In-Box: Daven Holly... How Bad Is It?

How bad is Daven Holly's knee? Is the sudden turnaround by Travis Wilson just some hype before a deal? Are we confident that Tucker will actually be back? Why should we expect Jerome Harrison to magicially arrive in season three? Get the answers to the tough questions... only on the OBR!

Q: Do you know the extent of the knee injury suffered by cornerback Daven Holly, other than the reports of it being significant?

LA: The knee injury suffered by Holly is significant and extensive. While the Orange and Brown Report certainly does not have access to medical reports, we have been told by a source close to the situation that the damage included torn cartilage and no less than two ligaments (and most likely three) needing repair. As of Wednesday, the cornerback remains in the hospital following the surgery and will likely face a 9-to-12 month recovery time.

Q: What do we really know about the hip surgery of starting right guard Ryan Tucker? Is he really expected back in training camp? If not, is Rex Hadnot a viable answer at the position?

LA: The Orange and Brown Report has learned some of the details around Tucker's situation thanks to a league source. While the surgical procedure was extensive in nature, the veteran lineman could return to the playing field healthy. The difference between the injury being a non-displaced fracture instead of a more severe displaced fracture is what lends hope. That's why it is anticipated that the lineman will return in a few months.

Rex Hadnot was a starter in Miami and is a good run-blocking type guard. More of a mauler type, Hadnot will create push at the point of attack, but this veteran is not as deft in pass-blocking and may be in for a quiet challenge from Seth McKinney, if the latter is deemed and remains healthy.

Q: Is Travis Wilson really looking better in camp or is this a way for the organization to increase his value... maybe in a trade for a cornerback?

LA: Wilson looks better now than he has at any time since arriving in Cleveland. From the limited view we've been allowed to have in person, as well as based on information provided to the Orange and Brown Report by team sources, it looks like Wilson has taken this opportunity seriously.

At of today, Wilson is running better routes. While still not the most precise route-runner, he has been running through routes harder, selling his hitches and is catching the ball. The significant mental lapses he has suffered with (poor or incorrect routes and dropping the ball consistently) have not been evident..

Travis Wilson, if he is displaying the talent this organization anticipated when spending a third-round pick, is a valuable and interesting commodity for the team. Considering the questionable depth behind Braylon Edwards, Donte Stallworth and the injured Joe Jurevicous, Wilson could make a run at a roster position, along with rookie Paul Hubbard.

Q: We keep hearing that reserve running back Jerome Harrison has to improve his blocking skills and become more attentive as well as improving on special teams. Why three years in, do these questions persist and why hasn't the team been active in securing a talent in the backfield to go along with Jamal Lewis?

LA: There are different schools of thought on Harrison, and why he has not filled a critical role for the Browns during his first two years. Yes, Harrison needs to do a better overall job with his blocking skills and special teams contributions. By this time, though, but the issue has been significantly overblown.

The Cleveland organization is still extremely high on Harrison. It's believed within the organization that the running back has tremendous vision and running skills along with the ability to be a threat coming out of the backfield. Harrison is going to see many reps in training camp and is expected to solidify his place on this roster.

As for the depth at the position, the organization thinks highly of Jason Wright and are confident he and Harrison can handle the load in the event something were to occur with Jamal Lewis. The Browns have brought a couple guys in as they always do at this time of year to take a look at talent and have those players potentially on the back-burner. It's too early to say if either of their rookie free agents is truly a diamond in the rough.


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