Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Another terrific off-season chat with Scout's Senior NFL reporter... topics included whether Gary Baxter might be the answer at corner, the imminent return of LeCharles Bentley, and much, much more!

Adam Caplan: Got some notes on Wimbley and Quinn's contract tomorrow
Adam Caplan: which you'll find interesting
Adam Caplan: other than that, it's quiet

<ramllov> Adam, A.J. Davis, CB, is getting some great coverage, Any ideas of his making the team?
Adam Caplan: RAM: We talked about that in the podcast tonight, the hope is that he'll be the #5 CB
Adam Caplan: My guess is they will carry five CBs
Adam Caplan: or a hybrid CB/S

<amore> What's up with Winslow - why isn't he in Berea?
Adam Caplan: I would expect Winslow at the mandatory camp in June

<ramllov> Who is the fourth CB? Perry?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They have like 6 CBs
Adam Caplan: that will vie for 5 spots
Adam Caplan: actually 5 now including Perry
Adam Caplan: but I expect a veteran to be added
Adam Caplan: via free agency or trade
Adam Caplan: by start of training camp

<ramllov> Thanks, Perry was a nice addition, what took them so long?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They wanted to get the Wright stuff resolved first
Adam Caplan: They still need a veteran
Adam Caplan: at some point to add some experience
Adam Caplan: I think the front seven will be ok for now

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who do you like more A.J. Davis or Jereme Perry?
Adam Caplan: BR: Both offer different things, Davis probably has more upside/talent

<ramllov> Adam, I read about Buffalo's CB, Ashton Youboty on the ATI tonight, referencing Savage on Sirius, and the Browns were thinking about trading for a CB? What do you think?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I didn't hear the interview yet, will tomorrow. Youboty is probably on the outs with the Bills so he may be had cheaply
Adam Caplan: but he's also not a veteran
Adam Caplan: so not sure if he really can help them
Adam Caplan: but they may have liked him prior to the 2006 draft

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is there a concern for one more DE?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not nearly as much for secondary help

<Hogan> Melila Purcell or Chase Pittman have a chance at the roster?
Adam Caplan: HO: One of them has a chance to make it
Adam Caplan: Purcell probably offers more to them

<pwraznstyle> do you think this is Willie McGinest's last year and does he have anything left in the tank?
Adam Caplan: PW: Yes on the last year and they may use him a little different than previously

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, there seems to be a lot of a Donte Stallworth lovefest. Is it legitimate?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not sure what you mean but Stallworth has been on four teams on four years
Adam Caplan: for a reason
Adam Caplan: he's not very consistent
Adam Caplan: and fizzles out after a while
Adam Caplan: But he does one thing quite well - stretches the field
Adam Caplan: not a great practice player either

<Hogan> do you think the defensive scheme will look different this year with the added talent - or same scheme just better players
implementing it?
Adam Caplan: HO: I think the OLBs will be used a little differently
Adam Caplan: despite what some say, RAC let the former DC do a lot more than he says

<wsu99> i want to try to be at training camp for a couple of days but, I live in WI so I can only go for a weekend any suggestion on when to go?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Only go when the pads are on and try not to go on a special teams practice day
Adam Caplan: those practices or shorter

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did the coaches change a lot of Quinn's mechanics in the offseason? If so, how are the results so far?
Adam Caplan: BR: I know they are happy with his progress

<amore> Seems like the players are happy to have Tucker replacing Grantham - agree?
Adam Caplan: AM: Yes, Grantham tried to get the players to take his side, don't think it worked

<Hogan> Interested to see Cliff Louis speak at the browns draft brunch - coincidence? or do they like him?
Adam Caplan: HO: He will get more reps
Adam Caplan: but he has a lot to prove

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any word on Wimbley adding new moves in the offseason?
Adam Caplan: Br: Not sure what you're referring to as no one with the team felt he needed to add any new moves
Adam Caplan: What they needed to do, and what I'm told they will do is adjust where he lines up

<Brownsfan91171> Wimbley mentioned it end of last year
Adam Caplan: BR: I'm talking from a coaching standpoint
Adam Caplan: they didn't think it was a big deal

<ramllov> Adam, What is your opinion on Orr, the new OLB, who use to play the OLB in a 3-4 for Houston?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Undersized OLB who can run, rush passer
Adam Caplan: one good season
Adam Caplan: but has upside

<Hogan> besides CB - what do you think is the weakest area of hte team?
Adam Caplan: HO: That's probably it
Adam Caplan: there are consistency issues at safety
Adam Caplan: that's a concern

<Hogan> I LOVE IT
<Hogan> that answer has been a long time coming - thanks savage
Adam Caplan: HO: I will say this, few GMs are as aggressive at addressing needs

