In-Depth Notes from OTA Practice

If you're a hard-core Browns fan, you probably wanted to watch Wednesday's OTA practice from the sidelines. Barring that, we'll get you the next best thing, Lane Adkins as your eyes and ears. Here's what you really want to know - the scoop on how players looked on Wednesday, and more...

*Disclaimer......The OTA's are basically no-contact drills*

  • The Browns opened drills with Robaire Smith and Corey Williams at the defensive end spots, with Shaun Smith on the nose. The drills in the OTA sessions are no-contact, so gauging any performance would be unrealistic.
  • Defensive lineman Shaun Rogers wasted little time making his presence felt. On his very first snap lining up at nose tackle, Rogers blew up a running play at the line of scrimmage. Often, Rogers was quick off the ball, which should make for interesting battles when the pads go on. When asked if quickness was his best asset on the field, Rogers laughed and noted, "I'm a football player, that is what I do."
  • Two of the newest members of the Cleveland Browns defense, Rogers and Corey Williams, expressed similar sentiments regarding the defensive scheme. Neither player has played in a base 3-4 defense, but the change doesn't concern either of these highly regarded linemen. In both cases, the players noted that they really liked the 3-4 scheme and that it would take them a little time adjusting to the responsibilities from being a 4-3 end or 4-3 defensive tackle.
  • With starting linebacker D'Qwell Jackson out of camp temporarily for personal reasons, Andra Davis and Leon Williams lined up as the starting ILB's, with both players taking reps in Jackson's place.
  • As the practice session continued, veteran linebacker Willie McGinest was a presence on the playing field. Again healthy, McGinest was active and extremely vocal. Bellowing out signals and instruction on defense, McGinest was animated and demonstrated his drive for this team to work hard.
  • OLB Antwan Peek blew-up tight-end Darnell Dinkins in a blocking drill. Throughout the practice session, Peek was quick off the ball and was exceptional in one-on drills.
  • Free agent acquisition, OLB Shantee Orr, is physically smaller than McGinest and Peek but shows great burst and quickness. Leverage is definitely something Orr utilizes to his advantage.

  • Fear not, a new three-year contract has not made starting running back Jamal Lewis fat and happy. Lewis appeared to be in great shape and was quick and explosive in this camp practice session. All Lewis would say as he was leaving the practice field was, "I'm feeling good."

  • Coming into the OTA's, starter Derek Anderson was relaxed and threw the ball well. Like the other QB's in camp, Anderson has been in town, throwing to receivers for the past few weeks. Anderson and Stallworth have been playing pitch and catch for almost five weeks, with the timing in these non-contact drills being consistent.
  • Speaking of Wilson, he ran crisp routes, but appears to suffer from lapses in concentration. He dropped a couple of very catchable passes and did not extend for yet another potential reception.
  • The saga surrounding offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley continues to develop. Bentley was originally believed to be coming to Cleveland to participate in the OTA's. Now, according to head coach Romeo Crennel, "He (Bentley) has one or two things he needs to work through to come and pass our physical". Bentley is now not expected in camp until the June.

  • Starting tight end Kellen Winslow is not in camp and is recovering from knee surgery. As the OTA's are voluntary, Winslow does not have to report to these camp sessions. The team expects Winslow to report to the mandatory camp in June.

  • While rumors persist about wide receiver Braylon Edwards wanting a contract extension, the talkative receiver isn't showing any signs of distraction on the field. Physically gifted in the extreme, Edwards made this practice session appear effortless. Following practice, Edwards had nothing but praise for his friend, Donte Stallworth and the additions the team has made this off-season. According to Edwards, all he wants to do is win. Edwards shunned away from discussing the absence of Winslow from the OTA's, noting only, "Everybody goes through personal trials and tribulations, and obviously he has something going on that the team is aware about.
  • Starting right guard Ryan Tucker left the field today, with what was termed 'hip discomfort'. This evening, the Orange and Brown Report has been told by a team source Tucker's hip is a non-issue.

  • Defensive back Kenny Wright had his contract terminated by the team today.

  • Defensive back Jereme Perry, a former Browns player in 2006, has been signed.

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