LB Spencer Larson teleconference

The Denver Broncos' sixth round pick LB Spencer Larsen talks to the media.


On his feelings after being drafted
"I'm so excited. It's been a long day. I couldn't have been chosen by a better team, and I'm probably the happiest kid today to ever get drafted. I'm really excited to come play with the Broncos. I feel like I bring a little maturity and just a passion for the game. I just love to play."

On whether his older age (24) due to a two-year Mormon mission negatively affected his draft status

"I don't know. It's hard to tell. Throughout the whole draft process, I felt like it was more of a positive than a negative. To see how it went today, [teams] might have held it more as a negative. I feel very young, and most of the guys I met at the combine were 23, 22. I'm a very young 24 years old, and I think that doesn't hurt me at all in my eyes. Some teams might have felt that I was too old to start out with, but I'm glad Denver didn't and I'm very excited to get going."

On which position he will play
"Just talking with coach [Mike Shanahan], middle linebacker I've heard. He also mentioned fullback, which I played in high school. I just want to contribute and help improve the team wherever they need me. I think 'Mike' linebacker is probably where we will start off."

On whether he was shocked to hear he might play fullback "I didn't play [fullback] at all in college, but I know the NFL is a different game. It did surprise me to hear that [but] it's not a negative to me at all."

On his ACL injury in 2005 "That was a fully torn ACL in '05. I had just returned back from my mission in South America, and it was the second spring practice. It was a very clean tear, no cartilage damage, nothing like that. They repaired it and I was back in four-and-a-half months. I played in a game four-and-a-half months later. It hasn't been an issue; it feels fine and [there are] zero problems there."

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