<pwraznstyle> how realistic is it that Bentley makes the roster or can contribute at all?
Adam Caplan: PW: Less than 50-50

<ramllov> Adam, is the CB and OLB, the two top needs for the 2009 off season?
Adam Caplan: RAM: That won't be known until we see what happens in 2008
Adam Caplan: But for this season, CB is a big issue
Adam Caplan: OLB should be ok this season

<Hogan> overall - you like Savage's approach this offseason - specifically DL?
Adam Caplan: HO: Yes, my only issue is signing or trading guys with questionable work habits
Adam Caplan: you don't want to bring too many of them in
Adam Caplan: Stallworth is actually a good guy

<wsu99> will they really miss Leigh Bodden that much?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Yes because he was their best CB
Adam Caplan: Now if McDonald shocks the world and plays well, maybe they won't miss him as much

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, does Savage reach to address needs?
Adam Caplan: BR: You would have to define reach but he addresses them. But overpays in a sense
Adam Caplan: and he did leave a glaring weakness
Adam Caplan: But I think you can get away with it to a degree at CB
Adam Caplan: I have a good feeling about McDonald
Adam Caplan: I just wish they had one more veteran CB

<Hogan> Do you think Stallworth will help Edwards overall demeanor? I hear they are good buds
Adam Caplan: HO: I hope Stallworth sees how competitive Edwards is

<wsu99> any chance they get Law
Adam Caplan: WSU: Not now
Adam Caplan: really because he wants more than the veteran minimum

<Brownsfan91171> Is it worth getting a so-so veteran over losing a young player with potential?
Adam Caplan: BR: If they are trying to win this year, they have to get one veteran CB in there who can play

<Hogan> So it could work the other way around - Edwards get Stallworth fired up?
Adam Caplan: HO: The thing about Stallworth coaches get on him about being consistent in his approach to the game
Adam Caplan: so Edwards could rub off on him
Adam Caplan: but 16 games is something Stallworth can prove he can handle

<pwraznstyle> I keep reading about AJ Davis, there has to be a reason why Detroit waived him
Adam Caplan: PW: Didn't do well in last year's training camp
Adam Caplan: but talented.

<Hogan> Peek was fired up at that brunch - he was ready to play that day and couldn't talk more about how much he hated Pitt. I expect a better season from him - thoughts?
Adam Caplan: HO: As long as he has no set backs
Adam Caplan: he should be good

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any word on how Derek Anderson has worked to address shortcomings from last year?
Adam Caplan: BR: We'll get a better idea in the June camp
Adam Caplan: can't really tell much now

<wsu99> can Lito Sheppard play enough to fill the need?
Adam Caplan: WSU: He wants a new deal so that's what's preventing him from being traded

<nybrownie> anything on LeCharles Bentley?
Adam Caplan: NY: They hope he can be ready to do something in June camp
Adam Caplan: he couldn't pass the physical now

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Seth McKinney the possible odd man out?
Adam Caplan: BR: He was signed to be the backup swing OL
Adam Caplan: And same with Hadnot
Adam Caplan: they wanted two veteran backups
Adam Caplan: who can play other positions

<Hogan> why fail physical?
<Hogan> anything specific?
Adam Caplan: HO: I don't think he would pass it now
Adam Caplan: lets put it that way
Adam Caplan: he needs more time
Adam Caplan: and they were saying all along that it would come down to the June camp

<Hogan> how about Gary Baxter - he pass?
Adam Caplan: HO: We'll see in June on Baxter, I expect him to play safety
Adam Caplan: it would be great if he could play nickel
Adam Caplan: CB
Adam Caplan: but that remains to be seen
Adam Caplan: I really believe McDonald can hold up, for how long is the question.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, could Baxter be the veteran we need?
Adam Caplan: BR: That would be wishful thinking, as I said before, it would be great if he can play nickel, that would be best case scenario

<Hogan> Daven Holly starter - Brandon McDonald nickel?
Adam Caplan: HO: I think McDonald will beat him out

<Hogan> loser goes to nickel?
Adam Caplan: HO: Yep unless they sign a veteran
Adam Caplan: I may be going out on a limb on McDonald but the feeling is he has a ton of upside

<Hogan> thoughts on Beau Bell so far?
Adam Caplan: HO: Can't really tell other than he's understanding what they are asking him
Adam Caplan: the key is when the veterans are in there in June
Adam Caplan: you want to see how he responds

<Hogan> he seems slow next to DQ... thumper and sideline guy in the middle? Is that the theory?
Adam Caplan: HO: Bell has the size
Adam Caplan: to be a factor

<Hogan> Paul Hubbard, Travis Wilson, Kevin Kasper = who is on the roster game 1?
Adam Caplan: HO: We'll see in training camp but I can't see how Kasper could make it
Adam Caplan: would be surprising

