Chris Steuber Chat Transcript's resident draft expert talks draft in The OBR chat room and parcels out nuggets of wisdom as to what direction the Browns may or may not take in this year's College Player Selection process, including a certain hard-nosed player who would be a "perfect fit" in Cleveland...

Barry McBride: Hey Chris! Welcome!

Chris Steuber: Hey guys.

Barry McBride: Chris Steuber is here to talk draft... pick his brain. Dude knows these players.

ramllov: Chris any ideas of Phil Savage trading up?

FunkyDawg: Break it down for the Browns Chris!

Chris Steuber: ramllov: it's hard to say if the Browns will trade up, but I know there will be a lot of movement this weekend.

Chris Steuber: Funkydawg: I think the Browns will upgrade their secondary with their first pick.

jb42776: whats the deepest position in the draft?

Chris Steuber: jb: the deepest position is probably rb, cb, de.

jsimmsy21: Any news on Antwaan Molden?
Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: Molden is moving up the board right now; possible late second round pick.

ramllov: Chris do you really see the CB, I would have thought the  Browns would go for an OLB pass rusher

Chris Steuber: ramllov: honestly, it may come down to who's the best player available for the Browns. They're picking late.

cdunfee1289: Chris, what do you think of Kevin Smith or Steve Slaton for the Browns in round 4

Chris Steuber: cdunfee: Kevin Smith will be gone; Slaton is possible.

Brownsfan91171: Chris, you see alot of trades in the first round?

Chris Steuber: browns: a lot of trades? No, but I see some significant movement. I think teams are angling to acquire guys like Sedrick Ellis, Brandon Albert and Chris Williams.

BrownsGettinBetter: What about Shawn Crable?  Is he a viable option for the Browns in the 4th round?

Chris Steuber: brownsgettingbetter: Crable is a possibility. He's an interesting player because he can play OLB or DE. I think he will be available in the fourth.

cdunfee1289: Chris, what do you think of Bruce Davis DE/OLB from UCLA for the Browns in round 4??

 Chris Steuber: cdunfee: Bruce Davis is a streaky defender. His sacks come in bunches and isn't very consistent. He's a tweener, who's best suited for a 3-4 defense. The Browns are possible.

jsimmsy21: Chris, give us a name that would be there in rounds 6 or 7? big time sleeper.

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: what position?

jb42776: Who is the best 3-4 OLB who could be available in round 3 the Browns could move up to get......any names?

Chris Steuber: jb: Cliff Avril has a chance to slip to the third round; he's a tremendous pass rushing threat.

ramllov: Chris do you see the CBs going in the teens in the first round and not so much in the top ten.  It seems that there are so
many good CBs, that four to six could go between 11-31

Chris Steuber: ramllov: I think Leodis Mckelvin has a chance to be a top-10 pick; the rest will be in the teens.

cdunfee1289: Chris, what about Terrell Thomas or Bruce Davis, could one be available for the Browns in round 4

Chris Steuber: cdunfee: I think Terrell Thomas will be off the board, but I think Davis will be available.

BrownsGettinBetter: Do you feel this draft is deep at the cornerback position?  Do you feel that Cleveland could acquire a corner on
the second day who could contribute a la Brandon McDonald.

Chris Steuber: brownsgettingbetter: yes, this draft is deep at CB. The Browns could get a player like Jack Williams, Terrence Wheatley or even Simeon Castille in the fourth round.

dapound: Chris, where do you see Jason Jones going to?

Chris Steuber: dapound: I think Jason Jones will be a third round pick.

cdunfee1289: Chris, what do you think of Kendall Langford or Frank Okam for the Browns late for d-line dpeth

Chris Steuber: cdunfee: L think Langford and Okam will be available and they both fit nicely in the Browns' defense. Okam is an intriguing player. If they can get him to play consistently he can be a monster.

cdunfee1289: Chris, what about Terrence Wheatley from Colorado for the Browns in round 4, what are your thoughts on him??

Chris Steuber: cdunfee: I really like Wheatley. He's a playmaker. He's undersized, but he has great ball skills and is very instinctive. He has great quickness. A solid defender.

ramllov: Chris how much of a drop off is there from the 12th CB to the 13th - 16th CB?

Chris Steuber: ramllov: it depends on the player. If you're talking about Terrence Wheatley to Simeon Castille; it's a speed issue. I think you will get more flaws the longer you wait to draft a cb.

section348: I heard Browns were looking at a lot of TE's is this for an upgrade or an other possible reason?

Chris Steuber: section: adding depth at a position is never a bad idea, especially at TE with Winslow's injury history.

ramllov: Chris so you see Simeon Castille, as a CB or a Safety?

Chris Steuber: ramllov: Castille can play both; he's a tweener. He'd probably be a nickel corner.

cdunfee1289: Adam, could Charles Godfrey be available for the Browns??

