Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

You're a real football fan. You want to know if the Cleveland Browns new players can play, not whether their third-grade teachers think they were nice boys. Cue Adam Caplan... get the straight scoop on the Browns draft picks from Scout's NFL reporter, as well as his take on the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals drafts.

Adam Caplan: hi all

<Brownsfan91171> Hey there Adam, so what did you think of the Browns draft?
Adam Caplan: I thought the Browns did well
Adam Caplan: Martin Rucker was a nice value
Adam Caplan: and based on Kellen Winslow's injury history and contract status, I can see the move.
Adam Caplan: Plus his addition will enable them to flex Winslow out wide

<nudawg> Adam, do you share Savage's affection for Paul Hubbard?
Adam Caplan: NU: Developmental WR with a big frame and a big upside

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, now that the draft is done, what do you think of the Browns chances to win the division?
Adam Caplan: BR: Same as it was before
Adam Caplan: I'm picking them to win it

<ramllov> Adam, How long can Kellen Winslow play for the Browns? Wear and tear?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No way to know that but the addition of Rucker gives them insurance
Adam Caplan: Hubbard will most likely be on the practice squad of if he surprises, he'll replace Wilson on the active roster

<nudawg> Adam, do you think the Browns need a reserve DE or two? Savage seems to think not.
Adam Caplan: NU: One more DE
Adam Caplan: yes
Adam Caplan: they got Rubin who will play NT
Adam Caplan: so they have depth there now
Adam Caplan: with Shaun Smith and Shaun Rogers
Adam Caplan: But they have to clear up some cash to sign a veteran CB

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will the DE come from UFA or veteran released?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not sure, too early to tell
Adam Caplan: I'll do my analysis before 6/1
Adam Caplan: I do an annual article on players who could be cut
Adam Caplan: it's rare these days
Adam Caplan: to see many names of note

<ramllov> Adam, can Andra Davis be a cap casualty?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I highly doubt it
Adam Caplan: they have no depth to begin with

<nudawg> Can Rubin play DE in a pinch?
Adam Caplan: NU: That remains to be seen
Adam Caplan: I'd think they may try him there in training camp

<ramllov> Adam, where do they find the necessary cap money?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Restructures
Adam Caplan: is usually the move

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, I have heard good things about Ahtyba Rubin being a very good NT, your take?
Adam Caplan: BR: High motor, upside

<jevanoff> Adam how do Babatunde Oshinowo and rubin compare
<jevanoff> both 6th rd picks
Adam Caplan: JEV: Rubin has a little more size

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are we getting in cap hell?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not really but they have enough to sign their rookies but not much else

<ramllov> Adam, why did the Browns pick their seventh round pick instead of Vince Redd, OLB, Liberty?
Adam Caplan: RAM: As noted before the draft, he was well less than 50-50 to be drafted by the Browns
Adam Caplan: My understanding is they didn't talk to him before the draft
Adam Caplan: which meant even less of a chance
Adam Caplan: because of the off the field issue
Adam Caplan: The Patriots got a decent report on him and called to sign him 5 mins after the draft

<amore> Do any of the Browns UDFA's impress you?
Adam Caplan: AM: A few have a good chance to go on practice squad
Adam Caplan: But I don't see any making the roster

<nudawg> Why did Savage renegotiate Rogers' contract. Seemed to me he was being paid well.
Adam Caplan: NU: They couldn't take that contract
Adam Caplan: as it was

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, what is your take on the other AFCN team drafts?
Adam Caplan: BR: BALT did well
Adam Caplan: as did PIT
Adam Caplan: CIN got a lot of young WRs
Adam Caplan: who will need time to develop
Adam Caplan: I like the Rashard Mendenhall pick
Adam Caplan: they needed a power RB

<amore> What do you think of Beau Bell?
<dhohenshil> Is Beau Bell the hammer they need?
Adam Caplan: AM/DH: Bell will transition to ILB in the 3-4 well
Adam Caplan: despite playing in 4-3
Adam Caplan: in college
Adam Caplan: he has good size, hands, tackles well
Adam Caplan: he plays faster than his listed speed

<amore> Any concerns about BB's injury history?
Adam Caplan: AM: His timed speed dropped
Adam Caplan: him
Adam Caplan: that actually made him a good value
Adam Caplan: where he was taken

<FunkyDawg> How did WE do, in your opinion?
Adam Caplan: FU: Fine
Adam Caplan: I never grade drafts, complete waste of time
Adam Caplan: But as far as addressing what they could with the picks, I thought they did well
Adam Caplan: They had to get a ILB
Adam Caplan: And as I said before the draft, getting a OLB wasn't as important as many thought
Adam Caplan: the pass rush should be better
Adam Caplan: with the additions in free agency

<ramllov> Adam, how high did you rate Beau Bell, top five ILB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Hard to say, he's scheme specific

