Fan View: Does It Hurt to Lose Holly?

Jeff Biletnikoff isn't ready to leap off a cliff following the injury to the Browns corner...

Outside of the obvious loss of depth at the CB position, does it truly hurt to lose Daven Holly?

Here is a guy that the Browns tendered at a second round level, presumably because he was someone they thought would contribute.

The key phrase: "Thought would contribute."

I'm not minimizing the loss of an experienced player at an already thin position but the last time I checked Holly couldn't beat out Wright or Bodden last year for a starting CB position and played on a pass defense that couldn't rise above 24th best in the NFL.

The Browns will rise or fall this year on the strength of their front seven, especially the defensive line.


An awesome pass rush can make an average secondary shine.

So, what Savage did with Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams is either going to pay dividends or it isn't.

For us all to put a head trip on ourselves about losing a decent CB in May is premature.

Just as Joe Thomas, et al made the offense go in 2007, we have to believe that Rogers and Williams will make the D. go in 2008.

The last time I checked, quarterbacks can't throw from their backsides.

If the defense falls apart this year, don't point to the Holly injury in May. Instead, look for a lack of fire from Rogers/Williams in November.

That is the only way the Browns fail to improve on defense.

I'm still optimistic about 2008.

In spite of the Holly injury, the Browns still look like the class of the North.

Let's get ready for a great season.

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