Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Another great chat with Adam Caplan on Wednesday night in the OBR chat room. Scout's Senior NFL Reporter talks to Browns fans on the draft and what he thinks is gonna happen. Good stuff - don't miss it, and don't miss Adam's reporting LIVE from New York this weekend!

Adam Caplan Hi all
Adam Caplan Two good chats with MIN and BAL subs so lets get it going well........

<ramllov> Adam, Vince Redd, is he still a sixth round draft choice?
Adam Caplan RAM: I'll be writing about him in part 2 of my AFC insider notes
Adam Caplan rounds 5-6 is his area
Adam Caplan The chances are well less than 50-50 that he's a Brown
Adam Caplan It's just he's a player they are looking atg
Adam Caplan fans typically over-hype a player
Adam Caplan that they didn't previously know about
Adam Caplan here's what's in my notes that I just posted-will show up at 10 pm
Adam Caplan LB Beau Bell (UNLV), CB Zack Bowman (Nebraska), CB Charles Godfrey (Iowa), CB Orlando Scandrick (Boise St.), and LB Stanford Keglar (Purdue)

<nudawg> if he's a 5th or 6 round player there's not much to be excited about.
Adam Caplan NU: It's total upside with Redd, he won't dress most weeks

<cdunfee1289> Adam, you said there were 10-15 players to look at and told me Bruce Davis was one and you would say the other ones during the week and still have not seen them, who the heck are they??
Adam Caplan CD: I just posted the top 5 area
Adam Caplan the rest come Friday
Adam Caplan I'm attempting to get it narrowed down more
Adam Caplan they are the hardest team project this year since CLE is the only team that doesn't pick before round 4

<ramllov> Adam, NE just signed DL Kenny Smith, was it a good pickup?
Adam Caplan RAM: Camp body
Adam Caplan basically
Adam Caplan #3 NT

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you think the Chiefs will have the #1 pick next year lol
Adam Caplan CD: Ha
Adam Caplan they actually want to get more picks
Adam Caplan if you can believe that
Adam Caplan I believe they have 12-13 of them
Adam Caplan BTW, for those who keep sending me PMs on Redd, very nice kid
Adam Caplan I had talked him a few times

<cdunfee1289> Adam, they said the wanted to get younger, Jared Allen is only 26 and their best player, are they morons or what??
Adam Caplan CD: Problem is both sides don't want to be with each other

<DaBrowns41> Adam, who's your pick for the Browns RG this season? Tucker or Hadnot
Adam Caplan DA: Tucker
Adam Caplan then Hadnot backing up RG and C
Adam Caplan I get the suspicion that Bentley won't make it
Adam Caplan hope I'm wrong
Adam Caplan though
Adam Caplan would be a good story if he could just make the team

<cdunfee1289> Adam, Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer said the Browns may look to get up into the third round because Phil Savage likes to make a splash, you see this happening??
Adam Caplan CD: The five players I listed have 3-4 round grades
Adam Caplan and all could be traded up for if they fall
Adam Caplan good scheme fits
Adam Caplan and all can play
Adam Caplan I had a high ranking scout tell me today Keglar can start
Adam Caplan this season
Adam Caplan which I found to be surprising
Adam Caplan the team he works for is considering Keglar in rounds 3-4

<ramllov> Adam, now that the draft is a few days away, what is your opinion of this draft?
Adam Caplan RAM: Not a good first round
Adam Caplan no franchise type of players

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Shawn Crable a guy they could have a chance of trading up for??
Adam Caplan CD: I don't see it
Adam Caplan he's a round 2 grade
Adam Caplan and he doesn't move well enough
Adam Caplan hips
Adam Caplan is what scouts say
Adam Caplan is the issue with him
Adam Caplan I talked to every personnel guy I've known for years today
Adam Caplan so I think I have a good feel for the round targets for a lot of players
Adam Caplan at different positions

<DaBrowns41> Adam, Jack Ike and Zack Bowman, where do they go, and does Phil take a flyer if the round's right?
Adam Caplan DA: Jack will go no earlier than the 3rd and he's not going to play this season most likely
Adam Caplan not sure if the Browns can afford to take him
Adam Caplan Bowman's knee checked out well
Adam Caplan you'll see that in my notes
Adam Caplan actually, it was in my NFC notes
Adam Caplan earlier today

<wsu99> what about J. Leman any interest
Adam Caplan WSU: Problem is he doesn't run well enough

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what about Kevin Smith, Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi said if we would get a running back it would probably be him
Adam Caplan CD: he should go off the board in round 3
Adam Caplan possibly
Adam Caplan it would be surprising if they traded up for a RB
Adam Caplan they wouldn't get any improvement really
Adam Caplan My sense is they will go with defense
Adam Caplan in round 3 if they traded up
Adam Caplan not offense

