Scouting Reports on All Browns Draft Picks

Tom Marino has got the scoop on all the players the Browns picked up today... their strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Get the benefit of 35 years of scouting experience...

Tom Marino, an NFL Scout with 35 years of experience, has spent the last several year visiting college campuses and reviewing tape of draft-eligible college players. Included in his review are all of the Browns draft picks in the 2008 draft. Here's what Tom thinks of the players the Browns picked up today:

Beau Bell, OLB, UNLV

Explosive hitter who plays hard and fast. Can leverage, play off and runs to the ball. Excellent speed and backside effort (motor runs on high all of the time. A big hitter (people go backwards on contact). Top teams potential at the professional level. Felt he was marginal in pass coverage (tends to play straight legged -limited reaction). Sustained an MCL injury in Senior Bowl. Late 2nd to top of 3rd draft potential.

Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri

A late bloomer who is a one dimentional TE prospect. Catches well and was a strong runner after the catch. Money in the bank in the under zones. Lacks the true speed to pose an up the seam threat. Is neither as quick or fast as I originally expected and lacks the essential core strength necessary to contribute at the point of attack. Played too high and got little or no movement. Needs to fit into your offensive scheme. Rd 3-4 draft consideration.

Ahtyba Rubin, DT, Iowa State

Offensive tackle as a Juco player. Big man who has improved a great deal over the past 2 seasons. Is very strong, but is in every sense of the word a work in progress.Showed quickness and some playing range. Can stack inside particularly when he kept his pads down. Questionable play instincts and was inconsistent to find the ball on the inside. Felt his playing effort varried Draft consideration; rounds 5 to 6.

Paul Hubbard, WR, Wisconsin

Outstanding size and speed / top prep triple jumper in the country. Very limited playing production in 07. Drops too many easy ones in my opinion to be considered with the top level of receivers. Good body control and route quickness. Can adjust on the move and find the open area. Skilled player, but just does not play to his timed speed. A 3rd receiver type who with experience could develop into a functional second. Has 3-4 round draft potential.

Alex Hall, OLB, St. Augustine

Has a great deal of natural gifts, but is physically underdeveloped and from a position skill perspective is at least two years behind in terms of development. As a pass rusher, has long arms, good first step quickness, the stride length to get to the top of the rush and the closing speed to pressure the QB. Currrently lacks the body strength, plan of attack and practical experience to factor. Raiders type pick.


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