<amore> How does Beau Bell compare to Jerod Mayo?
Adam Caplan: AM: Can't compare them really
Adam Caplan: Mayo is a true ILB
Adam Caplan: Bell has a bit more size
Adam Caplan: What I like about Bell is he's physical
Adam Caplan: that's what they need badly
Adam Caplan: at ILB

<ramllov> Adam, can A. Rubin, NT, be the sixth defensive linemen on the active roster this season?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I expect him to make the roster
Adam Caplan: may or may not dress
Adam Caplan: several factors go in to that each week

<steelersblow> Hey Adam, what do you see Bell contributing this year?
Adam Caplan: ST: 4th ILB for now
Adam Caplan: then if he progresses, could start
Adam Caplan: wouldn't be a surprise at all

<jevanoff> will Darnell Dinkins be cut?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Depends if they want to keep 4 TEs or not
Adam Caplan: that will be decided in camp

<Brownsfan91171> With drafting Rubin, will we see Rodgers play mainly DE?
Adam Caplan: BR: Nah, they want him playing both
Adam Caplan: and he's probably good at doing both

<ramllov> Adam, the Browns need a veteran CB and a veteran DE, and maybe Al Wilson, ILB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They don't really need a ILB
Adam Caplan: as badly as you think if Bell pans out
Adam Caplan: Lets see how he does in camps
Adam Caplan: leading up to training camp

<jevanoff> Any news on Gary Baxter or LeCharles Bentley?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Nothing will be new for a while
Adam Caplan: until the veteran camp
Adam Caplan: we should know then

<ramllov> If they sign Wilson, they can trade or dump Andra Davis and say a few million?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I don't see them cutting Davis, makes no sense
Adam Caplan: based on their lack of depth
Adam Caplan: and Wilson hasn't proven he can still play
Adam Caplan: Davis had his deal restructured I believe
Adam Caplan: As for Winslow, it's a wait and see situation
Adam Caplan: As for his knees long term, he can only answer that but the sense is there's a concern

<jevanoff> a K2 holdout is ridiculous. he has 3 years left i don't get it
Adam Caplan: JEV: The leverage is on the Browns side

<shakadawg> As we sit today, what do you see as the biggest weaknesses with this team?
Adam Caplan: SH: pass rush
Adam Caplan: but it comes down to how the new guys do
Adam Caplan: it may not be after all

<amore> Any chance Alex Hall could see any playing time this year?
Adam Caplan: AM: Doubtful
Adam Caplan: would have to have a huge training camp

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did the Ravens reach for Joe Flacco at their pick and will they push him into starting role?
Adam Caplan: BR: I had it in my pre-draft notes that they would probably do that

<ramllov> Adam, A. J. Davis, CB was on the practice squad, and a third round draft choice last year for another team. Can this guy do anything during camp to excel?
Adam Caplan: RAM: anything is possible
Adam Caplan: they have to get better play from the CBs
Adam Caplan: and Davis was highly touted

<amore> There are conflicting reports - did the Browns have interest in Shawn Crable?
Adam Caplan: AM: All I can tell you is several teams didn't think he was fluid enough to play OLB

<nudawg> How soon do you think Flacco will be ready?
Adam Caplan: NU; Talking to his personal QB coach, Scott Brunner, another former tall QB for Delaware, he said year three
Adam Caplan: but my sense is he will start a few games
Adam Caplan: late in the season
Adam Caplan: if they are out of the playoff race

<Number1BrownsFan> Can/Will Leon Williams play at OLB?
Adam Caplan: NU: He can play OLB but the Browns seem to want to keep him inside because of his size

<jevanoff> i hate to say it but Keith Rivers looks like a pro bowler for years to come
Adam Caplan: JEV: And he play rush too
Adam Caplan: he can do a lot
Adam Caplan: he played all three positions

<grinch> Can you think of any prior QB who transferred down from 1-a to 1-AA and did well ?
Adam Caplan: GR: It's about what he looks like on film
Adam Caplan: he had by far the best arm in the draft
Adam Caplan: and he's willing to stay in traffic and throw the ball
Adam Caplan: most young QBs won't do that
Adam Caplan: most fans haven't seen him play
Adam Caplan: which is why they said the Ravens reached

<grinch> BTW - Gil Brandt expressed concern about players who transferred down - reason for the question.
Adam Caplan: GR: I really can't comment on that
Adam Caplan: I can just go by what I've seen

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did Atlanta make a mistake in drafting Ryan?
Adam Caplan: BR: No reason to think they did
Adam Caplan: Dorsey may be the better player

<CCDawg49> Adam, did you think Brown, VT OT, was a reach by the Houston Texans in round 1?
Adam Caplan: CC: Totally
Adam Caplan: Duane Brown had a second round grade
Adam Caplan: but they got scared
Adam Caplan: so they reached
Adam Caplan: Dorsey I like a lot but the medical issues

