Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Will the Cleveland Browns find the help they need somewhere around the NFL?'s NFL Analyst Adam Caplan has the answers, and provides fresh perspective on where the Browns now stand...

<64superfan> Adam: Any news on more CB trades or signings?
Adam Caplan: 64: Cleveland called Buffalo recently for Ashton Youboty who Buffalo isn't looking to deal. Browns would have to step up their offer to get a chance to trade for him
Adam Caplan: Buffalo needs him for depth
Adam Caplan: they had a lot of injuries at the CB position
Adam Caplan: last year

<jciardullo3> How much would they have to step up?
Adam Caplan: JC: Conditional 4th which could be a third
Adam Caplan: they aren't close to that

<64superfan> How about Domenique Foxworth?
Adam Caplan: 64: Nothing, no one called
Adam Caplan: for him
Adam Caplan: that story is coming from Denver
Adam Caplan: based on him being relegated to dime

<barleydawg> Adam, Thanks for the chat. What is the word on the QBs?
Adam Caplan: BAR: Both are having their mechanics looked at
Adam Caplan: and worked with

<younglud> Seems like Edwards has been missing practice since the Holly incident in practice. Any info on whether its more serious than initially reported?
Adam Caplan: YOU: Nothing really going on there

<rbj40> What's the problem with Youboty in Buffalo?
Adam Caplan: RB: He hasn't done anything that shows he should be on the field
Adam Caplan: but Buffalo is concerned about depth
Adam Caplan: at CB
Adam Caplan: Will James is kind of at the end of his career
Adam Caplan: they're hoping he can challenge for the nickel job

<wsu99> anything new w/K2 holding out?
Adam Caplan: WS: He's not holding out so there's nothing to report
Adam Caplan: if he doesn't show up to the mandatory camp, there's something to report
Adam Caplan: On Edwards, HIp Flexor injuries are generally day to day

<jciardullo3> Roosevelt Coleman - still hearing rumors?
Adam Caplan: JC: IF something is to happen, probably not right now

<64superfan> Adam: What's your take on the backup D linemen? Anybody got a "leg up"? (Rubin, Purcell, Rubin, Pittman)
Adam Caplan: 64: Too early tell since we're not at the veteran camp but I expect Rubin to make a big push

<wsu99> is the tucker injury anything to be worried about? would he have started anyway?
Adam Caplan: WSU: It's a concern since they have no little depth
Adam Caplan: at both tackle spots
Adam Caplan: he's their swing tackle in addition to the starting RG

<64superfan> Adam: We're hearing that Travis Wilson is finally starting to come around. True?
Adam Caplan: 64: He knows where he's supposed to be, so that's at least a good sign
Adam Caplan: there are a lot of steps in order for him to even get out of training camp
Adam Caplan: but at least there's something positive
Adam Caplan: he seems more sure of himself
Adam Caplan: he's the kind of WR who can show up well in pads too if he knows where to go
Adam Caplan: he's physically gifted.

<jciardullo3> With all the differant rumors regarding bringing another CB in - who is the best fit in a trade or FA?
Adam Caplan: JC: Jerametrius Butler makes sense based on scheme. As far as trades, they need to get a man CB. There aren
Adam Caplan: 't a lot of them
Adam Caplan: Cleveland mixes coverages but they will play enough man to challenge talented WRs

<BryanK> What do you expect from Peek this year?
Adam Caplan: BRY: If healthy (he never was last season), 6-8 sacks
Adam Caplan: is reasonable

<ddognhouston> Hi Adam...Any interest is Dominique Foxworth as ESPN speculated?
Adam Caplan: DD: Already touched on that
Adam Caplan: Denver has been looking to move him for a while
Adam Caplan: the only real draw there is he can play safety
Adam Caplan: or play the slot
Adam Caplan: I'd expect at least one more veteran added by training camp via free agency or trade

<BryanK> All the early rage about Kasper.....can he be our Welker?
Adam Caplan: BRY: CLE and NE run different schemes, so no, he can't nor could anyone else do what Welker does. That said, he could win the #4 WR job
Adam Caplan: if Wilson struggles
Adam Caplan: not that it's going to have a lot of value
Adam Caplan: the Browns rarely use 4-WR sets
Adam Caplan: the important thing is that #4 WR could be more important if one of the starters got hurt
Adam Caplan: and no way can Kasper start
Adam Caplan: Wilson, if he got his act together, could at least take some snaps with the ones

<wsu99> any good June 1st cuts expected?
Adam Caplan: WSU: I'll have a few names in my insider column tomorrow but few will be let go
Adam Caplan: most moves have been done already

<BryanK> No Cribbs as #4 due to value as return man?
Adam Caplan: BRY: They seem to want to keep him as the PR/KR
Adam Caplan: and change of pace WR

<64superfan> Adam: Which backup OL-man do you think will "stick" at tackle - Sowells or Louis?
Adam Caplan: 64: Louis could because he can at least play tackle.

