That's one guy I think is dropping and who could be there for them
Adam Caplan: for one of those 10-15 players

<iconoclast88> Adam, what's the first thought that comes to your mind as you review the 2008 Cleveland Browns schedule?
Adam Caplan: IC: Balance and winnable games

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how about Mike Hart for the Browns??
Adam Caplan: CD: He's not what they need

<amore> With their first pick in the 2008 draft the Browns will pick.....?
Adam Caplan: AM: Best OLB available

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any truth to rumors that Fins are low-balling Long by 10 million under #1 pick last year?
Adam Caplan: BR: They want to play him less, yes
Adam Caplan: A prominent agent who has a top-10 pick told me today that we should know by early next week if MIA will sign Long

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, you don't have DE over OLB?
Adam Caplan: BR: They will look for best pass rusher
Adam Caplan: then CB
Adam Caplan: problem is CBs there probably won't be able to play a big role right away

<ramllov> Adam what do you think of Redd, 6-6 260, Liberty LB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I wrote about him a while back
Adam Caplan: built like Willie McGinest
Adam Caplan: long arms
Adam Caplan: athletic
Adam Caplan: but ready to play
Adam Caplan: yet
Adam Caplan: needs to get stronger
Adam Caplan: but could be a beast in a few years
Adam Caplan: Great kid
Adam Caplan: talked to him a bit
Adam Caplan: did have the Mary Jane problem though

<brownzjunky> Have they lost it for Peek?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not sure what you mean

<brownzjunky> Wasn't A Peek supposed to be the other rush linebacker?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's a rotational OLB, no more, no less
Adam Caplan: he's part of the puzzle

<Brownsfan91171> What round will he go in Adam?
Adam Caplan: BR: Redd-5-6

<ramllov> What round would he go in and could you hide him on the practice squad for a year
Adam Caplan: RAM: Great question, it might be hard to do that
Adam Caplan: the secret is out on him

<WinDawgs> Adam, If we had a number 1 and a number 2 pick this year what MLB and OLB do you really like?
Adam Caplan: WIN: Not something they are really looking at

<ramllov> Adam, Redd was not even in the Pro Football Weekly Draft Preview Guide, they listed 1100 players
or so. Scout gave him 4 stars. Amazing
Adam Caplan: RAM: I kind of started the bandwagon a while back
Adam Caplan: kind of like on Flacco in November after watching him play in person

<mrslick36> Do you see DA making great strides this year as far as his development as a franchise QB?
Adam Caplan: MR: I think he will learn from his bad ending, yes

<brownzjunky> Do you think the Browns have any interest in Trevor Scott?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's a UDFA probably or late rounder

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Flacco or Brohm the 2nd QB picked?
Adam Caplan: BR: Would be a surprise if it's not Flacco

<cdunfee1289> Adam, where will Jamaal Charles go, in what round?? Id love him for the Browns to go with Jamal
Adam Caplan: CD: Third round area

<cdunfee1289> Adam, will Al Wilson be someone the Browns go after harder if they don't draft a MLB
Adam Caplan: CD: Near training camp, yes if he is willing to take one-year
Adam Caplan: minimum

<amore> Why did Redd leave Virginia to go to Liberty?
Adam Caplan: AM: Problem with a green leafy substance

<mrslick36> When will Phil get his extension?
Adam Caplan: MR: Before training camp

<WinDawgs> Adam what rounds do you see WV Slaton or the RB from UCF going in?
Adam Caplan: WIN: Slaton probably third-ish

<nybrownie> Phil said that they wouldn't look at WR or RB unless someone fell to them.. who do you think, if they fell, would Phil take in this situation
Adam Caplan: NY: They won't take a RB unless every OLB, DE, and CB is gone

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is anyone offering more than one year for Wilson?
Adam Caplan: BR: Nope

<ramllov> Adam, What is Wilson, LB, veteran going to do. Do you see him eventually coming to Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: RAM: It's really up to him

<ramllov> It seems that no one is bidding on him.
<ramllov> Limited market
Adam Caplan: RAM: this is true, there's no market

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, isn't Cleveland the perfect place to show he is back for one year?
Adam Caplan: BR: It's an ego thing with Wilson

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what do you think of Larry Grant for the Browns??
Adam Caplan: CD: Very late, sure

<mrslick36> Do you see Dq Jackson having a break out season?
Adam Caplan: MR: You would have to define breakout but the DLs that were added should help him

