Free OBR Draft Updates via Your Phone!

Divided about whether to monitor the TV or head out to do other things during the likely Browns early-round downtime? Have it both ways - here's how to stay tuned in with what's happening in the NFL draft and other Cleveland Browns news while you're out and about!

As a hard-core Cleveland Browns fans you know the team doesn't have any picks until Round Four of the draft this year. So, you're planning on playing golf or doing other things and not hanging around the TV all afternoon.

But... you still want to stay tuned into the draft... maybe the team will trade up... decisions, decisions.

Well, now you can have it both ways. Stay plugged into the coverage at the OBR all weekend long by subscribing to the OBR Twitter feed via your IM client or mobile phone.

Here's how to do it:

1. Head to and set up an account.

2. After you set up an account, click the "Settings" link and then the "Devices" tab. There you have the option of hooking your Twitter account to your IM client and/or mobile phone. By setting the mobile phone option to "ON", you will get messages directly on your phone. The screen offers options to turn messages on and off and "sleep" during designated hours.

3. Head to and "FOLLOW" the OBR.

4. Relax and enjoy updates whenever Browns news breaks, new OBR stories are published, or whenever we feel like typing something into twitter. Be aware that we usually send out between 5-15 messages a day.

This is a FREE service of the OBR. No subscription is required.



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