<Cvillebrown> What round for Mike Hart?
Adam Caplan CV: Round 3 probably
Adam Caplan it's a shame, he runs better than timed speed

<cdunfee1289> Adam, you told me you was going to find out what the deal was with the interest in tight ends and you never got back to me
Adam Caplan
CB: I wrote it on the draft board
Adam Caplan they are just getting facts on players they may look at in future seasons
Adam Caplan and if any really fall they need info on them
Adam Caplan after talking to them

<jb42776> What's the story on Bowman? IS he early round talent with injury problems? What round grade on him with/without injury?
Adam Caplan JBL :Third rounder
Adam Caplan DA
Adam Caplan is his grade
Adam Caplan from most teams
Adam Caplan knees are ok

<DaBrowns41> Adam, thoughts on Josh Morgan, out of VT?
Adam Caplan DA: Sleeper WR rounds 4-5
Adam Caplan good size
Adam Caplan I have to tell you, wouldn't surprise me if Wilson is traded
Adam Caplan If they want to trade up
<cdunfee1289> Travis??
Adam Caplan yes
Adam Caplan there are a lot of teams that liked him coming out of the draft two years ago

<jb42776> Any chance Godfrey makes past round 3?
Adam Caplan JB: He has grade of 3-4th round
Adam Caplan area

<nudawg> who would want Wilson?
Adam Caplan NU: We'll see, he's a guy who could have value
Adam Caplan CLE may be down on him but other teams could take him for a conditional pick

<Chidawg> Adam, who do you like at 34 OLB out of Keglar, Scott, Johnston, Taylor, Studebaker, Redd & Dingle?
Adam Caplan CHI: I think Keglar is very interesting
Adam Caplan again, Redd isn't in the picture
Adam Caplan probably until rounds 5-6
Adam Caplan and he's not going to be an impact player if at all for a long time
Adam Caplan good upside

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is the interest high in Bruce Davis, I think he would be a perfect fit
Adam Caplan CD: The fact that he's dropping could put him in the area where they are picking
Adam Caplan that guy wasn't on the list
Adam Caplan that I got today
Adam Caplan but he could be on Saturday
Adam Caplan Sunday I mean

<jb42776> Is Keglar ILB or OLB
Adam Caplan JB: 3-4 ILB on weak side
Adam Caplan 4-3 MLB or WLB

<DaBrowns41> Adam, is this the weakest safety draft class since the Browns came back in '99?
Adam Caplan DA: Pretty weak
Adam Caplan CB much better

<Chidawg> Could one of those guys develop like Shawn Phillips?
Adam Caplan CHI: He needs to get into the weight room-Redd

<amore> Last week you said you thought Browns would go OLB with their first pick - have your thoughts changed?
Adam Caplan AM: Pretty much or best CB
Adam Caplan depends who is there
Adam Caplan There are some round 5-7 OLBs too that they scouted

<cdunfee1289> Adam, i heard the Browns are showing strong interest in Tyrell Johnson, are they not so high on Brodney anymore or what??
Adam Caplan CD: They have no shot at him
Adam Caplan so don't sweat it

<Coyvega> Adam - have you talked about Bruce Davis and his fit for the browns
Adam Caplan COY: Talked about Davis above

<DaBrowns41> Adam, how do you like Rodrick Johnson as a 6th or 7th guy. I see him as a physical guy who would be best fit for the 34
Adam Caplan DA: One thing about Johnson is he has good size
Adam Caplan doesn't run all that well
Adam Caplan but has value in late rounds

<jb42776> Is Beau Bell ILB strong side or weak side?
Adam Caplan JB: Depends in who's 3-4
Adam Caplan in CLE's probably either or

<DaBrowns41> Adam, we discussed Chauncey Washington a few weeks ago, what are your thoughts on Ryan Torain
Adam Caplan DA: Torain had a terrible wonderlic score
Adam Caplan I don't post it here but really bad
Adam Caplan Washington is a good fit for the scheme
Adam Caplan value in round 4
Adam Caplan but again, it would surprise me if they took a RB
Adam Caplan the olbs and cbs they like would have to be gone for them to take a RB
Adam Caplan Washington had a great Senior Bowl
Adam Caplan impressed the hell out of me from watching every carry he had up close
Adam Caplan he ran better than I thought he would

<dogsqb13> 7,0better chance to find a db that can play the draft?....or after june 1st cuts?
Adam Caplan DOG: They will get a veteran for sure by training camp
Adam Caplan post June 1 guy