<amore> How does the Pool/Jones tandem at safety rank compared to other safety combos around the league?
Adam Caplan: AM: Mid-level based on drop-off last year
Adam Caplan: I thought Jones was going to be better
Adam Caplan: he needs to rebound

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, didn't the safeties play better at then end of the year?
Adam Caplan: BR: Overall, they dropped off from 2006
Adam Caplan: that's the bottom line
Adam Caplan: it's not good when you can't get lined up correctly
Adam Caplan: and they did get that solved late
Adam Caplan: but that needs to be straight from the beginning

<Richard0915> Adam, White, Red, or Clear Chowder? And are the Browns in big trouble at safety? Can Baxter play at all anymore?
Adam Caplan: RI: We won't know until June camp on Baxter

<bmw2001> Adam, You don't really think Kellen Winslow will hold out do you
Adam Caplan: BM: It becomes an issue in June camp since it's mandatory
Adam Caplan: May is meaningless for that

<Hogan> Who backs up Shaun Smith besides Rogers ?
Adam Caplan: HO; They will have a heavy rotation so that will be solved in camp

<Richard0915> Are the Browns in trouble if Baxter can not play? Safety seems real thin
Adam Caplan: RI: They aren't counting on him
Adam Caplan: Mike Adams and Steve Cargile
Adam Caplan: Nick Sorensen may get some snaps
Adam Caplan: but that means Cargile has to be a player
Adam Caplan: and be counted on
Adam Caplan: They are optimistic on Baxter

<ramllov> Adam, do you see McMillan, OLB/ST doing anything this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They want to get a better look at him
Adam Caplan: he could be a big help
Adam Caplan: if he can contribute more

<Richard0915> Adam, about how many snaps per game do you expect Martin Rucker to take his first year?
Adam Caplan: RI: Hard to say
Adam Caplan: because the top-two spots are taken
Adam Caplan: but I suspect they have a specific role in mind
Adam Caplan: two-TEs with Winslow flanked in slot

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, to look back at when Savage got here, it is amazing the changes that have been made.
Adam Caplan: BR: I was thinking that today
Adam Caplan: as a matter of fact
Adam Caplan: What it was like two years
Adam Caplan: ago, worst OL in AFC, now may have the best
Adam Caplan: amazing

<Hogan> rucker over dinkins?
Adam Caplan: HO: Of course
Adam Caplan: unless they keep 4
Adam Caplan: which they could

<ramllov> How much upside do you see for Rucker the new TE?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Rucker, he may not get a lot of PT but the role they have him in will be productive
Adam Caplan: it will help Winslow get better matchups

<pwraznstyle> anything stick out within the Division that Browns fans should be wary of? Like Baltimore's new coach, Roethlisberger's new contract, Johnson in Cincy? etc?
Adam Caplan: PW: Nothing really
Adam Caplan: CIN will adjust defensive scheme
Adam Caplan: BAL CBs could make it interesting if healthy

<ramllov> Could Rucker turn into a pretty good version of KW?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Lets not get ahead of ourselves
Adam Caplan: he's a 4th round pick
Adam Caplan: he has talent but not near Winslow

<Brownsfan91171> Who covers Winslow, Rucker, Edwards.......scary in a good way
Adam Caplan: BR: Exactly
Adam Caplan: and with Stallworth
Adam Caplan: it makes it even harder
Adam Caplan: they will have to keep a safety over the top

<ribsnwhiskey> What could other teams be thinking when they see Andra Davis sitting back 5 yards to make a tackle. Whether or not Bell is good don't you agree he will be playing very early on!
Adam Caplan: RIB: I like Bell a lot
Adam Caplan: wouldn't be a surprise at all
Adam Caplan: if they start him

<Hogan> Trade one of the QBs next off-season, package #1s to get best RB on the board next draft?
Adam Caplan: HO: Anderson could be gone
Adam Caplan: after this season
Adam Caplan: he has a roster bonus due
Adam Caplan: if he doesn't play well, they may not pay it

<pwraznstyle> But RAC doesn't like rookies so we shouldn't expect much of Bell at first, right?
Adam Caplan: PW: He played Wimbley and he'll play Bell
Adam Caplan: if he makes him do it
Adam Caplan: meaning he can't give a reason to sit him

<Hogan> every time Harrison got PT in preseason or regular he produced... was it mainly blocking problems? Can he be an answer?
Adam Caplan: HO: It's put up or shut up time for Harrison
Adam Caplan: they need his speed
Adam Caplan: for sure

<Hogan> Are they really that high on Wright?
Adam Caplan: HO: Eric? Yes.
Adam Caplan: they think he can be an all pro down the line

Adam Caplan: All: I'm done, I'll be chatting on Tuesday next week
Adam Caplan: before the holiday
Adam Caplan: later

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