Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam talked with hard-core Browns fans on the OBR chat room on Wednesday night. The focus was on defense...

<Brownsfan91171> Did the front office know that McGinest was calling it quits after this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: Everyone one knew about it, not a surprise, was totally expected

<ramllov> Adam, Ahtyba Rubin, can he be the sixth defensive lineman this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He will be expected to be in the mix for a spot on the active roster

<Brownsfan91171> Is this one of the reasons the front office was trying so hard to get an OLB?
Adam Caplan: BR: One doesn't have to do with the other
Adam Caplan: since McGinest is playing this season

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Shaun Rogers going to start at nose tackle or end, how will the starting d line look??
Adam Caplan: CD: As for Rogers, RAC said he will play both
Adam Caplan: the decision where he will start out each game will probably have something to do with gameplan, how he looks in practice, and opponent
Adam Caplan: each week

<ramllov> Adam, do you see the opening defensive front three as Williams, Smith and Rogers?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I would say that's a pretty good bet
Adam Caplan: and a pretty good look for the front three

<DaBrowns41> Adam, as of now who would you keep on the roster, Wilson or Hubbard?
Adam Caplan: DA: Way too early to say either way
Adam Caplan: team has no idea
Adam Caplan: and won't for some time
Adam Caplan: but I will say this, they might keep Hubbard on the active roster just so they don't lose him through waivers
Adam Caplan: so that means Wilson could be out of a job either way

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what is going to be a position the Browns will be looking to draft in 2009, they seem pretty set everywhere besides secondary and outside linebacker
Adam Caplan: CD: Time will tell through the season but obviously they have to address CB
Adam Caplan: that's one need that is worse than it was at the start of free agency

<amore> Any of the UDFA's impress you?
Adam Caplan: AM: I'm never impressed with anyone in the post-draft camp
Adam Caplan: what you're looking for is the players to understand what they are being asked to do so far
Adam Caplan: how fluid they look
Adam Caplan: Don't be fooled by anything you read about the rookies now
Adam Caplan: what I want to see is how they do when the pads go on

<cdunfee1289> Adam, is Austin Scott someone that could develop into something??
Adam Caplan: CD: If he's not cut before training camp he could push Harrison
Adam Caplan: understand UDFAs are literally in a week to week situation

<tjm427> why hasn't holly signed his contract?
Adam Caplan: TJM: The Browns now hold his rights
Adam Caplan: he will sign it before mandatory work

<Pagedawg> Adam, do you think Peek will perform as well as you thought he would last year now that he is healthy?
Adam Caplan: PAGE: The team apparently saw what I saw on tape before last season so if healthy, he should be a solid rotational player

<amore> Lets say DA has another fine year and BQ gets little playing time. What kind of draft pick would he bring in trade?
Adam Caplan: AM: conditional 3-4th rounder
Adam Caplan: based on PT time that he got with the new team
Adam Caplan: but I can tell you the team doesn't want to trade Quinn
Adam Caplan: They see Quinn as a decently paid backup QB
Adam Caplan: why sign someone else who hasn't been there

<amore> But won't BQ's agent demand a trade if things are status quo after this year?
Adam Caplan: AM: That's what I said last year and that could happen, problem is the Browns hold all the leverage

<DaBrowns41> Adam, how do you see the ILB position playing out. I see Davis and Jackson starting, but I can see a nice rotation of our LB's as well
Adam Caplan: DA: Training camp will settle that, it's not a lock that Davis starts, in fact, I think Williams will win that

<cdunfee1289> Adam, can Ahtyba Rubin play defensive end and play at the same level as he could at nose or is he strictly a nose tackle??
Adam Caplan: CD: They haven't said if he can or can't play DE yet
Adam Caplan: I believe he has the movement skills to do so
Adam Caplan: though

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any shot Beau Bell could crack the starting lineup week 1??
Adam Caplan: CD: Yes because they aren't happy with the other three totally
Adam Caplan: wouldn't be surprise at all if he won a stating job

