Tom Marino on the Browns Rookie Free Agents

This time of year, it looks like every team's draft and rookie free agent class has potential stars in their midst. Veteran NFL scout Tom Marino tells the OBR the strength and weaknesses of the undrafted free agents signed by the team yesterday. Get the straight scoop on some of the new guys...

Scouting some of the recently-signed rookie free agents...

Justin Harrison, S, Illinois: Tough little guy with marginal speed. Most effective playing down in the box. Physical guy who fills the run lane. Can't cover a slot receiver (stiff in his hips), and I would seriously question his ability to get over the top in zone

Kolo Kapanui, TE, West Texas A&M: USC transfer. Strong inline blocker with good short area explosion. Will get over his pads some, and didn't always position well after contact. He will also get high and will let his hands get outside the defenders frame. Doesn't run especially well, but caught the football in the under zones and once he got up a head of steam, was difficult to knock off his feet.  Lack of speed is always going to be a limiting factor.

Lance Leggett, WR, Miami (Fl): Big good looking athlete who ran well in his pads, but it all ends there. Doesn't come off the ball on his open releases and was far from a polished route runner. Not a confident hand catcher.  Wants to cradle the ball close to his body. Not nifty or quick in and out of his break (too much chopping).  Was a straight liner after the catch, showing few instincts and much in the way of field awareness.  

Darnell Terrell, CB, Missouri: Has all physical numbers you look for in a wing, but I was disappointed in his play.  Lacks the feet, hips and man cover skills for a corner and was neither tough or physical enough to play effectively inside. A marginal tackler in my estimation. In fairness to the player, he may have been playing cornerback due to team needs rather then where he best fits into a scheme. Adequate hands and may be best suited to line up as a free safety. Late round (5th - 7th) consideration

Travis Thomas, RB, Notre Dame: A short yardage back who did not show either the speed or power of a professional back. Beaten out early in 2007 and contributed mainly as a special teams player. Good team guy, but just isn't good enough to play at the next level. Marginal FA prospect

Chase Ortiz, DE, TCU: Outside backer in a 3-4 look. Plays with a good motor and had some adequate backside chase and outside pass rush potential. A straight line guy who doesn't have the hips and COD to project to linebacker. Too small to line up at as a 4-3 end. Gets muscled on the inside by big people. Looks like a steady back up prospect with second day (5th to 7th) round draft potential.

Jason Reda, K, Illinois: Would not consider drafting this player and would only consider locally (Oakland & San Francisco) as a free agent.

Eric Young, OT, Tennessee: First season at the LOT position. Appeared top heavy. Doesn't play with a lot of power. Comes off the ball well, but doesn't climb or finish consistently. At the second level or on the backside, was quick to do little. Feet and pass sets were solid, but again doesn't get lockout and was not strong on his feet. Just does not bend well and lacks power. A classic narrow based waist bender as a run blocker. Finesse rather then a power player. Round 6th to 7th.

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