Rosenhaus: Winslow to Attend Mini-Camp

Kellen Winslow's agent declares that his client will attend camp, and lectures the media for creating a "big to-do" over Winslow's absence. What's your reaction? Let us know in the OBR Watercooler!

Kellen Winslow Jr's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, says that his client will be attending the June mini-camp in Cleveland, and will be attending training camp.

Rosenhaus, appearing on Sprint's Youtube channel, declared that Winslow would not miss any of the full camps which follow the OTAs (Organized team activities).

"These are voluntary activities.", Rosenhaus said on the short video. "They are not mandatory, and a player has a right to train on his own. Kellen is coming off of an off-season knee surgery, and he is doing his rehabilitation and his training with a very fine trainer in his hometown of San Diego.

He will be at the Browns mandatory mini-camp and he will be at the mandatory training camp."

Rosenhaus also took some of his time to lecture the Cleveland media a bit.

"What's the big to-do? Guys have the opportunity to choose whether they want to go to these voluntary functions, and there shouldn't be so much scrutiny on players who choose to work out on their own."

It should probably be noted that players missing OTAs are relatively rare, and that Rosenhaus himself created some of the confusion with his responses to questions from the News-Herald's Jeff Schudel last February.

Rosenhaus' comments should be re-assuring to Browns fans however:

"Kellen's going to be ready to go and everything should be just fine with him", the agent concluded, "We're looking forward to him getting back to Cleveland for the mandatory mini-camp later on this month".  

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