Chris Steuber: cdunfee: I think Godfery will be a second round pick; no chance in the fourth round.

dapound: Chris, if you were the Browns GM who would you target?

Chris Steuber: dapound: the best defensive player at CB, DT, DE/OLB.

jciardullo3: Chris - What players if any on the current roster could be used in a draft day trade if the right siutaion occurs?

Chris Steuber: jciardullo: who do you want to get rid of?

BarryMcBride: jciardullo: Adam Caplan talked about (Travis) Wilson last night. I'm doing that chat transcript right now. Will be available after
this chat.

64superfan: Phil Savage said at his April 11th session with the Browns Backers that he had interviewed a couple of potential 2nd round DTs and came away saying "We sure don't need a dummy like that".

64superfan: Any idea as to who that might have been?  Hope it wasn't Red Bryant or Frank Okam.

Chris Steuber: 64: those are two good DTs that would fit the browns system.

jsimmsy21: What do you think of Redd from liberty?

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: Redd is rangy defender who fits nicely in a 3-4 defense. He's a project, but he has a lot of potential. Possibly a fourth or fifth round pick.

64superfan: Chris, your take on LB Keglar?

Chris Steuber: 64: I like Keglar, but he was inconsistent at Purdue. He had a solid offseason and he's raised his stock.

nudawg: Chris, how do you evaluate the Browns corners from last year, Eric Wright and McDonald?

Chris Steuber: nudawg: I think the Browns corners were ok, but they need to improve. That's why drafting a cb is important. If they can move up and get a solid cb, that would help them out a lot.

ramllov: Chris do you see Keglar as an ILB for the Browns and him being their sledgehammer ILB?

Chris Steuber:
ramllov: I think Keglar is best suited on the outside; strong side.

ramllov: Does Keglar represent strong pass rushing skills?

Chris Steuber: ramllov: Keglar is more of a run defender; he's doesn't get after the QB. That's a knock on his game. He's good, but nothing special. Cliff Avril is the better of the two.

64superfan: Chris, where is CB Antwaun Molden (E. KY) rated now?  If he slips to Round 3, do you see the Browns trying to go up and get him?  Good size, decent speed.

Chris Steuber: 64: Molden is moving up quickly. He has great size, speed and skill. I think he will be a second round pick. Teams really like his upside.

ramllov: Chris I notice many players being asked about are rising beyond the Browns reach of 10 to 20 picks going up with a trade of next year's fourth choice.  Who is falling into the Browns lap, if they trade up 10 to 20 picks in the fourth round?

Chris Steuber: ramllov: good question, but it's hard to say. I think there will be some players who fall, but at this time giving a definitive name in the fourth round is unrealistic.

jsimmsy21: Molden was one of my favorite players that we might have a shot at, your killing me here chris

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: sorry, but Molden is rising!

Chris Steuber: as Browns fans are you happy or sad that the team doesn't have a pick in rounds 1 - 3?

DaBrowns41: I'm estatic at the value we received for our 1st 3 rounds, personally. Quinn, Williams and Rogers

ramllov: Chris, I am happy that they got their starting defensive line for the next three to five years

DaBrowns41: If all of them pan out, we could be a dangerous team all around

64superfan: Chris, I'm okay with it since I do believe the D line will be greatly improved -- more so than any but Dorsey and Ellis might have provided and we couldn't have reached them anyway.

nudawg: Can't be happy about that. It like saying I'm happy my pay is below the median.

jsimmsy21: So what do you think of Johnston of Gardner-Webb

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: I really like Johnston. He's a high motor guy who's very impressive. I think he has a chance to be a very good player. He needs more coaching, but he has good skills and could be a great pass rusher.

jsimmsy21: what round?

Chris Steuber: Johnston?

jsimmsy21: yea Johnston

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: I think Johnston will be a fourth rounder; possibly in browns territory. But he's a better fit for a 4-3.

DaBrowns41: Chris, how much has Jason Jones' stock risen since the end of the season? I love the kid personally

Chris Steuber: dabrowns: Jason Jones has really helped himself this offseason. he started as a mid-round pick and is now an early third round selection.

jciardullo3: Chris - chances of the Browns actually getting lucky and getting a true starter for game one in the 4th round?

Chris Steuber: jciardullo: if the browns scout well and feel comfortable with a certain player that they think can make an impact, he could start. Drafting in the mid-rounds is all about scouting. If you scout well your team will be fine.

64superfan: Chris, Gotta go.  Just tell me that Brandon Albert doesn't end up in a Steeler uniform!

Chris Steuber: 64: no chance albert goes to the steelers; I think he goes to Baltimore.

DaBrowns41: Chris, do you think Mendenhall is going to be a legit #1 back in the NFL?