<amore> Anybody the Browns just missed on who they really wanted in the draft?
Adam Caplan: AM: I'm sure there were a lot since they picked so late
Adam Caplan: but I like the thinking, lets go get a guy like Rucker and Bell late

<dhohenshil> Is Darren McFadden better than Adrian Peterson?
Adam Caplan: DH: Not even half the player
Adam Caplan: fans have no idea
Adam Caplan: McFadden doesn't look very good on coaching tape
Adam Caplan: he falls down after one hit way too much
Adam Caplan: he's an open hole runner
Adam Caplan: with great speed

<jevanoff> Adam he's like Deangelo Williams + 20 lbs
Adam Caplan: JEV: And you saw what the Panthers did there
Adam Caplan: they're telling you what they think of Williams

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any take on the developmental OLB we took in the 7th? Do you see him on the field?
Adam Caplan: BR: No

<CCDawg49> Adam, thoughts on Hubbard? think he has the chance to replace Joe Jurevicius in 2 years?
Adam Caplan: CC: Big frame, needs a ton or work though
Adam Caplan: nice upside

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what are your thoughts on Ahtyba Rubin and Paul Hubbard, do you like the picks and will they make the team??
Adam Caplan: CD: Rubin has a good chance to make it
Adam Caplan: Hubbard almost certainly won't contribute this season

<jevanoff> Adam do we have a patchwork OLB position other than Kamerion Wimbley? Doesn't seem like we have any one to count on
Adam Caplan: JEV: I think Wimbley will be better
Adam Caplan: with all the new help around him

<Number1BrownsFan> How long do you see Donte Stallworth being a Brown?
Adam Caplan: NU: Probably 2 years
Adam Caplan: at most
Adam Caplan: his effort is always an issue

<Number1BrownsFan> What about LeCharles Bentley? Do we trade him? What's his chances of staying?
Adam Caplan: NU: he has no value
Adam Caplan: coming off that injury
Adam Caplan: and he's on a one-year deal

<jevanoff> Adam, What's everyone got against Stallworth? i thought he played well in NE. is there something on tape that ppl see?
Adam Caplan: JEV: He got benched
Adam Caplan: for a much lesser player - Jabar Gaffney

<CCDawg49> can a receiver be "taught" to catch the ball better, or just get more reps to improve?
Adam Caplan: CC: Any receiver can be taught but a lot of it is mental

<ramllov> Adam, have you heard any updates on Gary Baxter, S/CB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They will make that decision in veteran camp but I'd be surprised if he plays CB again

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, at least Stallworth is a temporary upgrade over what we had last year
Adam Caplan: BR: Oh, he can run
Adam Caplan: no doubt
Adam Caplan: but consistent effort is a problem
Adam Caplan: Good guy though

<cdunfee1289> Adam, do you see Martin Rucker making an immediate impact in two tight end sets w/ K2??
Adam Caplan: CD: You would have to define impact
Adam Caplan: But he will get snaps each game and as I noted earlier, they can then flex out Winslow more

<nudawg> do you think Rucker will ever learn to block?
Adam Caplan: NU: Not sure what you mean
Adam Caplan: his head coach said he really improved
Adam Caplan: last few seasons

<darboman> Adam do you see a decent vet CB becoming available
Adam Caplan: DAR: Unlikely

<jevanoff> Adam i thought the commentary during the draft about rucker "not blocking a soul" was ridiculous. he played in that Y slot role like Winslow
Adam Caplan: JEV: when he started out, yes, he didn't block well
Adam Caplan: he was a willing learner

<CCDawg49> Adam, any word on Kenny Wright? I thought he'd be cut by now.
Adam Caplan: CC: Browns are still waiting for something to happen legally first

<ramllov> Adam, The Browns invited 7+ cornerbacks to rookie camp. Do you like any of them?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Lets take a look at when the veterans get in there

<amore> Any surprise veteran cuts for the Browns coming up?
Adam Caplan: AM: Other than Kenny Wright possibly and Bentley if he doesn't look good in veteran camp, not really

<Butzmark> Any info on Heiden's disk surgery? That can be a tough one with an older player
Adam Caplan: BUT: They expect him to be ready in June

<CCDawg49> Adam, you surprised the Steelers didn't draft an OL early?
Adam Caplan: CC: Not really after getting some late info, apparently Marvel smith's back issues are gone
Adam Caplan: I'm told

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any idea why Maryland LB Erin Henderson went undrafted??
Adam Caplan: CD: Surprised as most were
Adam Caplan: he had a 5th round grade
Adam Caplan: from most teams
Adam Caplan: but there are always surprises
Adam Caplan: Ben Patrick last year

Adam Caplan: All: I'll see you next week, good chat

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