<cdunfee1289> Adam, where is the first surprise we see in the draft
Adam Caplan CD: top-10
Adam Caplan someone will drop for sure
Adam Caplan too much going on

<gusdawg444> A Shaun Alexander flyer or not worth the $$$$$$?
Adam Caplan GU: Uh no

<amore> Curtis Johnson OLB Clark Atlanta - Browns have any interest?
Adam Caplan AM: I would think decent value in rounds 5-6
Adam Caplan upside in his move from DE
Adam Caplan to OLB

<gusdawg444> Ok, somebody had to ask
Adam Caplan Alexander can't play
Adam Caplan was embarrassing last year
Adam Caplan would go down before he got hit

<DaBrowns41> Adam, Romeo stated that Anderson was the starter and Quinn was the backup. Do you think that Quinn realistically has a chance to beat DA out, or do you feel that Romeo will start Anderson regardless of the pre-season?
Adam Caplan DA: No
Adam Caplan again, unless Anderson really sucked in training camp and Quinn looked great
Adam Caplan both happening at the same time would be a big surprise

<cdunfee1289> Adam, if they trade Travis Wilson, could Mario Urrutia be a possibility
Adam Caplan SD: Yes
Adam Caplan because he offers them size

<jb42776> How far is Ryan gonna fall?
Adam Caplan JB: That's the million dollar question
Adam Caplan if ATL doesn't take him, #8 to BAL

<jomama21> With Pacman a cowboy, will Dallas look to move an existing CB?
Adam Caplan JO: No reason they would
Adam Caplan since they have no idea if Jones will be on the team this season

<jb42776> jets like Mcfadden a lot huh?
Adam Caplan JB: The fact that they met with him 3 times has to mean they like him
Adam Caplan to waste that much time makes little sense
Adam Caplan don't you think?

<DaBrowns41> Adam, do you think Eric Wright will develop into a top #1 corner in the AFC?
Adam Caplan DA: Not sure yet but he has big upside

<jb42776> Adam who do you think is the best player in the draft?
Adam Caplan JB: Dorsey

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Frank Okam someone the Browns could look at to add depth to the d-line late??
Adam Caplan CD: Sure
Adam Caplan rounds 5-6
Adam Caplan which reminds me, they may look for a DE
Adam Caplan before draft is over

<cdunfee1289> Adam, who do you think is the most overrated player and underrated player in the draft
Adam Caplan CD: Overrated Gholston without a doubt
Adam Caplan underrated Flacco, Keglar, Chris Johnson, there are a ton of them
Adam Caplan I say Flacco because he will be the best QB out of this class in 5 years
Adam Caplan no one agrees with me but then again, most haven't seen his tape
Adam Caplan or have seen him play in person like I have

<jb42776> Flacco has a lot of Derek Anderson in him
Adam Caplan JB: Exactly what I wrote in January
Adam Caplan And Cutler's gun slinger mentality

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you like Brian Brohm?? I think he is getting too much negativity towards him, I think he is really good
Adam Caplan CD: Decent WCO QB
Adam Caplan good value in second
Adam Caplan would be a shocker if he goes before GB

<DaBrowns41> Adam, chance Leon Williams beats out Andra Davis?
Adam Caplan DA: Sure
Adam Caplan Davis is on notice
Adam Caplan he knows it

<tguster> Adam, If this is really the year to "go for it," why wouldn't Phil Savage make a bold move using '09 draft picks?
Adam Caplan TG: It comes down to how far the players they like fall

<Richard0915> what is your thought on the late start time wise for this years draft??? Are they losing something and what is the gain?
Adam Caplan RI: I was on TV today saying that I like it as far as the rounds being shorter on time
Adam Caplan with they would have kept at 12 pm est
Adam Caplan on Saturday though

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any chance Lawrence Vickers gets to Hawaii this year with Lorenzo Neal out of the picture??
Adam Caplan CD: He's improving
Adam Caplan no question

<DaBrowns41> Adam, do you agree with me that DA will struggle against some of these top defenses early in the season?
Adam Caplan DA: Most young QBs will do that from time
Adam Caplan to time
Adam Caplan I really want to see if he can get off to a good start
Adam Caplan after the way he ended last season
Adam Caplan and I want to see how he does in training camp
Adam Caplan he needs to get into a rhythm

<boozer2> How can Cinn turn down the Washington deal - this seems like poison for the year - keeping chad?
Adam Caplan BO: I wrote today that they wanted a top-10 pick to even consider it

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you know of any interest from the Browns in Ohio State LB Larry Grant?? I heard he is versatile and great on special teams
Adam Caplan CD: He's not a difference maker but he can provide depth
Adam Caplan NYG likes him
Adam Caplan Grant

