Taylor: Trader Phil is Lurking

As Day One of the NFL Draft came to a close, the OBR's sources are telling us to keep our eyes open for deals to move up into the third round tomorrow morning. Who are the Browns targeting? And who might they give up? John Taylor brings the inside scoop, as always...

With Phil Savage having as many picks in the first three rounds of the NFL draft as I currently have in my possession, there is precious little intrigue surrounding the Cleveland Browns as the draft meanders into its second interminable day.

However, "very little intrigue" does not equal "the Browns will sit on their thumbs", The Orange & Brown Report has learned.

According to multiple team and league sources, there are a handful of players the Browns would consider trading up for should they unexpectedly fall from their pre-draft slotting. One source refused to divulge the specific names of players considered trade-up worthy, but did allow that the number was a "handful… somewhere more than two and less than ten".

That being said, The OBR has confirmed in one instance, and learned in another, the names of two draft-eligible players the Browns have on their list who have been deemed worthy of a move. Additionally, there is one position in particular the organization sees as having late-round value and may make a move on if a player falls into the general area of one of their late-round selections.

As first reported by The OBR earlier this year, and subsequently parroted by the "mainstream" "media", linebacker Shawn Crable remains a target of the club, with many within the organization privately hoping that the speedy Massillon native falls further than some expect and into their laps. Short of that, and if Crable falls "into their vicinity", general manager Phil Savage will put the pedal to his speed-dial metal and attempt to deal his way into a slot which would land the talented LB.

Another player of interest who may not be available—barring a trade—when the Browns are on the clock for the first time in 2008 is UNLV linebacker Beau Bell. While fans, media and some around the league have hung the scarlet "4.9" on Bell's chest, the Browns have been steadfastly impressed with his ability to make plays regardless of his straight-line 40-yard speed.

"Watch the tape. All he does is make plays," an NFC scout said.

The talk as to where Bell will ultimately land has varied from the second round until as late as the fifth, although it's widely accepted among most league observers that Bell will last until late in the third or early in the fourth, at the latest.

"Both (Crable and Bell) are the kinds of potential playmakers (the Browns) are looking for. They have some pock marks, but there's upside for both of them, especially considering they'll be available on the new second day," said the scout.

As for the position that could be deemed worthy of a move, here's a hint: it is one currently manned by a Pro Bowler firmly entrenched as the starter.

As one source explained to The OBR, "corner and linebacker are a given (position the Browns would look to move up for), but tight end is another one" that is of interest to the club. The long-term health of Kellen Winslow is an ongoing concern for the Browns, and the recent surgery back-up Steve Heiden underwent is one that "makes the club feel the need to explore the ‘just-in-cases'". Third-string tight end Darnell Dinkins is far from an untouchable—even given his stellar special teams play—and the Browns would like to give him some training camp competition in the form of a draft pick with upside.

Both wide receiver Travis Wilson and linebacker Andra Davis, along with picks in the 2009 draft, have been mentioned as possible trade bait should the Browns decide to pull the trigger on a move for a player they have targeted.

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