Quotes of Note: LB Beau Bell

What are people close to the Cleveland Browns saying about linebacker Beau Bell? Lane Adkins brings you some initial thoughts from team sources about their newly-acquired fourth-round pick.

Presented sans commentary, here are some thoughts we've heard from team sources regarding the Browns fourth-round draft pick, inside linebacker Beau Bell.

"You can't help but come away impressed after watching tape on this kid. Beau Bell plays the game quicker than he times, he moves cleaner and more fluidly than a drill shows and he certainly plays bigger than his measurables would indicate. He is questionable in his back-pedal, but he was drafted to make an impact against the run and become a player from sideline to sideline."

"Graded as a second-round type talent in our evaluations...  As an organization, getting a player of this potential and quality in the fourth-round is exciting. While most fourth-round selections make very little impact in their career, if any, we anticipate (Beau) Bell will be on the field much sooner than later."

"In the rookie camp, you could see his (Bell's) leadership abilities, along with his physical qualities. This kid plays extremely fast and has tremendous vision. His motor is always on and he quickly adapted to coaching in camp."

"(Bell) has the opportunity to step-in and contribute immediately due to his aggressive physical presence. The roster lacks the type of downhill hitter he (Bell) is, so the door is going to be open to see how quickly he can demonstrate the ability to handle a significant role. He needs work against the pass."

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