Adam Caplan BTW, I'm on Sirius-tomorrow night-8-11 pm mock draft shot
Adam Caplan Friday same time
Adam Caplan channel 124
Adam Caplan and Saturday get this, 12-4 am!
Adam Caplan weeeeeeeeeeee
Adam Caplan stay up with me

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what channel are you on t.v.??
Adam Caplan CD: Back in Philly Comcast Sportsnet
Adam Caplan only CSN not on DTV

<revdrake> Will DA be on a short leash? With our schedule it's not difficult seeing us go 0 - 4.
Adam Caplan RE: Not really
Adam Caplan but then again, if he really plays bad for 3 games
Adam Caplan they feel Quinn knows the offense well enough
Adam Caplan to get in

<Richard0915> First T.E. taken? what round?
Adam Caplan RI: Fred Davis
Adam Caplan second

<DaBrowns41> Are you in NYC from tomorrow through Sunday?
Adam Caplan oh, I'll post on the message board on Saturday anything I hear
Adam Caplan remember I posted 30 mins before draft that Quinn was on the Browns' radar
Adam Caplan of course I had no idea what would happen

<cdunfee1289> Adam, Aytuba Rubin (idk if thats his name for sure) DT from Iowa State, is he someone that could help provide depth on the d-line
Adam Caplan CD: Nice player
Adam Caplan Mid round DT

<Richard0915> Adam, your surprise 1st round pick?
Adam Caplan RI: Flacco for a team trading back in first
Adam Caplan He's getting a lot play now

<DaBrowns41> what team trades up in the top 10 to get Long, Dorsey, or D-Mac
Adam Caplan DA: NE wants to trade out
Adam Caplan NO wants to get up to get Dorsey
Adam Caplan NO is most likely to trade up

<Richard0915> where does Henne rise to?
Adam Caplan RI: Mid second
Adam Caplan area
Adam Caplan I don't buy the first round BS

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you know how the Browns had their top 5 players ranked in order. I think it went 1. J. Russell, 2. Calvin Johnson 3. Joe Thomas 4.Peterson 5. Quinn
Adam Caplan CD: I had it last year in my notes

<ramllov> Adam, it has been a pleasure enjoying your chats up through the draft. Do we get you again next week?
Adam Caplan RAM: for sure
Adam Caplan Wednesday
Adam Caplan you guys need to call in on Sirius
Adam Caplan when I'm on

<tguster> Will any team try to jump ahead of the Ravens and take Ryan?
Adam Caplan TG: CAR could be if he drops

<cdunfee1289> Adam, I am a new subscriber and wasn't around last year can you hook me up real quick on the order
Adam Caplan CD:I would have to look back at my notes
Adam Caplan I'll see for next week
Adam Caplan can't promise
Adam Caplan I have to see if I can figure out when I posted it
Adam Caplan will be hard
Adam Caplan You guys going to the draft
Adam Caplan anyone?
Adam Caplan I'll be there for first day only

<cdunfee1289> Adam, NFL Network's Adam Schefter said the Browns were talking to Oakland about trading up to the #1 pick but Oakland wanted Wimbley and a bunch of picks, any idea of who it was . I think it was Jamarcus
<cdunfee1289> who they were wanting to trade up for
<cdunfee1289> last year
Adam Caplan CD: what I can tell you is once they knew Thomas would be there at #3 they weren't trading
Adam Caplan he was #1
Adam Caplan as I called 2 months before the draft

<cdunfee1289> Joe was #1 on their board??
Adam Caplan CD: That's what I wrote
Adam Caplan Russell is very big
Adam Caplan and I don't mean in a good way

<DaBrowns41> Adam, do you have a bold prediction for this draft? Anything?
Adam Caplan DA: Browns wise no, sorry
Adam Caplan I wish I could
Adam Caplan but they don't pick for so long
Adam Caplan you could read the 10 commandments

<revdrake> It seems the offense is set, and the defense needs some fine tuning.Barring anything catastrophic, can the Browns compete with the big boys this year? (Indy, NE, SD, etc)
Adam Caplan REV: Could they play them tough, sure
Adam Caplan defense is the key
Adam Caplan offense can hang with any team

<DaBrowns41> no, I meant in general
<DaBrowns41> any team
Adam Caplan DA: I'd read what I have in my Friday notes
Adam Caplan that's when the wild stuff comes
Adam Caplan sense of urgency is near
Adam Caplan especially because teams have less time to pick so they want to get trades done before they get there

Adam Caplan All: That's all the time I have
Adam Caplan see you next week
Adam Caplan call Sirius if you can
Adam Caplan later

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