Sobo's Players of Interest #12: Ben Moffitt

How many times have we heard the stories of hustling hard-working kids who may not be the most physically gifted players? Some of succeeded in the demanding NFL, but most get left by the wayside. Ben Moffitt hopes to be an exception...

Ben Moffitt, LB, USF

SOBO SEZ: The South Florida Bulls were this year's surprise team for a large chunk of the past football season, reaching highs never dreamt of when the program began thirteen years ago.

LB Ben Moffitt was a very large part of this success. Surrounded by elite talents, Michael Jenkins and George Selvie, Moffitt was the heart and soul of a tough and gritty Bull defense. The middle linebacker tallied 104 total tackles, 12 which were for a loss, and added 4 interceptions.

The 6' 1", 234-pound defender is smart, mature, and a good leader on the football field. The story of how he had to drive 110 miles roundtrip each day to and from campus so his wife and children could be close to family is well-documented. At one point in his high school career, Moffitt was not sure of his path and considered leaving the gridiron for the ministry.

Realizing he could reach people through his play, Moffitt went on to eventually become a starter for the Bulls as a freshman. Many questioned the linebacker's overall athleticism at the position. He silenced some critics with a very solid showing in the forty yard dash running it in 4.59 seconds. Some still question how accurate the number is since Moffitt came in at 224 pounds, ten pounds lighter than at the Combine, at the South Florida pro day.

As a player, Moffitt works he way well through trash, will take blockers head on, and hustles - all of which allows him to make play after play.  There are no off the field concerns with this draftee, who displays some upside, and could contribute immediately on special teams.

Tom Marino, NFL Scout: Great young man who loves the game. Try hard guy but was very stiff and had a particularly tough time getting off blocks. Got bounced around pretty good on the inside (catcher) Very much a limited area player who wasn't stout on the inside. Looked more comfortable in coverage. Got depth in his drops and sorted things out quickly. Can run with the TE or RB on flat and arrow routes. Has a outside chance of being drafted late, but was more likely a priority FA.

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