<tjm427> is Shaun Smith anything more than an average NT?
Adam Caplan: TJ: Check he amount of snaps he had to play at DE
Adam Caplan: then you'll see why he got worn down last season
Adam Caplan: it got to be a joke
Adam Caplan: this season will be different
Adam Caplan: they will have a great rotation

<Pagedawg> If more teams played the 34 Defense what round would Rubin have been taken?
Adam Caplan: PGE: No way to know
Adam Caplan: I can tell you though he had a 5th-6th round grade from most teams

<cdunfee1289> Adam, how much do they like D'Qwell Jackson because next years ILB crop with Maualuga and Laurinaitus looks strong and Ray Lewis may hit the open market in free agency??
Adam Caplan: CD: They want to see Jackson step up his play
Adam Caplan: then make a decision after 2008
Adam Caplan: on the ILBs
Adam Caplan: that position, if they all play well plus Bell won't be a priority

<DaBrowns41> If I can chime in, Smith was bad at DE last year. But at NT, our defense was changed, we played much better with him in there. Problem is, Roye was hurt and Smith had to play DE, not to mention many 3 and outs on occasion fatigued our defense, and Smith was one of the few that could actually play DE also.
Adam Caplan: DA: You should have seen practice, they had a hard time getting three healthy DLs some weeks
Adam Caplan: RAC said he will play DE and NT
Adam Caplan: which kind of surprised me

<amore> DQ seems small for the kind of LB's Romeo likes to use (ala New England) - agree?
Adam Caplan: AM: NE's ILBs are small
Adam Caplan: 240 lbs range
Adam Caplan: Bruschi smaller
Adam Caplan: in fact

<lildawg99> Adam, any idea how Melila Purcell has developed? has he gained much weight to play in our defense?
Adam Caplan: LIL: I expect him to beat out Pittman, he has more upside

<cdunfee1289> Adam, any shot they look to add a safety next year if Sean Jones and Brodney Pool don't step up their game
Adam Caplan: CD: sure
Adam Caplan: they also need depth there

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who does Alexander go to and does he have any left in the tank?
Adam Caplan: BR: He can't play
Adam Caplan: Seattle said so by releasing him
Adam Caplan: when a player is released just a few years into an extension they are telling you what they think of him
Adam Caplan: and he's not the kind of RB that can come off the bench

<cdunfee1289> Adam, what is going on with Antonio Pittman now a days, is he still with the Rams??
Adam Caplan: CD: Yes
Adam Caplan: Pittman is still with STL

<DaBrowns41> Honestly, Adam, I only see Smith at DE if somebody is injured. I mean, he may take a drive or so a game, but that's it.
Adam Caplan: DA: They will see who does well in each and plan accordingly
Adam Caplan: they need one more DE to set the rotation
Adam Caplan: it could be Purcell

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, June 1st cuts?
Adam Caplan: BR: Most overrated and non issue date
Adam Caplan: new CBA gives teams more flexibility
Adam Caplan: so you rarely see any big names
Adam Caplan: go post 6/1
Adam Caplan: most moves were done prior to the draft

<DaBrowns41> Adam, do you know Purcell's weight as of now? Does he look bigger and stronger? If so, he'll make this team, IMO.
Adam Caplan: DA: 270 range, maybe a little more

<ramllov> Adam, are their many teams heavy in CB talent, so that they will have some late preseason trades?
Adam Caplan: RAM: We could see the Eagles do something

<DaBrowns41> I think Rubin could contribute at DE.
<DaBrowns41> he's best suited at NT, but he's strong enough to rush as a DE, IMO.
Adam Caplan: DA: Understand DEs usually in 3-4 are run defenders
Adam Caplan: Williams will be the exception

<amore> If the Browns offense continues to excel this year - will Chud get Head Coaching opportunities?
Adam Caplan: AM: Yes, he has a lot of interest out there

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, we need to sign some players long term. How does a potential lock out affect that?
Adam Caplan: BR: It's really a cap issue now

<Brownsfan91171> What happens with signing bonuses after 2009?
Adam Caplan: BR: Nothing ,they are paid
Adam Caplan: without a cap though free agents aren't UFAs until 6 years