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any news on Wimbley? If I remember, he said that he wanted to add new moves for this year.
Adam Caplan: BR: Nothing will be new until camp

<ramllov> Adam, This maybe a bad question. How many Cornerbacks do you see being drafted in this year. I look at about 30, it is a deep year
Adam Caplan: RAM: There are about 20 or so that have grades through round 4
Adam Caplan: after that, who knows

<WinDawgs> Adam :Any potential for another Trade could happen for a MLB/OLB already on a NFL team for our 4th rounder?
Adam Caplan: WIN: I don't see it
Adam Caplan: Browns don't have much to deal
Adam Caplan: other than picks for next year

<nybrownie> who do u predict will fall the farthest on draft day
Adam Caplan: NY: Brohm if MIN doesn't take him

<mrslick36> Do you see Gary Baxter making this team and playing safety?
Adam Caplan: MR: Possibly depending on how he looks at post draft camps
Adam Caplan: and safety

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who is someone that is a 3-4 outside linebacker that the Browns will look at in round
4?? Give me a name or two besides Redd
Adam Caplan: CD: Redd isn't a 4th rounder
Adam Caplan: Bruce Davis, Gatewood
Adam Caplan: there are plenty of tweeners in rounds 5-6
Adam Caplan: that they will look at
Adam Caplan: really rounds 4-6
Adam Caplan: I suspect they will take their shots
Adam Caplan: on 1-2 

<mrslick36> Do you think Jamal Lewis will remain hungry?
Adam Caplan: MR: Yes, he's a veteran
Adam Caplan: that understands his role

<cdunfee1289> Adam, rumor has it that NE is looking to trade up for Glenn Dorsey or take Sedrick Ellis to play
DE in the 3-4 because they are falling out of favor with Richard Seymour any truth to this??
Adam Caplan: CD: They don't want to deal him and Dorsey makes no sense
Adam Caplan: for their scheme

<dapound> Any chance Jason Jones is available
Adam Caplan: DA: He's moving up
Adam Caplan: I believe

<Cerberus> Hey Adam, any buzz about Chad Johnson? Will the Bengals deal him?
Adam Caplan: CE: They don't want to deal him

<ramllov> Adam, I am sorry about your cold, I was hoping for an extra 15 to 30 minutes this week. Can we postpone the extra time until your healthy?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Would be next week anyway if I had time
Adam Caplan: we'll see when we get there

<ramllov> Adam, you do the radio show Friday night 8 to 11 pm?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yes

Adam Caplan:
Also, here's one that they are looking at in rounds 5-6, Angelo Craig, good measurables
Adam Caplan: from Cinci
Adam Caplan: long arms
Adam Caplan: good fit for 3-4 OLB

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who is a running back the Browns could consider on day 2??
Adam Caplan: CD: They won't
Adam Caplan: but if they were going to, there are like 10-12
Adam Caplan: system fits are probably bigger backs
Adam Caplan: like Chauncey Washington
Adam Caplan: Xavier Omon
Adam Caplan: who is like Derrick Ward
Adam Caplan: stocky but can move

<cdunfee1289> What about Matt Forte or will he be long gone
Adam Caplan: CD: rounds 2-3
Adam Caplan: no shot

<zabam> Adam - can you name 2 CBs we might have a shot at in the fourth?
Adam Caplan: ZA: Molden, Tribble
Adam Caplan: maybe

<ramllov> Adam, do you see Shawn Crable, LB, Michigan falling into the third round?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He could
Adam Caplan: some teams feel he's a little stiff
Adam Caplan: saw a little of that at the Senior Bowl practices

<ramllov> Would Phil Savage trade up to get him?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I doubt it

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Kendall Langford someone the Browns could look at for D-Line depth
Adam Caplan: CD: Good name
Adam Caplan: he's really a hot player
Adam Caplan: good small school prospect

<Brownsfan91171> Adam how far will Manningham and the WR from Oklahoma drop?
Adam Caplan: BR: Both second round
Adam Caplan: Kelly is a big possession WR
Adam Caplan: doesn't play to his YPC
Adam Caplan: from last year
Adam Caplan: he's more of a RAC guy
Adam Caplan: those types aren't first rounders

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you know maybe a date for when training camp starts for the Browns??
Adam Caplan: CD: No idea

<ramllov> Adam, How do you like the talent in the fourth and fifth round in this draft?
Adam Caplan: RAM: not bad
Adam Caplan: but very few could come in and start
Adam Caplan: but some could make roster and be active on game day

