Inside Skinny: The New Recruits

On Monday, the Browns added seven tryout players, jettisoning others the team had signed the week before. Lane Adkins looks at the new guys to see if there could possibly a Josh Cribbs or Leigh Bodden hidden in the group...

The OBR's Lane Adkins gives you the skinny on the new Browns signed on Monday.

OL Nathan Bennett was in camp previously with the Carolina Panthers and could be intriguing as a developmental prospect. Bennett displays knowledge of blocking schemes, has a physical presence and can likely contribute on special teams. Agile and athletic, Bennett is considered a long-shot to make the roster, but is the type of player that could excel with the hands-on approach of the Cleveland coaching staff.

WR Nate Hughes is a quick, lean and athletic receiver that has above average receiving skills and ability. Could be a surprise heading into the off-season training activities and has the speed, quickness and mentality to play a role on special teams.

DB Mil'Von James caught the eye of the Browns staff while scouting last year's second round draft choice cornerback Eric Wright.  He got their attention again when scouting linebacker Beau Bell this past season. James has improved his technique and willingly accepts coaching. He possesses sound speed, quickness and ball awareness, while displaying instincts which could translate to the next level. James often matched up and fared well against the best the opposition had to offer in two-seasons at UNLV. He has become increasingly fluid with physical maturity and could help on special teams immediately.

DB Damon Jenkins plays bigger than is measurables would indicate. He will initiate contact and fights through the ball. Athletic, Jenkins needs coached-up on the details and intricacies of the passing game defense. Jenkins can be too aggressive at times, but displays the mentality of competitiveness and a strong desire and work ethic. Special teams type candidate for the immediate future.

LB Xavier Mitchell is a high-motor type player with the strength and quickness to have potential at the next level. At Tennessee, he played against solid competition at the collegiate level and progressed throughout. Mitchell will need to add weight and strength, but has the physical stature to fill out well. He has a quick and solid first step and strong burst and leverage, and is a very active player with the ability to instinctively pursue. Mitchell needs work to develop into a three-down player, but displays pass rush ability. Could help on special teams during development.

RB Austin Scott shows the speed, quickness and toughness to play the game. He handles contact well, runs through tackles and has the mental makeup to excel. Compact and powerful stature equates to pro-game potential, he has adequate vision awareness and displays sound developmental fundamental prowess. Needs to work on ball-handling technique and keeping the ball secure, but possesses an understanding of coaching, self-development and responsibility. Strictly a developmental player at this time with upside.

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