Lane Adkins: The Inside Skinny

Of course, da man is back before the draft, letting you know what's going on (and what's not...). Here's the latest from Lane's sources in Berea.

  • Despite the enticing potential to move up early in the draft, the Browns are not seriously entertaining the option of mortgaging the 2009 college player draft to make such a move. The Cleveland draft-board is believed to be littered with various linebackers, defensive backs and defensive linemen that the team anticipates could be available in the third round and beyond. Our understanding is that the Browns would be interested in making a move up in the draft, only if a player slips or is a player the team has identified as a solid and legitimate target.


  • With two quarterbacks on the roster that the organization believes can lead the team, there has been absolutely no discussion of a draft-day deal involving starter Derek Anderson or 2007 first round draft selection, Brady Quinn. The Cleveland front office is not actively looking to deal either quarterback, nor does the organization anticipate another team knocking the door down to offer any such deal.


  • While the overall numbers suggest Anderson struggled somewhat in the second half of the season, all is positive in Berea, Ohio. The Cleveland organization anticipates Anderson is going to grow and improve on his 2007 campaign, as the offense is expected to be further diversified and in-tune due to greater talent and experience with Rob Chudzinski's offense.


  • The Browns front office does not anticipate any issue with Quinn or his agent if the second-year signal-caller is relegated to backup duty this season. Furthermore, the organization anticipates a very competitive off-season and training camp between the two players, despite claims that there will be no competition.


  • Free agent linebacker Al Wilson is not expected to sign with a team until summer. At the present time, the Browns are one of approximately four teams that have shown anything more than a passing interest in the veteran.


  • The organization and representatives for wide receiver Braylon Edwards and tight-end Kellen Winslow have not made significant progress in any discussions regarding contract extensions for the two star receivers.


  • TThe rumor that cornerback Lito Sheppard of the Philadelphia is available has made its rounds through Cleveland. The Browns do not have the first and/or second round draft selections the Eagles are believed to be demanding available in the upcoming draft, and are therefore not a player in any discussion.

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