<zabam> Hey Adam - I asked that Quinn question last week got the "lets move on" - but it is relevant in evaluating what we did, and what Dallas does this year.
Adam Caplan: ZA: It's all speculative and there's no way to know
Adam Caplan: it has no relevance
Adam Caplan: what has value is what he would get in a trade
Adam Caplan: now that would be a good question
Adam Caplan: and my guess would be it has to be conditional based on playing time
Adam Caplan: like a third that could be as high as a second

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are the teams on our schedule nervous about the Browns being on the schedule?
Adam Caplan: BR: I will say this, teams know they will have to play with a safety over the top
Adam Caplan: for sure
Adam Caplan: with Stallworth there

<mrslick36> Who will be Tucker's back up at right guard?
Adam Caplan: MR: RAC said he's starting for now
Adam Caplan: which I was surprised to hear him say
Adam Caplan: Could be one of a few guys
Adam Caplan: Hadnot or McKinney
Adam Caplan: there's a lot of position versatility

<amore> How good is Matt Ryan?
Adam Caplan: AM: I really believe he's a franchise QB
Adam Caplan: QB meaning he can start for 8-10 years
Adam Caplan: and you can win a super bowl with him
Adam Caplan: you have to have the parts with him to win though

<Brownsfan91171> Is Jake Long a Pro Bowl LT?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's better off at RT

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what's the future for Sowells look like now??
Adam Caplan: CD: Not good
Adam Caplan: but keep in mind three OLs are on one year deals
Adam Caplan: so he has a chance
Adam Caplan: in 09
Adam Caplan: if he makes it this season

<nybrownie> who would on the outs if Bentley is good enough to play
Adam Caplan: NY: Good question, my sense is they will cross that road when they come to it
Adam Caplan: I don't think they are counting on him to play

<barleydawg> Did Brandon McDonald play as well as I thought by the end of the season?
Adam Caplan: BA: They really like him and if he tears it up in camp, he'll start
Adam Caplan: provided that they don't sign or trade for a veteran that is still one that could sstart
Adam Caplan: start

<barleydawg> And was Bodden playing as poorly as it looked?
Adam Caplan: BAR: Very inconsistent

<cdunfee1289> Adam, you think Sowells may kick over to tackle with the lack of depth at tackle and the
strength of depth at guard
Adam Caplan: CD: Good question, they do need one more OT but Tucker could move over if needed

<mrslick36> Do you feel we have improved our front seven to be a top fifteen defense against the run?
Adam Caplan:
MR: Top half, yes
Adam Caplan: because the DL rotation is now deep
Adam Caplan: barring injury
Adam Caplan: RAC did say though Smith will play DE
Adam Caplan: too which means they will be looking for one more DL
Adam Caplan: They are light at DE

<ramllov> Adam, what compensation do the Browns get for Holly?
<ramllov> if he gets an offer sheet
Adam Caplan: RAM: However he was tagged
Adam Caplan: And no, doesn't look like anyone will give him one

<cdunfee1289> Shaun or Robaire, Adam??
Adam Caplan: CD: Shaun

<cdunfee1289> then who will backup at nose, Adam
<cdunfee1289> if Shaun is backing up at end
Adam Caplan: CD: Rogers, Smith will rotate at NT
Adam Caplan: RAC did tell me they probably wouldn't re-sign Kelley

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how do they feel about Louis Leonard??
Adam Caplan: CD: They want to take a longer look at him
Adam Caplan: in OTAs
Adam Caplan: etc
Adam Caplan: RAC doesn't want any of them to play more than they have to, like last year

<mrslick36> What should we expect from our Stallworth in this scheme?
Adam Caplan: MR: Deep threat
Adam Caplan: that's all he does
Adam Caplan: that will make the secondary have to keep a safety deep
Adam Caplan: opens that up for Winslow

Adam Caplan: On summation, I would look at OLB, CB, DE in rounds 4-6
Adam Caplan: best one available
Adam Caplan: probably OLB first
Adam Caplan: I'll start putting out names in my blog over the next 3-4 days

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how does their 4 man front look on passing situations now??
Adam Caplan: CD: I think they will be ok
Adam Caplan: just one more serviceable DE
Adam Caplan: would be good

<mrslick36> I guess they want to take advantage of Andersons arm, Jamal could have a big year.
Adam Caplan: MR: That is pretty much their thinking

Adam Caplan: All: Thanks, if I have time, we'll do a full hour next Weds
Adam Caplan: later

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