<ddognhouston> Adam... so you still think that T Wilson has a lot of upside if he just gets his head right?
Adam Caplan: DD: Yes on the upside

<timrick> Adam, how is Rucker doing so far?
Adam Caplan: TIM: Nothing noticeable yet
Adam Caplan: which is a good thing that the reports aren't that he's struggling

<SupDawg4Life> Sorry guys for being late, I had to get in a little over time. I just want to say it is really nice not having to make excuses like in the past. Our QB's are looking sharp (all of them), we aren't talking about our 1st string RB we are looking at the depth players, WR and OL we are talking about the players we might need to cut and the only position on defense drawing attention is CB. We don't need a miracle this year we just need a little luck from the injury fairy and players to play up to their talent (not potential, I hate that word, YUCK). Realistic... how good can this team be?
Adam Caplan: SUP: I picked them at 11-5
Adam Caplan: winning division
Adam Caplan: in a few pre-season mags
Adam Caplan: PIT-10-6
Adam Caplan: BAL-8-8
Adam Caplan: CIN-6-10
Adam Caplan: Browns will be fun, the secondary will give up big plays
Adam Caplan: but they will score a ton
Adam Caplan: average in the high 20's

<BryanK> 11-5 with our schedule is pretty impressive
<BryanK> Would have to be 5-1 in division
Adam Caplan: BR: There's not a team in that division they can't beat
Adam Caplan: If McDonald can hold his own, the secondary may not be that bad
Adam Caplan: the depth obviously is terrible
Adam Caplan: that's a problem when teams spread them out
Adam Caplan: Cousin gets exposed the more he plays
Adam Caplan: scrappy CB but teams will go after him

<WinDawgs> Adam,I know that everyone is concerned with the CB's but I think that the key to this season will be the LB's how is Bell coming along and any chance of him starting opening day?
Adam Caplan: WIN: They are counting on Bell to make a strong contribution
Adam Caplan: Wouldn't surprise me at all if he starts.
Adam Caplan: They have to be more physical
Adam Caplan: and he can do that
Adam Caplan: he's a downhill LB
Adam Caplan: with good size
Adam Caplan: I'll be looking into their cap situation soon to see how much they have to sign a veteran
Adam Caplan: or even two
Adam Caplan: at OL/CB

<jciardullo3> Adam - Besides Denver and Buff - Sleeper team we could make a trade with for a CB that we are not hearing about right now?
Adam Caplan: JC: Detroit is deep at CB, they may move one in August
Adam Caplan: especially since the head coach didn't coach a few of them
Adam Caplan: before he got there

<BryanK> Any CB's that may be June 1 cuts?
Adam Caplan: BRY: Nah
Adam Caplan: again, the rules have changed for post 6/1 cuts
Adam Caplan: that's why teams do this much earlier
Adam Caplan: that date has almost become meaningless
Adam Caplan: last year was

<WinDawgs> Adam,On the official website A Davis says someone needs to step up. How is he looking and any way he could not make the team this year?
Adam Caplan: WIN: It's not about making the team, it's about whether he starts or not
Adam Caplan: they can't afford to cut him
Adam Caplan: they have no depth
Adam Caplan: at ILB

<nudawg> If Detroit was so deep at CB why did they want Bolden?
Adam Caplan: NU: They have 5 that are sure to make the team plus a few developmental CBs
Adam Caplan: at the time they got Bolden, they hadn't re-signed 3 veterans

<BryanK> Andra Davis for a CB??
Adam Caplan: BRY: again, what would be the sense in doing that?
Adam Caplan: the only way is they think Griffin can play enough snaps

<64superfan> Adam: Any updates on Baxter or Bentley?
Adam Caplan: 64: Nope, and there won't be until the veteran camp.

<WinDawgs> Adam, I have never heard of any 300lb players breaking a hip and playing again especially at O-line, Who do you see starting in front of Tucker if he can come back?
Adam Caplan: WIN: Hadnot will start
Adam Caplan: it will be hard for Tucker to win the job after being out for so long

<Rpd27> it seems to me we are now building depth. How much danger do you think we have putting 8 good ones on the practice squad to lose them?
Adam Caplan: RPD: the depth is getting better at certain positions
Adam Caplan: but lets see how doesn't make the team first before we start thinking some are worth signing

<tjm427> Shaun Rogers looks like he is in good shape, what do you think?
Adam Caplan: TJM: I like that he's reported to be hustling
Adam Caplan: so that's at least something
Adam Caplan: but we have a long way to go
Adam Caplan: we're in May, not August

<WinDawgs> I love Tucker but I think his carreer is in a Dire Staits!
Adam Caplan: WIN: Heck, I didn't think he
Adam Caplan: would play last year
Adam Caplan: I'm amazed that he played again
Adam Caplan: considering everything he's been through
Adam Caplan: I would be very concerned now with the depth at OT
Adam Caplan: they can't afford an injury

<WinDawgs> Any Bites on dangling T. Wilson for a backup CB?
Adam Caplan: WIN: They tried, no one wants him
Adam Caplan: he's a possession WR
Adam Caplan: who teams know they can get at the end of training camp for a 7th round pick
Adam Caplan: if he's not going to make the team

<jciardullo3> with all of this new found love for Travis it possible the browns are building him up a little to use as trade bait or is he finally coming around?
Adam Caplan: JC: There's no love, it's just he's actually doing something positive and this is a slow time for news
Adam Caplan: fans tend to overreact to anything
Adam Caplan: hence the supposed love

Adam Caplan: All--see you next week

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