Let the (Video) Games Begin!

My name is Art, and I'm a video-football-oholic. I admit it. I've loved video game football ever since Tecmo Bowl showed up on the original Nintendo system, and the games just keep getting better. If you share my addiction and have an XBox, you can join us as the Bernie's Insider Video Football League returns in 2002. MORE...

While I admit to being a video game geek, I don't hold a candle to MadBrown, vicious gamer and webmaster for the Baltimore Browns Backers. MadBrown is the founder of the BFL, and is leading the charge. If you want a team in the Video Football League, contact MadBrown via the Video Football Forum.

Our video football league has been running since the BTNG days, and the league has been featured in a number of gamer mags and other geek periodicals. We cancelled the league last year when Sega pulled the plug on Dreamcast and started charging to play NFL2K2 online, but we're back this year on XBox.

Microsoft has returned online console gaming to the forefront with an excellent-looking service called XBox Live. XBox Live rolls out nationwide on Friday November 15th, and we are gearing up to use the service for our NFL2K3 league. You can purchase XBox Live kits for $50 and get enrolled in the service. From the looks of it (MadBrown has been playing with it in Beta, of course), XBox Live will have a number of advantages over the old Dreamcast online play. It looks cool beyond belief.

Be aware, though, that XBox Live is a broadband system. You can't use it over a dial-up modem. You will need a cable or DSL connection, and need to be able to hit the network from where your console is. I'm going to be trying to hook to it via a wireless network, which Microsoft doesn't recommend, so we'll see how that goes.

This isn't for the faint of heart. I get regularly crushed against these folks, but I have a blast with it. XBox Live allows you to talk to each other over the network, so the smak talk will make it even better. If you're playing me, though, you'll mostly hear cursing and beer drinking sounds.

If you've got the required geek stuff (see below), contact MadBrown to join in on the weirdness.

Required Geek Stuff:

1. Microsoft XBox Console
2. XBox Live Kit
3. Broadband Connection
4. Sega NFL2K3


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