<DaBrowns41> Was that in reference to my Rubin comment? Because he's a run stopper, which is another reason I feel he could play
Adam Caplan: DA: Yes, he really wouldn't be expected to rush the passer

<ramllov> When you say Williams will be the exception, what do you mean?
Adam Caplan: RAM: usually DEs in 3-4 scheme aren't pass rushers
Adam Caplan: Williams will be the exception because he will be asked to get to the passer

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, on paper does our defense move up to the mid range?
Adam Caplan: BR: Only issue is the back 4 now
Adam Caplan: front seven should be decent

<topdawg21> Do you see Hubbard making the active roster?
Adam Caplan: TOP: I addressed that earlier, they could choose to keep him on active roster
Adam Caplan: so he wouldn't get signed off of waivers
Adam Caplan: which means Wilson is out

<64superfan> So, what's the story with the back four? We've got to add corners. I still would like to know which UDFAs show the most promise.
Adam Caplan: 64: Ask me in August
Adam Caplan: there's no contact
Adam Caplan: now
Adam Caplan: no way to have any idea
Adam Caplan: But what you want to see out of them is how well they move and understand
Adam Caplan: what they are being asked to do

<cdunfee1289> Adam, whats going on with Ty Law, any shot we take a chance??
Adam Caplan: CD: He wants a little more cash
Adam Caplan: CLE doesn't have anything left to give him
Adam Caplan: other than one-year minimum

<64superfan> Adam, Pittman was working with the rookies last weekend. What seems to be the plan for him?
Adam Caplan: 64: They'd like him to win a job on the active roster
Adam Caplan: I'm interested to see if he can beat out Purcell
Adam Caplan: The one UDFA who has a chance to make the team is Austin Scott
Adam Caplan: AJ Davis was an interesting prospect
Adam Caplan: I want to see how he does once the pads go on
Adam Caplan: he could actually contribute

<topdawg21> Does Kevin Kasper really have a shot at making the team?
Adam Caplan: TOP: Unlikely
Adam Caplan: I'd be surprised

<amore> Are the Browns getting capped out - will they be able to sign any significant free agent next year?
Adam Caplan: AM: They will be ok next year

<DaBrowns41> Adam, you mention Austin Scott, I'm assuming Harrison would be the odd man out in this situation, as Wright has
shown to be an effective #2. Problem is, Harrison has potential to step up as a #2. What are your thoughts? And sorry every question of mine is about 2 paragraphs long. haha
Adam Caplan: DA: For sure, Harrison would have to be out
Adam Caplan: they really want to push him
Adam Caplan: Scott has the talent
Adam Caplan: at this point, Harrison and Wilson are less than 50-50 to make it
Adam Caplan: based on the past two seasons of non-contributions
Adam Caplan: especially Wilson who has been a big zero
Adam Caplan: that's why they offered him to the Vikings

<topdawg21> Do you see the Browns keeping Shaffer at RT beyond 08?
Adam Caplan: TOP: Yep, that's his best position and he knows it
Adam Caplan: on tape it shows too
Adam Caplan: he wasn't a natural LT

<cdunfee1289> Adam, would you say Harrison has a better chance than Wilson to make the roster??
Adam Caplan: CD: Yes

<amore> Were the Browns really shopping Braylon Edwards during last year's draft?
Adam Caplan: AM: They wanted to see what he would yield and no one gave anything significant

<ramllov> Adam, What is with David McMillan, LB, ST player. Can he make it?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Peek and Orr will be expected to be ahead of him

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, in the media is seems like Edwards has really matured. Is there the same perception in the lockerroom?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes and yes. In fact, was talking to a pro personnel director from an NFC team today about that
Adam Caplan: Just about how Edwards could be even better this season

<DaBrowns41> Adam, will Rucker take Heiden's spot on goal line passing? I've always seen Heiden as a strong reliable target in the
short field
Adam Caplan: DA: Depends on down, distance, and situation
Adam Caplan: and play call
Adam Caplan: Rucker will give them a chance formationally to do different things
Adam Caplan: against each opponent

Adam Caplan: all, see you next week

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