Chris Steuber: dabrowns: yes, I think Mendenhall will be a very good rb in the nfl. He's big, explosive and slippery. He has all of the tools, but only being a one-year starter concerns me.

nudawg: Albert to the Ravens and not Ryan?

Chris Steuber: nudawg: if Ryan is off the board before the Ravens pick, the best player I think will be available is Branden Albert.

jciardullo3: Chris - I agree but the odds tend to be against you...would the Browns ever consider packaging maybe our 4th and 5th
to move up if a player of interest was available or because they have so few picks the more bodies the better the odds?

Chris Steuber: jciardullo: it's hard to say what the Browns will do in the fourth round, in regards to a trade. But the browns have been aggressive and I expect them to be on draft day.

DaBrowns41: Chris, who's your pick for best WR in this draft. I personally think it's Malcolm Kelly, for all-purpose and overall talent, but I know many would disagree with me

Chris Steuber: dabrowns: I totally agree with you. It's Malcolm Kelly hands down.

jciardullo3: chris - do you think the browns would consider Grant from OSU late?

Chris Steuber: jciardullo: Larry Grant will be available. He would be a nice sixth or seventh round pick.

jomama21: How about a RB in rounds 5-7.  Last year Kolby Smith went in the 5th and A. Bradshaw & D. Wynn went in the 7th.

Chris Steuber: jomama: I really like Jalen Parmele from Toledo. I think he could be a steal in the late rounds.

DaBrowns41: Chris, I personally think Dan Connor is overrated. I think he plays too soft and his inability to shed blockers kills me to watch. What are your thoughts on him?

Chris Steuber: dabrowns: I think Connor is a steady defender. You know what you're going to get with him. He's consistent and makes plays. He's not the most athletic player, but he gets the job done and always seems to be in position to make a play. I think he's solid and will be an early second round pick.

ramllov: Chris what ILB do you see coming to the Cleveland Browns in this draft?

Chris Steuber: ramllov: hmmm... how about Spencer Larsen from Arizona. He would be a nice addition to the Browns' defense.

jomama21: How about Forte?  Depth is needed behind J. Lewis.  Harrison and Wright are average at best.

Chris Steuber: jomama: I think Forte will be a third rounder.

jciardullo3: Chris - if the Browns don't get a ILB in the draft - do they go after Wilson (FA) harder?

Chris Steuber: jciardullo: if Al Wilson is healthy, he's a very good player. But I don't think he's healthy.

DaBrowns41: Chris, hypothetical question here, if Browns had a chance at McKelvin, Cromartie or Jenkins, who would best fit their scheme

Chris Steuber: dabrowns: I'd say Jenkins. He's a great cover corner and a savvy defender. I think he'd fit well.

jomama21: If he slips to the 4th would you take him or best defender available?

Chris Steuber: jomama: what player?

jomama21: Forte

Chris Steuber: jomama: Forte is a rb, not a defender. I think he's too good to fall to the fourth.

jsimmsy21: No way Forte gets to the fourth, but if he did, I'd pee myself

DaBrowns41: Chris, what has Henne done to raise his stock, and is he a legit QB at the next level?

Chris Steuber: dabrowns: Henne has been solid all offseason. He's shown great velocity and touch and has great leadership qualities. iI think teams see a winner.

dapound: Chris, what position if any do you se us doubling up on?

Chris Steuber:
dapound: CB!

jsimmsy21: What do you think of Chauncey Washingtone?

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: I like Washington, he's a little stiff, but he has good straight line speed. He's not very shifty and takes too many hard hits.

jsimmsy21: What about Owen Schmitt? We had him in for a visit. What's your take?

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: Schmitt is a throwback, hard-nosed player and would be a hit in Cleveland. He's possible in the mid-rounds. I'd like to see him improve his hands, but he's a good lead back.

Chris Steuber: Lead blocker, sorry.

Chris Steuber: hey guys, a few more questions...

jsimmsy21: how bout Trevor Scott from Buffalo?

jsimmsy21: I feel like i'm the only one "picking your brian"

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: Trevor Scott was on my all-sleeper defensive team. He's a very good pass rusher. I think he's going to be a sixth round pick. A team is going to get a steal with him. He's very athletic. He has to gain some weight, but he's a very good pass rusher.

jsimmsy21: Hilee Taylor?

jsimmsy21: Whats your take on him?

Chris Steuber: jsimmsy: I'm not as high on Taylor. I think he's ok, but I see more potential out of Durell Mapp, his teammate at UNC.

jomama21: How many quality defenders came out of rounds 5-7 last year?  We might only have one shot to get a starter and that's
in round 4.  Isn't CB a bigger need than LB?

Chris Steuber: jomama: I'd have to go back and look. I'm sure there were some hits in those rounds. You can always find quality in the late rounds; scouting is key at that point in the draft.

Chris Steuber: Hey guys, thanks for the questions... we're getting close to the biggest offseason spectacle.


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